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Final Project: Research Proposal

For your Final Project, you will produce a formal research proposal as per APA guidelines (10-15 pages). You will use revisions of the Unit 4 and Unit 7 Assignments to create the Introduction and Methods sections. The proposal should contain all of the following sections:

  1. A formal title page (with a title that is descriptive of the proposed research)
  2. Abstract: Make sure to include the following details here:
    1. Problem statement
    2. Subjects
    3. Methods and procedures used
  3. Introduction (a revision of the Unit 4 Assignment): Make sure to include the following components within this section of the paper:
    1. A brief review of the literature and how the proposed research fits with other research on this subject
    2. A statement of the research problem and why it is important
    3. A statement of the purpose of the research
    4. Your hypothesis (you can have more than one here), including the variables that you will use to assess your hypothesis and why you believe the hypothesis is true
    5. A brief description of how the hypothesis and the research design relates to the problem statement
  4. Method (a revision of the Unit 7 Assignment) including the following subsections:
    1. Participants or subjects (include your sampling plan here)
    2. Apparatus – any equipment that will be needed
    3. Procedure – include sufficient details to ensure the possibility of replication and make sure to clearly label your research method here as well (for example, a quantitative between subjects matched groups design)
    4. Measures - include at least one independent and dependent measure here and how you will assess the reliability and validity of your measures
    5. Ethical considerations – make sure to state that your subjects were treated in accordance with APA ethical guidelines and briefly outline what steps you took to ensure this in your proposal (ABA students should also include any relevant information from the BACB guidelines for responsible conduct and disciplinary standards documents)
  5. Reference section: Include all relevant citations here using APA style guidelines

The Final Project should:

  • Follow assignment directions (review grading rubric for best results).
  • Use correct APA formatting per the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.).
  • Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.
  • Be written in Standard American English and be clear, specific, and error-free.

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