Find a DoS attack that has occurred in the last six months

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Using WORD, write an ORIGINAL brief essay of 300 words or more:

  • Find a DoS attack that has occurred in the last six months
  • You might find some resources at
  • Note how that attack was conducted.
  • Write a brief explanation of how you might have defended against that specific attack.

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Name Professor Class Date Denial of Service Attack That Occurred In the Last Six Months A Denial of Service attack commonly abbreviated as DoS is a cyber-attack where attackers disrupt the normal functioning of a machine or a network resource either temporarily or indefinitely and tend to make it unavailable to its intended users. In the past few months it has turned out to be relatively quiet on cases of Denial of Service attacks, although, in early September, a 19 year old teenager was arrested by the British police after participating in a Denial of Service attack that affected the users of ProtonMail email and Virtual Private Network services. The 19 year old, Duke-Cohan, a member of Apophis squad was actively involved in making hoax bomb threats that affected schools, colleges and airlines leading to evacuation and closure of over 400 educational institutions in the United Kingdom and USA. Duke-Cohan threatened an...

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