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Research and discuss the above topic in your research paper. Use all the knowledge and experience you have obtained in the Logistics/Supply Chain Program. A minimum of seven references required. This paper needs to be a total of twelve pages:

Page #1: Cover page

Page #2: Abstract

Pages #3-11: Main body (substance)

Page #12: References

This paper is expected to be written with APA format. NO EXCEPTIONS!

APA papers should be written in a formal business tone. You cannot use I, me, my,we, he, she, they, them, their, etc. Papers must be professional in nature and not personal. Do not give your opinion. Keep the papers objective and make sure you can document/reference concepts.

  • Make sure you have correctly used internal citations and created a reference page
  • Use the OWL link to see how to format your title page, abstract and references
  • YouTube videos on how to set your Word processor to APA can be found by following this link
  • I usually do my abstract last as it is a summary of the paper. The abstract should be a single paragraph, double-spaced with 150 - 200 words
  • Use Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced
  • Grammar and spelling errors will result in a two point grade reduction per error
  • Only documents in Microsoft Word format accepted
  • Paper must be original (written by YOU). Similarity Score must be below 15%.
  • Minimum of five references required
  • Research Paper must be submitted to TurnItIn box. No assignments email to Instructor will be accepted for any reason.

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The Global Economy

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The advancements in the world continue to affect how we do our things in everyday life.
There have been breakthroughs in the technological industry and the business industry.
Globalization is the worldwide economy. The global economy has emerged due to globalization.
This is the way people do things collectively. This has its advantages ranging from more
employment opportunities to more innovation. It also has its disadvantages ranging from
manipulation of currencies to uneven distribution of development. However, it has still benefited
countries and still does. However, some countries are implementing policies that either support
the global economy or do not. People are evolving and different views are emerging of the global
economy. One such country that may affect the global economy is the United States. This is due
to the election of Donald Trump as its leader and the reforms that are being put in place.



The Global Economy

Globalization is the description of the growing interdependence of the world's economies,
population, and culture. This is brought about by the exchange of goods and services across
borders. Globalization has been there centuries ago. Countries used to trade with each other and
had formed these partnerships long ago. However, after World War two, this word became even
more popular. Globalization has so many effects on the world today (Lundan, et al. 2008). While
others may be benefiting from it, some groups of people are not. It is important to understand
what affects globalization first before looking at the advantages and disadvantages of

Transport and technology. Human beings have always sort places to exchange goods settle
and produce. Due to all this, things such as intermarriages came about and people started
migrating. Colonization then came and people were taken away from their homelands into new
places. This is when globalization took off. Trading activities and European activities are what
really impacted globalization. This is because for Europeans to reach African lands and colonize
them they required roads or routes. Some even came by sea. As a result, new ways were created.
People began using these routes to trade and trade agreements were made. However,
globalization came to a halt after World War One. Many things followed that affected
globalization negatively such as the great depression and postwar protectionism. However, in the
1940s the United States started to pull efforts to revive globalization. This was especially the fact
that the United States invested so much in international trade (Feenstra, et al. 1998).

The United States has helped build a global economy governed by rules and regulations to
prevent disagreements and quarrels among member countries. Things like commonwealth have



emerged to help monitor and supervise member trading countries. There are so many groups that
have been formed to help effectively monitor global trade. The institutions established to help
prevent such disputes and ensure peace prevails include the following;

NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization

UN-United Nations

IMF- International Monetary Bank

WTO-World Trade Organization

World Bank

Each of these institutions has its own functions in regul...

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