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1)In this scenario, hackers launch cyber attacks that affect several parts of the nation’s financial infrastructure over the course of several weeks. Specifically, sensitive credit card processing facilities are hacked and numbers are released to the Internet, causing 120 million cards to be cancelled; automated teller machines (ATMs) fail nearly simultaneously across the nation; major companies report payroll checks are not being received by workers; and several large pension and mutual fund companies have computer malfunctions so severe that they are unable to operate for more than a week. Identify the countermeasures that need to be implemented to prevent these cyber attacks from occurring in the future.

Start a discussion thread and discuss what type(s) of countermeasures need to be implemented to prevent the cyber attack described above from occurring in the future. Be specific in recommending countermeasures for this scenario.

You must do this following:

Create a new thread. As indicated above, discuss what type(s) of countermeasures need to be implemented to prevent the cyber attack described above from occurring in the future. Be specific in recommending countermeasures for this scenario.

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ITS 833 INFORMATION GOVERNANCE 2019 SPRING – MAIN TERM SUPEROR CARD PROCESSOR, INC. INFORMATION GOVERNANCE PROJECT PHASE I: 15% of the Student’s semester Grade. If you have not done so already, please read and familiarize yourself with the general description for your research project for the credit card industry and the introduction to Superior Card Processor, Inc, (SCP) and the role you will play at SCP, both included in the CONTENT section of iLearn, within a folder labeled SEMESTER RESEARCH PROJET. As described in the Introduction to Superior Card Processor, Inc., you are an employee of SCP’s Chief Information Officer and head of IT in charge of encryption and data security. You have accepted the position of Project Manager for the Information Governance Team tasked with designing and implementing companywide an Information Governance Plan or Program for the organization that will address the concerns expressed in the company introduction. 1. You will need to discuss with your IG Team the different organizations, associations, affiliates and agencies who provide standards, oversight and accountability for credit card processing organizations such as yourself, as well as for the Merchants and Merchant Banks that you service. You will need to discuss with your team the significance of PCI DSS. In order to be enlighten your team members, conduct the necessary research to be able to respond to the following questions. 1. Who, or what organizations, bodies, associations, affiliates, etc., are responsible for setting standards, providing oversight and insuring accountability for data security and information governance in the credit card processing industry; 2. What is PCI DSS and how did it evolve; 3. Which player(s) in the credit card processing industry are affected or impacted by PCI DSS and in what way; 4. Who is responsible for setting standards and insuring compliance with PCI DSS; 5. Specifically how PCI DSS and the associated topics researched will impact SCP’s Information Governance design and implementation plan/program. 2. You, as Project Manager, are ready to select the members of your Information Governance Team who will be responsible for the design and implementation of the company wide Information Governance Plan or Program. Collectively, including yourself, the Project Manager, the Board of Directors for SCP have informed you that IG design and implementation team will consist of 10 representative from the different functional units of MBA. You have been told by the Board of Directors that you may hand pick 5 members of your team, and that after you have selected those you deem most important to the success of the project, that the Board of Directors, with input from SCP’s executive officers will appoint the remaining four (4) members of your team. Explain which five (5) representatives you would request be a member of your team. For each member selected, explain why you chose that representative. 3. You have been asked by the Board of Directors and Executive Officers to identify what you expect (at this early stage in the process) to be the major tasks, steps or milestones (whichever you choose to call it) in the design and implementation for the Information Governance Plan or Program for SCP. Explain the order in which each of these major tasks or steps will be taken, whether any can be performed at the same time, which must be completed before beginning the next task or step, and try to project roughly how long each will take. For each major task or step in this design and implementation process, describe generally for the Board of Directors and Executive Officers what will take place in task or step. That is, you are being asked to develop a high level plan that sets out the major tasks to be accomplished, the order (steps) in which the tasks will need to be performed, and an estimate of the time frame for accomplishing each step, in order to complete the design and implement for the IG Plan or Program for SCP. This should be the blueprint that you and your team will follow. In other words, explain how you and your team will go about the business of designing and implementing the IG program for the company. It is NOT the IG Program itself. This should be something that you will give the Board of Directors and Executive Officers, as well as your team members, as the “master plan” for accomplishing the goal of IG at Superior Card Processing, Inc. You may use as many lists, diagrams, tables, drawings, illustrations or charts that will facilitate your explanation. However, you are not to substitute these aids for your narrative explanation. Further, in your narrative explanation, do not rely on bulleted items. You may include bullet points, but they must have complete explanations in sentence form. Plagiarism and/or any other form of “sharing”, “collaboration” or cheating will not be tolerated. You should cite to anything you use in your paper that is not your own original work for the purposes of this paper. When you reproduce another author or source verbatim, you must include the portion of work reproduced inside quotation marks and provide a complete reference or citation to the author and source. Where you summarize portions of works that are not your own original work (as the result of your research), then you must cite to that source and give credit to the author and source. If you are summarizing information you gleaned from your own work from an earlier paper or work, then you are also required to cite to yourself. When you summarize or provide information from your Professor’s documents you must also cite to your Professor’s work. It is presumed that anything that the student has not cited or referenced, the student intends for the Professor to accept as the student’s original work produced for the first time within the confines of the assignment submitted. Should it be determined that portions of the student’s submission is not the student’s own original work, the student will be charged with plagiarism. Students should submit Phase I before February 17, 2019, 11:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time using the submission link in the SEMESTER RESEARCH PROJECT folder for PHASE I. The SEMESTER RESEARCH PROJECT folder will be located in the CONTENT section of iLearn. When submitting the paper, the student should make certain that he/she has checked the appropriate box to permit the student’s submission to be submitting to the SafeAssign global database for plagiarism checking. Students should know that the Professor reserves the right to also submit the student paper for plagiarism checking using additional methods. The paper should be prepared and saved in a WORD format, and uploaded in the same format using the proper submission link. Phase I should contain a cover page which includes the student’s full name (last name first). If the student wants to include the student’s “nickname” or preferred name, the student may do so by including that name below the student’s full name. The student should follow his/her name with the student’s identification number assigned by the University, along with the words “PHASE I – SPRING 2019, ITS 833, Main Term”. The paper should include page number on each page, should have a 1-inch margin on all sides, should contain a table of contents cross references the question numbers set forth above with the page number where answer to each question may be found. Otherwise, refer to APA formatting. A very simple example is posted in the CONTENT section, within the SEMESTER RESEARCH PROJECT folder along with the grading rubric mandated by the University as a guideline for grading student research papers. ...
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hello, please find the answer to the first question. i hope my answer will be satisfactory. in case of any corrections please inform me 😊 i am working on the second quiz and i will deliver it on time


