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For this Case Presentation assignment, the case I have chosen is Box 4.3 Innovation: The Soul of Google (pg. 108-9). Develop a PowerPoint Presentation (15-20 slides) addressing the key questions from the case. You are welcome to explore other creative ways of presenting a case (Prezi, movie, etc.) that will be appropriate to meet the goal of this assignment. Note, that it is a visual presentation and therefore should use visual tools to capture the audience attention. Use a good balance of bullet lists and images to bring your points across. Use the Notes section to provide well-developed sentences and paragraphs when addressing the questions in adequate depth.

Hackman & Johnson (2013). Leadership: A Communication Perspective, 6th Edition. (ISBN-13: 9781478602590).

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Case Presentation Assignment

How to Foster Innovative
Climate in an Organization

How to Foster Innovative Climate
in an Organization
 Hiring talented and risk taking employees

 Working as a team towards a common goal
 Freedom of developing new ideas and sharing them

with the rest of the team for further enhancement.

Google’s Employees Are

Advantages of Encouraging
Employees to Spend 20 percent of...

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