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Non-Concordist Positions - Strengths & Weaknesses

Chapter 6 of the Origins text discusses five different non-concordist positions about creation. A non-concordist positionassumes that the Bible is true and that the Bible teaches that God created all things, but that the Bible is not teaching a science lesson of the time sequence order of how God created all things.

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How does the Blessed Man of Psalms 1–2 compare to Joshua?

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Non-Concordist Interpretations
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Non-concordist Interpretations
Non-Concordists argue that the Bible has no errors concerning theological matters but
repeatedly gives misleading information concerning science and history. The first interpretation
serves to declare the lack of connection between the days of creation and the kind of timing used
on earth.1 The interpretation of the proclamation day begs the reader to see that the days of
creation described in Genesis are those of God in his throne have no relationship whatsoever
with human time and sequences. It also posits that the numbers and days referred to in the bible
are for poetic reasons meant to address the themes of the messages in the book purely and not the
history side of things. While many of the concordists may use the gap interpretation and the
young earth explanation, the non-concordist explanation bears strength on this as it is apparent to
everyone that sequences used in the holy book have no relationship with our usual earthly
Another interpretation fronted by Non-concordists is that of the Kingdom and temple.
Here, the understanding is that God established the earth and handed dominion to man, to rule
over the world, as he made the hea...

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