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Suppose there has been an incident at your organization that will require a forensic investigation of company computers and email. You have been asked by the head of your organization to prepare a presentation for the non-technical staff that explains how email works and the types of information that forensic email investigations attempt to uncover.

Consider the following when creating the presentation:

  • What is the appropriate level of detail for non-technical employees regarding the process of e-mail and forensic investigations?
  • What are qualities of an informational and appealing PowerPoint presentation?


For this assignment, you are to:

  • Create a presentation that includes a graphic depiction of how e-mail works and discusses the types of information forensic e-mail investigations attempt to uncover.
  • Your presentation should be at least 8-12 slides in length, not including title and reference slides. Your presentation must adhere to APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate.

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E-mail Investigations
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How Email works in Forensics
❖Emails are used in sharing information.
❖In forensic investigations, crime related information is collected for analysis
and identification of the suspects.

❖In forensics, the content, time, sender, and receiver are analyzed. For

instance, at what time was the email sent? Did it contain any message related
to leading to the incidence reported?

❖Being in digital forma...

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