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IP1 CTU Individual Project #3: Economic Report

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You will choose one country for the focus of all IPs. This will be the host country in which you hope to do business.

Each individual project (IP) requires a minimum of three references with corresponding in-text citations.

Each IPs will be 3-4 pages using APA formatting. The title and references page do not count towards the total page count.

IP submissions should be in word format. All the questions below should be answered about the country of Brazil.

Individual Project #3: Economic Report

Report Guidelines

Content Format – Choose a total of 12 indicators to write about, picking indicators from each section below. Each indicator should be presented in bullet format, with one to two sentences of commentary.Since the intent of the paper is for you to understand key economic facts and conditions, both now and in the past, please add additional commentary to the four most important indicators explaining what the indicators refer to and why YOU THINK they are important. That commentary may include forecasts for the numbers or key points you have found, and should consist of additional research beyond the basic number(s). This commentary should be at least one paragraph (five sentences) long.



Foreign Exchange Rates (Floating or Fixed)

Exchange Rate to the US Dollar

Budget Deficit/Surplus

National Debt as % of GDP

Corporate Tax Rates

Current and Past Annual Inflation Rate

Trade Alliances

Other important facts

Economic Output

Most recent total annual GDP (converted to US dollars)

Growth rate of GDP over the past five years

Employment by Sector

Total Employment Growth Rate

Total Unemployment Rate

Labor Force Participation Rate

Primary Exports and Dollar Volume

Primary Imports and Dollar Volume

Top 5 Trading Partners - Imports and Exports

Energy Imports or Exports

History of strikes or labor unrest

Source of energy

Other important facts


Total Population

Birth Rate per 1000 population

Number of Households

Median Household Income

Savings Rates

Percent of Population below Poverty

Age Structure

Migration Trends & Refugee Issues

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Formal Writing Requirements Contractions In formal academic writing, contractions are not used. (couldn't, didn't, don't, shouldn't, weren't, won't, it’s, and so on) Pronouns Do NOT use 1st person or 2nd person in this course. First person is the most personal and informal in written work: Singular: I – me – my – myself – mine Plural: we – us – our– ours – ourselves Second person speaks directly to the reader: you, your, yours, yourselves Do use 3rd person in this course. Third person is the most formal and frequently used in college writing: Singular: he, him, his, himself, she, her, hers, herself, it, its, itself, one, a person, an individual, a student, the company, the business, etc. Plural: they, them, their, theirs, themselves, people, students, companies, businesses, etc. First "three" words of title here Title (e.g. IP1 Historical and Political Report) Course Name Here Course Number Here By Student Name Here Month and Year Here 1 First "three" words of title here Title of Paper Here Introduction text here, providing general information on topic. Remember a paragraph must have a minimum of three sentences. State the topic and then list the main points of the paper; these main points become the subheadings of the paper. Point One Subheading Here Topic sentence here. Body text with examples, facts, figures, and source material here related to point one. Point Two Subheading Here Topic sentence here. Body text with examples, facts, figures, and source material here related to point one. Remember to always mention any images within the body of your paper: (see Figure 1). Point Three Subheading Here Topic sentence here. Body text with examples, facts, figures, and source material here related to point one. Remember to always mention any images within the body of your paper: (see Figure 1). 2 First "three" words of title here Figure 1. Title of picture goes here (ending with a period). Note the source in parentheses and make sure to include a reference for the source. 3 First "three" words of title here 4 References Don't forget to put your references in alphabetical order by author. If one of your references begins with the word "The," put the rest of the name first and insert a comma, followed by the word The (example – Associated Press, The.). Author's Last Name, First Initial. (year). Title of article/Internet page. Retrieved Month date, year, from http://complete URL here Do Not end with a period (EXAMPLE OF AN INTERNET SOURCE – IF NO DATE IS GIVEN ON THE INTERNET PAGE USE: (n.d.). IN PLACE OF THE YEAR.) Author's Last Name, First Initial. (year). Title of book. City, ST: Publisher. (EXAMPLE OF A BOOK) Author's Last Name, First Initial. (year, Season). Title of article. Magazine Name, 12(8), 27. (EXAMPLE OF A MAGAZINE ARTICLE - Note – only capitalize the proper nouns in the title of the article; capitalize all the words in the magazine name; the 12 is where the volume number goes, the 8 is where the issue number goes, the 27 is where the page number goes.) Berube, M. S., ed. (1989). The American heritage dictionary. New York: Dell. (EXAMPLE OF A DICTIONARY) Bird, I. (1973). A lady's life in the Rocky Mountains (Reprint ed.). New York: Ballantine Books. (EXAMPLE OF A BOOK) Leonard, S. J., & Noel, T. J. (1990). Denver: Mining camp to metropolis. Niwot, CO: University Press of Colorado. (EXAMPLE OF A BOOK) Morson, B., & Frazier, D. (2000, December 7). For years, brown cloud fouls Denver image [Electronic version]. Denver (Colorado) Rocky Mountain News. Retrieved October 3, First "three" words of title here 5 2002, from (EXAMPLE OF A NEWSPAPER ARTICLE FROM AN ONLINE VERSION OF THE NEWSPAPER) National Jewish Medical & Research Center. (2001a, January 5). The 'Brown Cloud,' coldinduced asthma, winter allergies and seasonal affective disorder around the corner as winter approaches. Retrieved October 4, 2002, from winter1.html (EXAMPLE OF AN ORGANIZATION AS THE AUTHOR) ...
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Final Answer


Canada’s Economy situation

Canada’s Economic situation
Course Name Here
Course Number Here

Student Name Here
Month and Year Her


Canada’s Economy situation


Canada Economy
The report analyses the economic condition of Canada. Canada is a developed
nation with a total population of over 37 Million. The economy thrives based on vibrant
industries. The analysis is based on specific aspects of the government, economic output,
and the people.


Canada uses the Canadian Dollar. The currency is denominated into $5, $10, $20, $50
and $100 notes. It accounts to close to 2% of the global reserves.

Exchange Rate to the US Dollar

The current exchange rate for the Canadian dollar into the US dollar stands at 1
Canadian Dollar to 0.75USD. The exchange is at banks and across certified exchange

Trade Alliances

Trade alliances in Canada are categorized into two types of trade agreements. These
are free trade agreements (FTAs) and foreign investment promotion and protection
agreements (FIPAs) with other governments. The United States of America (USA) and
Mexico and Canada formed the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which
is the largest based on GDP.

Corporate Tax Rates

The rates are collected from companies based on the net income during a particular
year. The rare is fixed at 38%. The rates have been reviewed periodically based on the
economic situation of the country.

Canada’s Economy situation


Economic Output

The growth rate of GDP over the past five years

The past five years have been good for the Canadian economy. In 2014, the average
growth rate of GDP was 2.9%. 2015 saw a drop to 0.7% while 2016 and 2017 had an
annual growth of 1.1% and 3.0% respectively (CITE). By the end of 2018, the growth
rate for the GDP was 2.1%. Over 70% of Canadian Economy is driven by the service
industry. As such the economy is driven by the service sector. Oil production, however, is
the single largest commodity that is exported. In the long run, the county has to remain
innovative across all sectors in order to achieve further growth.

Employment by Sector

According to (2017) the retail sector has the highest number of human
resource with over 11.5% of the total workforce. Health care and social assistance follow
closely with 11.4%. Further, the manufacturing sector at 9.2%, educational services at
7.5% and public administration complete at 7.3% the list of the top five sectors. Women
occupied most of the administrative and salespersons jobs. The men are occupied most of
the energy-requiring jobs. Fu...

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