Gaming addiction Essay

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Using the Summary-Response format illustrated on page 95-96 in our textbook, review at least four of your sources for your Essay Group 1, which will include both your Wikipedia-style entry AND your Personal Position Essay. You will be expected to use these sources in both assignments, and this assignments serves as a place for you to evaluate those sources, make notes, and get your thoughts organized before you embark on these further assignments.

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For this project, you need to prepare a Wikipedia-type entry for your issue. In your first section, focus on the general background information, including key definitions, the history, and issues and your reader needs to understand your issue. Then present the differing points of view that surround your issue, along with quotes from individuals that hold those positions. You may include infographs and visual elements to help your reader understand your issue.

Successful projects will have at least 1500 words of text with supporting visuals if necessary. Feel free to format this as a web page, only your work must be saved in a .docx format for submission. All sources must be cited using an accepted academic style (MLA, APA, or Chicago) and submissions MUST include a Work Cited page (not included in word count).

Gaming addiction Essay
Gaming addiction Essay

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1 Gaming Proposal It has become a concern to the families around the world fraternity on how nearly all teenagers have taken to the attribute of gaming. This bone of contention has continued to raise considerable debates among members of the public who engage one another with both sides presenting an array of reasons to emerge the most proficient. The individuals pledging their support for gaming insists that this criterion presents significant benefits directed at the prosperity of the teenage guild through means such improvement of problem-solving capabilities (p 115). On the other hand, the opposing side tables their claims that the involvement in this tendency paves the way for the actualization of health problems, poor academic performances, and aggressiveness among the involved teenage groups. So with all that, does the aspect of gaming portray any bad or good to the existing teenagers within the society? With gaming making headlines in many social-oriented discussions, this criterion is worth giving a second thought. Therefore, pursuing the direction aligned with determining the possible influences which the facet has on teenagers is accurate given that I had been a culprit of the same during my teenage years and I have had to deal with relevant issues on both the positive. It is a reality that gaming has gained immeasurable access to nearly ninety percent of American households which thus denotes that considerably more significant proportion of the same could become exposed to its inclinations. It is a reality that all over the country, nearly ninetyseven percent of the children become subjected to gaming for at least one hour in a day (p 111). 2 Finally, gaming devices are accessible to teenagers in different forms such as plays stations, computers, smartphones, among other related equipment. There is a dire need to ascertain whether gaming in its regard does pose a considerable amount of harm or good to the teenagers. And if the attribute has more negating influences on the existing average functionality of the engaged teens, then there is the need to come to terms with the potential mitigation-oriented measures which otherwise could become subject to exploitation to minimize such stances. Work Cited Prot, Sara, et al. "The positive and negative effects of video game play." Media & the well-being of children & adolescents(2014): 109-128. ...
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Gaming and Addiction
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Gaming and Addiction
Gaming has been defined as the act of playing games or video games. Another definition
of gaming is playing gambling games. Almost ninety percent of every American household
participates in these gaming activities and especially teenagers. It is hard to find a teenager with
a device that does not have any gaming application. Some argue that it is a method of passing
time and some say it is relaxing. However, people have come forward to prove that gaming can
actually be addictive. This paper will help us understand how these gaming activities can be
addictive and their effects.
One essay that strikes me as informative is the essay discussing the addictiveness of
gaming. This essay argues that people become too attached to these gaming applications or
gaming activities and forget about the real world. As human beings, people tend to choose
something that gives them solace and peace. Gaming has been associated with this. People also
like challenges and will often end up playing just to win a challenge or to proceed to another
level (Wiemer-Hastings, et al. 2005). However, people end u...

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