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How are echinoderms different than sponges?

Please one or two sentences to answer! 

Aug 12th, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your question!


1)Echinoderms belong to the Phylum Echinodermata. 

2)Echinoderms are pentaradially (five-axis) symmetrical as adults, have a water-vascular system, and an endoskeleton. 

3)Members of this phylum include sea stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and sea lilies.

4)echinoderms are heterotrophs and have several methods of feeding.Some are carnivores while others are herbivores.

5)Some echinoderms that occur in the Great Barrier Reef include:

sea urchin

sea cucumber

blue sea star

brittle star


1)Sponges belong to the Phylum Porifera. 

2)They are multicellular organisms that have bodies full of pores and channels allowing water to circulate through them,consisting of jelly like mesohyl sandwiched between two layers of cells.

 3)The Phylumn Porifera is further broken down into three classes, Class Calcarea, Class Demospongiae, and Class Hexactinellida.

4)Sponges have a unique method of feeding in that they do not posess mouths. Instead tiny pores located in the outer walls of the sponge draw water into the animal and food is filtered out of the water as it is pumped through the body and discarded through larger openings.

5)Some sponges that occur in the Great Barrier Reef include:

yellow burrowing sponge

tubular sponge

thick yellow fan sponge

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I'm always happy to answer your questions.
Aug 12th, 2015

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Aug 12th, 2015
Aug 12th, 2015
Oct 21st, 2017
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