Is Democracy dying in the United States Discussion

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Running head: DEMOCRACY IN US


Is Democracy Dying in The Us?
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Democracy is a comprehensive discipline who’s understanding depends mostly on the
subjects, in most cases the citizens of a particular country. It can be defined differently and, in
this case, we are going to discuss democracy as a system where the citizens of a particular
country have power over it by exercising their voting rights, (Knutsen, 2010). By voting, this is
how they control the decisions of the country. This process has to be free and transparent. The
following paper is going to be analyzing the state of democracy in the country and discuss the
question at hand as (Merkel, 2014) puts it, “is democracy in the United States dying?”
Democracy is defined by the ability of people to exercise their voting rights and make
decisions by voting. Democracy in the world is a slowly diminishing idea. It is the same case in
the democracy of the united states, but despite this fact, the United States is the best example of
countries that still uphold democracy. The freedom of speech and the committed judiciary
system are an example of this. However, the issues that came up in the 2016 electoral process
undermining the integrity of the electoral process prove otherwise. The following paper is doing
to analyses democracy in the united states. Is it dying?

Background information
The United States over the centuries has had one of the most democratic constitution and
system of government, most countries have struggled to put up a better democratic system of
governance, but the whole idea hasn’t yet borne any fruit. There are many definitions and views
about democracy, but one of the main functions of democracy is to protect state and individual
rights through the constitution. This defines the American democracy and other western forms of



democracy. United States has been well known as a super nation and better...

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