IT102 Sp'19 Chapter 3 Homework Python Flowchart

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Please see the attachment below and solve the problems.

You can draw flowchart on paper and send me pictures. For question 3 you need to download python and type the code and send me the screenshot of results and everything.

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IT102 Chapter 3 Homework Spring 2019 Instructions: You must show ALL work for any credit to be awarded. You must submit ONE PDF file via the link provided on Blackboard. Submitting multiple files and/or emailing the homework to your instructor or GTA will result in a score of zero. You must include a.) a picture of any flowchart you are asked to create, b.) a shot of the Python screen of your code, and c.) a shot of the Python screen of your output. Submit your homework to Blackboard by 11:30pm in order to ensure that it has passed through Blackboard’s gates by 11:59pm and is ready to grade. No homework will be graded that has not been received and processed by Blackboard by the deadline. 1. Create a flowchart, a Python program, and output for the following. Program Requirements: A student attempted a certain number of credits and completed some or all of these credits. Prompt the user to enter the number of credits the student attempted and the number of credits the student completed. To qualify for an event the student must have completed at least 90% of the credits attempted. Print a message that states whether the student qualified. Also print a message stating the number of credits attempted and the number completed. Test your program by showing the output when the percent completed is 90 percent or more and the output when it is not. 2. Create a flowchart, a Python program, and output for the following. Program requirements: Your program should ask the user to enter the racer’s finish position. If the position is greater than 0 and less than six, calculate the award as 1000 divided by the finish position and output a message that they will receive an award and the amount of the award. Format the output so that it has a $ sign and 2 decimal places. If the finish position is not less than six or it is not greater than zero, output a message indicating they will not receive an award. Run the program twice. First time, to test your program when you enter a finish position that is less than six and greater than zero. Second time, to test your program when you enter a finish position that is not less than six. 1 IT102 Chapter 3 Homework Spring 2019 3. For the following problem you will write Python code in the IDLE screen and submit a screen shot of your code and output. Assign: x = 3, y = 7, z = -1.5, address = “1234 Mason Drive”, city = “Fairfax” Using the variable names, rather than the values (e.g. use x +y, not 3 + 7; use address not “1234 Mason Drive”; etc.), output the following in the IDLE window: a. the full address (consisting of the address, a comma, and the city) b. x + y / z. (Show that there are 2 options depending on where you place the parentheses and explain why.) c. z raised to the x power (use exponentiation operator) d. the integer quotient after y is divided by x e. y times x plus z. f. x + address (Explain the error you receive) 2 ...
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This zip file contain the scripts, the pdf document and T...

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