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Please write a paper using the following assignment:

If you could move to any place of your choice, without any of the usual financial and other obstacles, where would you like to live? You may choose both the USA locations and foreign countries. You may choose places that you visited before, or places that you’ve never been to. Explain your choice. What are the major criteria that help you make your choice?

Your description should be one page long, single-spaced, font 12. The first page of your paper should contain your description, and the second page of your paper should contain a map of the location you described. Save your paper as a Word document and submit via the Canvas course site.

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Running head: Moving to Paris


Moving to Paris
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Moving to Paris

Moving to Paris
My choice of a place to move to is Paris. This is the capital city and the most populous city of
France, covering 105 square miles with a population of over 2 million residents as of January 2019. It is
regarded as the busiest economic zone in Europe and is a host to two major international airports, one of
which is the seco...

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