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The term paper consists of two parts. Part 1 - select a domestic or international terrorist organization that threatens the U.S. homeland and complete a profile of that organization. The group profile should be approximately 50 percent of the final paper and must include a discussion of the group's ideology, targeting, tactics, capability, and overall goals, analysis of attacks, and any statements or propaganda released by the group. Make sure you have enough information on the group to address all these factors and how it affects the US homeland.

A foreign terrorist group for this project must be on the official list of foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) maintained by the U.S. Department of State. In the case of domestic terrorist groups, there is no sanctioned list from which to choose, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has made significant arrests from several groups that would fit the description of a domestic terrorist group. The FBI also names many other groups in congressional testimony. Materials presented in the first module, as well as recent news and congressional testimony, are good sources of information on how to identify domestic groups for this project.

Part 2 - use the group profile to conduct an analysis of one or more U.S. homeland security policies studied in module 2, to assess the ability of the policy or policies to counter the threat posed by the group profiled. This analysis should begin with an introduction and explanation of the policy, followed by an analysis addressing the breadth of the information(from part 1) gathered on that terrorist group. The policy you analyze should be consistent with the group; for example, if you choose a domestic terrorist group, it would be improper to analyze the Secure Border Initiative and its ability to counter a domestic threat, because the members of the group are already within the nation's borders. If you find the policy deficient, make specific recommendations for policy change to counter the threat. If you deem the policy sufficient to counter the threat, explain the rationale for your conclusion.

Your finished project, including both elements of the paper, should be approximately 12 to 14 double-spaced pages, not including the cover or reference pages but including the abstract, submitted as one document. Make sure you present an introduction and a conclusion tying together both aspects of the paper. Follow the guidelines in either Course Content or in the conference. You must post your selection in this conference. The paper is due at the end of week 8 and must be submitted in your Assignments folder. Review the late policy above. The paper will not be accepted late.

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Research paper:
Boko Haram, emerging Threat to the US Homeland
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On august 26, 2011, one of the suicide bombers led a vehicle borne improvised explosive
device inside the united nations headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, injuring close to 80 people and
23 people dying. One of the deadliest bombing was claimed by the Boko haram, an Islamism
group that based predominantly in the northern sides of Nigeria. The attack marked an important
shift in the groups goals and targeting vastly unknown the US intelligence community. In the
early 2000s, from combats with arrows that are poisoned and machetes to complicated car

The paper aims at seeking the terrorist group’s ideology, targeting, tactics, capability and
the overall goals, analysis of attacks and any related propaganda and sentiments released by the
group. Later, the profile of this group will be used to analyze of homeland security policies.



Part 1
Book haram is an Islamic group dominantly in Nigeria. It was founded by Yusuf
Mohammed in the year 2002 in Borno state. The teachings from Yusuf propagated hatred
towards western civilization. It strongly affirmed the firmness of the Quran as the undisputed
word of Allah. Similarly, he demanded full implementation of sharia laws in Nigeria to bring in
the perfect state of Islam. Later, 2009, the group had already evolved into the jihadist movement
with the aim rather the goal of using military campaigns to create a state of Islam in northern
Nigeria. In its many development, it also declared the caliphate in the northern Nigeria territories
of northern Nigeria under the control of the group. In other words, it became an affiliate of the
group. This lead to its continual support for the for the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq.
Three has been disputed arguments that boko Haram started because of their response to
the underdevelopment and poor living conditions among Muslim d0minated northeast Nigeria.
This perspective is supported by the perceived corruption and injustices and corruption in
democratic republic. The theory later invoked insurgency and sectarian conflicts among the
Muslim. Another different theory regarding Boko haram, is that it focusses on Islamic jihadist
movements. Regarding this perspective, Boko haram, then falls in the jihadists movements in
Nigeria. Undoubtedly, the probability becomes so high that the group is fighting is fighting a war
on religion against the unbelievers- those who do not believe in their religion with an intention of
making Nigerian become a state dominated but Muslims. This can only be accomplished wen all
Christians are terminated as they employ tactics and targets that will most likely influence the



Christians to feel threatened ad opt to become part of their religion. And in worst cases, they are
forced to migrate and move walk away from the country in search of a safe place, a palace where
they can finally settle and look for what best suit them. In the process, the Nigeria becomes
dominated by Muslims which ultimately call for Islam as a state religion.
There has been notable change in the shift of the group’s targets and tactics, and the
general geographic reach especially in the past years. The use of the vehicle borne improvised
explosive device on the Abuja barracks in 2011 marked the first in time in the history of Nigeria
when the suicide attack was carried out. It was such a unique tactic that not was unknown and
unfamiliar to security forces and agencies. The bomb that was improvised was large enough
according to the estimations to cases destruction of close to forty other vehicles. This proved the
groups capability and intent of launching attacks that were out of its usual a normal traditional
are of operations. It also proved that they were now moving towards attacking the capital. Unlike
the traditional forma of targets which centrally were affiliated to the Nigerian state, the new
tactics were more of targeting the capital. The past targets of the group used to be policed
stations, army barracks, churches, markets, banks, teachers, and universities. The group had onetime attacked those who were drunkards, card players, and those that generally were found
engaging in activities that according to them they regarded them as un- Islamic activities. these
has also occasionally carried out targeted assassinations against the political and religious leaders
especially those groups or individuals who have challenged or spoken out in combat with the
group or collaborated with the Christian president Jonathan Good luck. Initially, the tactic
signature fir the Boko Haram was defined by bombings and shootings from the motorbike. The
suicide attack launched to oppose the united nations headquarters was the first international
target thus proving to be a threat to the united states. This is profound since the united nation



compound was in the diplomatic district of Abuja city, this is an area that contains and hosts high
profile people and facilities demonstrating that Boko haram possessed the ability to spot a soft
target amidst targets that were harder like the foreign embassies and the government buildings.
Because Boko haram is affiliated to other groups such as al Qaeda, they all collaborate and act in
unison to act against the united nation. Whatever they cannot dip in the united states deserves
they do it elsewhere yet affecting the same nation. This had been observed over recent years in
any other countries where the terrorist group have shifted in the way they operate and carry out
the attacks, their main aim to get an attention. They don’t just intend to murder people or rather
just kill a body and there after their effect is not felt. On the contrary, they are determined to
cause a stun by doing something uncalled for that will attract the whole attention of the whole
world to them and the only way this can be done is by attacking one of the embassies of the
powerful nations of the earth- the unitred states. Also, by the mere fact that the group agents
could manipulate, exploit and successfully passed the security goat, it is a clear indication that
the group conducts a surveillance before any attack is done. They don’t just wake up one day and
plan attack, they are usually serious daily, weekly surveillance that are conducted before an
attack is done. By larger definition, the attack on the united nations is largely associated with the
other global terrorist groups/ organizations.
There is a high possibility of the future potential targets, energy and sector of aviation.
Nigeria is one of the hub fir oil production. It is one of the leading exporter for oil to the united
nations. It also exports mostly sulfur-free sweet crude which the refineries in the united states
prefer to the oil exported from other places which are usually heavier in nature. Unfortunately,
the frequent and occasional instability in Nigeria has proven it difficult for the united nations to
continue with these businesses. There is in turn reduced assurance fir the continuous flow if the



business sine some of the major hubs for these products have had history of violence and
instability. Kidnappings, bombings and kidnapping at the oil facilities are occasionally carried
out by the little group who feel they have been left out in the wealth that is associated with the oil
production. Some of the bombings and the attacks that are carried in I Nigeria causes oil and
petroleum prices to go high in the united states since there is usually decreased production of oil.
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