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  • Give your opinion on what you believe are the essential elements of an acceptable use policy for remote access. Elaborate on each item and justify its importance.
Aug 9th, 2015

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Aug 9th, 2015

i need more than that plz

Aug 9th, 2015

A remote access policy is a named rule that consists of the following elements:

  • Conditions
  • Remote access permission     
  • Profile

Remote access policy conditions are one or more attributes that are compared to the settings of the connection attempt. If there are multiple conditions, then all of the conditions must match the settings of the connection attempt in order for it to match the policy. I think its very important beginning in accessing information. They can sometimes avoided but they are very important elements

Remote Access  Permission

 The policy remote access permission determines whether the user is granted access.I think permission is just a way of accessing when granted the link or the code to get into the all information.Its important because it prevents those not allowed.

Profile of an individual.

 Its a meaning of identification. They are set of properties applied when someone is authorized . They can be changed by someone because they are just like the following

  • Dial-in constraints 
  • IP
  • Multilink
  • Authentication.

Aug 9th, 2015

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Aug 9th, 2015

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Aug 9th, 2015


Aug 9th, 2015

Other elements which i can explain are

Personal requirements



Personal requirements is an essential elements in trying to identify itself with the access of information. it requires the details of the individual for it to have an access to the information. it can include the vendor number , service type , name of individual etc.

Connection-when accessing the company's information it must be given the same network connection for it to identify itself with the corporate itself.The methods of internet access should be well established

I think the remote access cannot work without a connection and also the different ways of connection to get the intended information.

Authorization- Permission can be denied or accepted. The user account must be familiar with the settings of the connection so that he/she may proceed, if the permission is not granted then the whole connection will not be available,.Its important to have the permission so that the pursuit of intended information will be easy.

Aug 9th, 2015

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Aug 9th, 2015
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