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·   Many organizations have developed their own universities. What are the advantages and disadvantages in doing this?


·   What training methods are effective in training executives? Why are they effective?

Aug 17th, 2015

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Aug 17th, 2015

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Aug 17th, 2015

Advantages of Organizations Developing their own University

1. Its a method of corporate capability.It turns out that the development high-impact learning is tricky. Not only should your organization understand the basics of training and development, but you must integrate it with the company’s talent practices (career progression and leadership) and also create a “culture of learning.

2. Promoting learning culture and improvement in skills and expertise in the organization.

2. Its part of corporate social responsibility (CSR).Its a duty of any corporate organization to empower the community in different ways.

 3.  consortium  Reasons.This type of cooperation is sustained by the state by financing mostly so called consortium – associations between universities and companies for research and development solutions. 

 4.Aaccess to knowledge from the industry – professors have the possibility to learn about the market reality, there is a learning effect on both side.                         


1. know-how piracy: the team members in the project belong to the university and company and it is difficult to hinder the knowledge copy

2. Promotes  dependence leading to falture when the organization fails or becomes insolvent.

3.A motive of profit making will hinder the functions of the University . Most operations of the company are known to make a change in returns

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Aug 17th, 2015

1. Role playing method -Its one of the ways an executive can be trained . The manger can assume for work for that he/she can be familiar and therefore get to know any improvements on it and also any challenge that may be faced.

2. Off-the-job training method.

Off-the-job training methods can also be used to train  assistants and other employees. The most commonly used types of off-the- job training are problem solving conferences and the case study methods.

3.Coaching Method

Managers must be good coaches. They must understand how to motivate, develop and guide their employees to success.

4.Presentation  method of Training. Managers must be trained to be good presenters

5.Understudy method

Under this method each executive is assigned an understudy or an assistant who, in addition to his regular duties, is expected to acquire some familiarity with the tasks and practices.

6 On-the-job training

 Executives can be trained while working. This creates familiarity with his/ her work while working.

  Why they are effective methods of training to Executives.

They are practical and involves the work itself.

-The methods are more adaptive thatn many other methods

-They  deal with real life situations.

-More applicable to  many executives.

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Aug 17th, 2015

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