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Cyber-attack is an attempt to destroy, disable, steal or gain unauthorized use of an asset
especially computer systems or networks. Cyber-attacks destroys target by hacking into the
system. Cyber-attack incidences have increased recently and use information technology as a
vector to commit cybercrimes (Ayala, 2016). Cyber-attacks normally target corporate
organizations and general public. Cybercrimes are offenses towards an organization or
individuals to harm their reputation and cause harm to them.
Training employees on cyber security principles is a counter measure to prevent cyberattack. Let employees know that protecting business information is a major objective. Train them
on how to keep business information a secret and not disclosing it to unauthorized people. It is
also healthy to check on how they use the company’s passwords (Hathaway, 2012). By doing so,
it becomes easier for a company to control information leakage to the wrong hands. Teach them
not to click on emails from unknown sources or messages from people not known to them. This
will help prevent cyber-attacks through information landing to the wrong hands.
Using firewall for internet connection is also another measure that needs to be
implemented to reduce cyber-attack. Firewall is software installed in a computer that prevents
computers to be attacked by hackers over the internet. Firewalls prevent access to some websites
thereby controlling how employees use their internet. Firewall controls internet activities through
state inspection whereby it matches details to a database of reliable information (Valdes, 2000).
Firewall also has proxy service whereby it can save online information and then send it to
requesting system. Also firewall filters small amounts of data after analyzing it through packet
filtering. Lack of a good firewall can cause cyber-attack in the financial infrastructure leading to
loss of money through ATMs. Firewall prevents access of some websites in an organization thus
prevents hacking.



Having updated antivirus software in the company computers is a countermeasure to
cyber security. 6his is possible because antivirus cleans the system and secures it from harmful
viruses or worms and even hackers. Antivirus helps to detect suspicious websites that might
harm the computer and blocks them before they get into the computer (Valdes, 2000). Antivirus
detects and eradicates threats through fighting them. Example of threats includes Trojan horses,
worms and rootkits.
Controlling physical access to computer and other network components helps to
countermeasure cyber-attacks. This will help to prevent crucial data landing into the wrong
hands. Have strong procedures that to lock data so that it can be out of reach by intruders.

Regular change of passwords will also help to prevent cyber-attack. Changing company
passwords regularly will reduce chances of hacking. This is because the hackers cannot easily
know the passwords for they keep on changing.

The passwords should have unique

combinations of letters, numbers and case type. This will reduce predictability of the password
by hackers (Hathaway, 2012).

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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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