2 pages editing and proofreading. Ensure that the paper is edited perfectly


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2 pages editing and proofreading. Ensure that the paper is edited perfectly
2 pages editing and proofreading. Ensure that the paper is edited perfectly
2 pages editing and proofreading. Ensure that the paper is edited perfectly
2 pages editing and proofreading. Ensure that the paper is edited perfectly

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Running Head: END OF THE WORLD ESSAY Student Name Teacher Name Date Running Head: END OF THE WORLD ESSAY Martin Rees: Can we prevent the end of the world? Introduction The TED speech by Martin Rees discusses his views and ideas about his book named “our final century”. The intriguing topic the book discusses is how to prevent the end of this world. Since earth has existed for millions of years, rapid geological and climatic changes have affected its wellbeing and the scientists predict that the planet will no longer exist in the future. Many threats come from the nature such as asteroids, diseases, and earthquakes; however, the Rees claims that the worst dangers come from human beings inhabiting the planet. The author also states that the global leaders are ignoring the worst global catastrophic events and denying the possibility of end of this world. Indeed, the earth’s demise has not yet happened despite many rumors in 2012; however, the authorities should pay substantial attention towards this most important problem and create strategies to prevent the end of the world. Can Science Prevent the End of the World? Although silence has revolutionized the lives of millions on earth, can it prevent the most disastrous events to happen on earth that may wipe the face of humanity from the planet? Human beings are becoming more vulnerable with the advancement of science because they will misuse the rapidly advancing biotechnology in the future, just like they misuse cyber technology to spread false rumors today. The speaker predicts that with the rapid global warming and scientific changes, many of the species will not survive in the future. Therefore, the speaker states that this global village wills its “global idiots” who will play their part in ending the world. How 21st Century Humans are having a Bumpy Ride? According to Rees, 21st century is facing a setback to our society and there is a 50% chance of a severe global setback. The future events could be even worse that could wipe out all life from the face of this planet. Potentially dangerous pathogens are released into the air that makes the environment more polluted than in the past centuries. The speaker also discusses some philosophical ethical questions related to human beings and their behavior. If their behavioral patterns continue, the universe may be gone forever. Therefore, it is worthwhile for many scholars and leaders to study these vulnerabilities and mitigate these problems to save the home of billions of species. Since human beings are a part of a vast cosmos, they only represent a small pale blue dot of the entire universe. However, their future is greatly jeopardized by their own actions that are leading us towards the ruin of all mankind. NASA has a more logical explanation why the world has not ended yet. Since many people were predicting the end of the world in 2012, NASA revealed that ‘Nauru’ planet did not collide with earth, therefore, neither NASA nor any other organizations are predicting a blackout of the universe, which is why the world is still alive and well post 2012 predictions and myths. How will Scientists Know when World will End? Science reveals that the earth is a huge block of rock and soil and it is likely to remain for five billion years until the sun transforms into a red giant and destroys earth completely. Humans have dominated many processes on earth and have made life comfortable for them in the civilized societies. However, scientists observe that the climate is rapidly changing with trillion tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The ice and glaciers are melting rapidly; the Running Head: END OF THE WORLD ESSAY phenomenon is producing more water than land. Biological changes are also happening in the urban areas, which is why humans are pushing all living beings into an unknown era of destruction. The scientists predict that man-made problems will significantly affect the future generations who may face several challenges in less friendly atmosphere. The temperatures are rising and the arctic ice is shirking, which is why 20 billion tons of carbon dioxide is being trapped in the atmosphere each year. Such changes will become strongly noticeable in the coming decades and the society will have to respond to it. Therefore, dramatic changes in the atmosphere and dramatic changes in weather will shape an unknown future that will increase the feelings of trauma and uncertainty. Scientists also predict that the biosphere is no longer reliable, which is why hurricanes are happening in the Mediterranean belt more unpredictably. Most global catastrophic scenarios are not over yet; everything can change the fate of earth including epidemics, asteroid collision, climate change, nuclear wars, and ice melting. Steven Putsch, associate professor in the University of Massachusetts shows his perspective on this scenario by stating that “we have already lost the world as we knew it.” Sooner the loss of ice from the sea and Arctic Ocean will transform a few oceans ice-free in the next few decades. What can Humans do to Save the Planet? Less people have planetary awareness, thereof ere, the United Nation’s Earth Summit focuses on international cooperation to save the planet earth with collaborative efforts. The question is how world leaders, politicians, scientists, and policy makers. Melting of the arctic ice and brining of fossil fuels for renewable energy requires the attention of policy makers to create strategies to mitigate these risks. The powerful weather equipment and machines can help to predict when a catastrophe is coming, which is why human beings must become proactive to survive and recover from any global catastrophes. Unfortunately, such events are inevitable to end the world if humans do not correct their actions on a global scale and follow a pattern that respects mother earth. That may involve less human impact on the carbon cycle and massive changes in energy production systems to slow the atmospheric changes. Therefore, following simple rules can help people to combat the disaster world is about to face in the next few decades, otherwise, the world we know it will end with no more chance for humans to survive and thrive on their only shelter in the universe. With the current rate, it seems impossible to stop the future catastrophic climate change; however, humans can change the world by changing their attitudes towards it. Since many governments have not planned or researched how to protect the civilization from the global catastrophes, people are mostly busy discussing political issues and communism. Moreover, scientists and labs are mostly busy inventing and researching new technologies to shape the future of traveling, leisure, sex, healthcare, entertainment, and communication. However, the lack of accountability and concern is a huge concern for the corporate leaders who care mostly about profits. Theoretically, it is possible to save the world from ending, but practically, there are many things which need improvement or change including the human behavior and mindset. The world is focusing on skills and more competitiveness by producing revolutionary products, however, Running Head: END OF THE WORLD ESSAY sustainable life practices and environmental friendly technologies and strategies will allow humans to enjoy more generations on earth. Earth deserves some respect, the situation will get worse. Saving the world may mean many sacrifices to stay alive on this planet, which is why citizens should elect responsible leaders who can understand policy making and create strategies to significantly improve the wellbeing of planet. Therefore, more effective decision making to prevent disaster starts with more awareness and concern about the serious issue we are facing. References 1Youtube. Martin Rees: Can we prevent the end of the world? https://www.google.com/url?q=https://youtu.be/tMSU6k5WXg&source=gmail&ust=1550204663963000&usg=AFQjCNHiEyQVbcvVR3FWFp_RWeUQ t4daTg (Accessed 14 February 2019). 2NASA. Why the World didn’t End? https://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html (Accessed February 14 2019). ...

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