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DHG 141 Periodontal Diseases and Conditions Rationale To give the student a better understanding of various Periodontal Diseases and conditions that they may encounter as a dental hygienist To assist the student in understanding Periodontology and the importance of dental hygiene care for various patients. First, review Chapter 4 in your Periodontology book and choose a disease/condition to research and present to the class. After choosing the condition, you will then sign the sign-up sheet with Mrs. Copeland to ensure each person picks a different condition. Please choose carefully. Once you have submitted your chosen condition, you will not be able to change it. Prepare a three-page paper (12-point font, double-spaced) that discusses the condition that you chose. DO NOT COUNT THE COVER PAGE OR REFERENCE PAGE IN THE PAGE COUNT! You will also present to the class with a powerpoint presentation your research information regarding the condition that you chose. The presentation must display all the answers to the questions from the assignment. The presentation must last for 4-5 minutes, but not to exceed five minutes. It will be critical that you prepare yourself for your presentation prior to class. Dental Hygiene is a profession of continual learning. I hope this paper will help you realize how much research is out there for dental and how much more there is to learn than what is in the classroom. Students must use at least TWO sources in their research paper. At least one source must be from a Dental Hygiene journal, American Dental Association (ADA) website or material, student's textbook, or any course material. Correct APA format must be followed throughout the student's paper and on the reference page. Student must present a hard copy of their research paper to the instructor prior to their presentation. Grade form must be included with submission! Things to include, but not limited to: State your chosen condition and describe. What is the etiology of this condition? What is the clinical appearance, signs/symptoms, and/or contributing factors of this condition? Are there any specific microbiologic findings relevant to this condition? What are the treatment options for this condition? Any other relevant information relating to this condition? Is this condition likely to occur in a specific ethnic group or gender? (Please elaborate with credible statistics).
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Periodontal Diseases and Conditions: erythema Multiforme
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Periodontal Diseases and Conditions: erythema Multiforme
Periodontal diseases and conditions are caused by various factors such as bacteria
residing the dental plaque. Once the body recognizes the bacteria in the plaque, the immune
system responds by releasing substances to help fight the bacteria. This response causes
inflammation of gums, the periodontal inflammation ligament and leads to bleeding of the gums,
swollen gums, severe pain, and loosening of teeth over time. However, various periodontal
diseases and conditions are caused by different factors and show differently in terms of signs and
symptoms depending on the length of the infection. This discussion will focus on oral Erythema
Multiforme (EM) a periodontal condition. It will examine etiology, clinical appearance,
microbiologic findings, treatment options available and the occurrence in various demographic
occurrences such as ethnicity, gender if available.
Etiology of Erythema Multiforme
Erythema Multiforme (EM) is an acute inflammatory condition that affects mucous
membrane or the skin and in some cases both regions. On the skin, the condition is characterized
by the appearance of lesions which are in some instances accompanied by bullae genital, oral, or
ocular mucosae (Yavuz, Özaydın Yavuz, Güneş Biligili, Bayram & Savaş, 2018). It is important
to note the difference between Erythema Multiforme major and erythema multiforme minor
because they are categorized based on the sites attacked. Erythema multiforme major describes
the type that involves the mucosal while erythema multiforme minor describes the type without
the mucosal disease. This discussion will focus on erythema multiforme minor. The triggering
factors for erythema multiforme minor can ...

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