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I need someone to help me to do post lab Assignment only one page. I will upload the assignment and the lab experience with my answer and post lab template.

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Laboratory #5 EE Science II Laboratory #5 RC Circuits and Time Constants Summary All electronic circuits have some resistance and some capacitance. The resistance and capacitance seen at the input of an electronic system controls how quickly that system can respond to a change to the signal being applied to the system, e.g. when the input signal is changing from a 0 to a 1. The characteristic time response is generally referred to as the time constant or rise time. In this laboratory you will measure the behavior of RC circuits, determine the time constant of a given RC circuit using an oscilloscope, and investigate some common applications of RC circuits. You will start by building a first order series RC circuit and measuring the charging and discharging of the capacitor. The charging and discharging curves will be measured by providing a pulsed DC input to your RC circuit and measuring the voltage across the capacitor using an oscilloscope. The pulsed DC input will be generated using a function generator. You will compare the measured output to the values calculated in the pre-lab and determine the time constant from the oscilloscope display. You will also measure the behavior of the circuit given different input waveforms and frequencies and investigate applications such as low pass filters, timing circuits, integrators and differentiators in an optional section of the lab. For this lab you will need to use the procedure from Lab 3 and it is recommended that you review the same before the lab session. The procedures of this lab will be used in Lab 6. Objectives • Use an oscilloscope to measure charging and discharging of the voltage on a capacitor in an RC circuit. • Determine the time constant of the RC network using an oscilloscope • Study the behavior of RC circuits such as low pass filters, timing circuits, integrators, and differentiators (optional) Equipment and Software • Function generator • Oscilloscope • Resistor, R = 2.2 kΩ, and C = 1 μF • Multimeter University of South Florida 1 EE205-sum.docx EEL3472C: EE SCIENCE II - EM Lab: __#___Title:__(10 pt font)_____ Date: 00/00/2017 Name: ____(10 pt font) ________ Lab Partner(s):__(10 pt font)__________ SUMMARY OF RESULTS AND DISCUSSION (PARAGRAPH STYLE , 12 PT FONT, SINGLE SPACE ) In this section, you should summarize and analyze your results. In other words, tell me what you learned and what the results mean to you. Things to avoid: • • Don’t write EVERY step you did in class (I connected the function generator to the oscilloscope, then I turned it on…etc) Do not rewrite the lab manuscript Things to include • • • • • • Knowledge about the equipment and attachments (Eg: “Channel 1 of the oscilloscope is connected across the input of the circuit and channel 2 across the capacitor. The configuration allows you to compare the output with the input.”) Understand results (what each or group of values mean to you) If there are too many results you can create a table Graphs and equations are also acceptable (reference them in your text) Guide me though the whole lab exercise using your own words and understanding Something in the lab that you did not understand or results not clear to you EXPERIMENTAL QUESTIONS (PARAGRAPH STYLE , 12 PT FONT, SINGLE SPACE ) • Answer/complete any additional questions asked during/ at the end of the lab experiment LAB IMPROVEMENTS (THIS IS OPTIONAL , BUT HELP US IMPROVE THE LABS!) • • Tell us what went wrong and what can be done to avoid those mistakes in the future Mention any lab procedures that were confusing General rules: Minimum of 1/2 page written (be creative, I don’t want to see reports less than one full page) Maximum of 1 page written (include figures/graphs/tables on extra pages) Body Format: font size - 12pt (Times New Roman), Spacing - Single This post lab report must be stapled on the front of the completed lab experience. Additionally, a copy of this report must be submitted online via canvas (you do not have to submit the completed lab experience online). Maximum grade of 50% (5/10) if signed lab experience not included. ...
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Your delivery is enclosed. If there are any problems, please let me know. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.Please contact me if you or your friends need help.Thanks again and have a great day! :)

Lab: #5Title: RC Circuits and Time Constants

Date: 11th Feb 2019

Name: ____(10 pt font) ________

Lab Partner(s):__(10 pt font)__________

The RC circuit consists of resistors and capacitors that are used to regulate how quickly the
circuit system responds to a signal change applied to it. Capacitors are commonly used as filters
and for storage of electrical energy and charge in the circuits. The relationship between the
voltage and charge across the capacitor is defined by the expression V = Q/C.
From the exp...

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