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1. A sound promotion policy is important. List the characteristics necessary for an effective promotion policy.?

2. Compare and contrast a closed internal recruitment system with an open internal recruitment system.

3. What information should be included in the targeted internal communication message?

Aug 14th, 2015

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1. The intent of the policy is clearly communicated.
2. The policy is consistent with the philosophy and values of top management.
3. The scope of the policy, such as coverage by geographic region, employee groups, and so forth, is clearly articulated.
4. Employees' responsibilities and opportunities for development are clearly defined.
5. Supervisors' responsibilities for employee development are clearly defined.
6. Procedures are clearly described, such as how employees will be notified of openings, time deadlines and data to be supplied by the employee, how requirements and qualifications will be communicated, how the selection process will work, and how job offers will be made.
7. Rules regarding compensation and advancement are included.
8. Rules regarding benefits and benefit changes as they relate to advancement are included.


Internal recruitment is the process of filling job vacancies and open positions with employees from within the company. The applicant pool is limited only to those already employed within the organization.

In a close internal recruitment system, employees are not informed on job openings. The manager typically informs Human Resources of an opening and a list of potential internal candidates meeting the given criteria is drawn up. The manager then interviews the candidates and fills the position with the selected candidate. In an open internal recruitment system, employees are informed of open positions. In this process the manager notifies HR of a vacancy and then HR post the job opening publicly (within the company). Applications are then screened and a list of qualified candidates given to the manager for interview and selection. The manager then interviews and selects a candidate to fill the open position.

3) A targeted message involves tailoring the message to a particular audience. Such a message should describe the inducement likely to attract experienced internal employees.

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Aug 14th, 2015

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Aug 14th, 2015
Aug 14th, 2015
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