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The Creator’s Subject

What it is/Some background info

In “The Creator’s Subject” section of this course, we are exploring a few of the many areas that creators mine for their artistic subjects, and along the way, we’re giving shape to our identities as writers. The Creator’s Subject assignment asks you to engage in the same kind of observation, though instead of generating stories and poems, you’ll use your observations as a mirror to reflect on your identity as a writer, and some of your potential subjects for creative writing in the second half of our semester together.

The Creator’s Subject assignment has three parts: 1) observation, 2) reflection, and 3) “finding your work”, which includes a brainstorming exercise.

In the Observation section, you’ll be asked to record observations of the everyday physical world around you, just like the Alien Anthropology assignment, but this time, you’ll make meaning by focusing on a few specific topics. In the Reflection section, you’ll be asked to write thoughtful, detailed responses to a series of questions about your observations and your identity as a writer. In Finding Your Work, you’ll engage in creative reflection and writing to develop ideas for the fiction and poetry you’ll write later in this class. Each section is described more fully below.

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Professor Lawrence
ENG 226
27 September 2018

The Creator’s Subject
History || Canoe
There lies the old green canoe in its moorings, where the rocks are grey, and the shoe is
steep. There lies the green like a thicket adjacent to the blue sea. The old green makes the waters
beneath deep dark from where it lies in its lonely pride, leaning gloomily over the murky tide.
The dark color blends well with the reeds and rushes, long and lank. Beneath the old rugged
green the weeds grow thick along to the winding bank. It’s useless paddles idly dropped,
although their mix of grey and green gives a perfect match with the old green and like a seabird's
wings, they flop to and from by the storms at the banks.
The old green canoe is half sinking and begins to rot in its living grave; the green moss
creeping o'er it intensifies the beautiful green. It's all green, brilliant green. Yes, green is the
theme, the shoe is all green, like a canopy in the tropic. The currents are dead, and still, the canoe
rests in its grave like a weary march and once a while floats the length in the rusty chain. The
dripping bow of the canoe kisses the shoe at every new turn. The color says all about the region,
and it's all green, a jungle.
The borders of your identity || the Herd
This is the place to cast aside the burden brought by every week's weariness. Where
there's a pasture in the valley and where the hanging woods divide. Here, the herd lies down, and

Lastname 2

the ruminants find peaceful rest. This is where the pheasant rules the nooning. This is where
burdens are cast, the burdens of the week's weary, delivered from the shadows that you pursue.
This is the v...

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