Describe what felony or gross misdemeanor charges would be most appropriate for

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Study the following case and write a 1-2 page of analysis in response to the questions at the end.

Saturday Night Fights

Joe Friday (Badge 714) is on duty as a Minneapolis police officer. He and his partner respond to a report of several people fighting on a street corner. When they arrive, at least 6 people are fighting in front of a house, where a large party is taking place. As Friday and other officers approach, everyone stops fighting.

Friday begins to interview one suspect, who is identified as Willie Good. During the interview, in response to questions, Mr. Good suddenly turns and punches Officer Friday in the side of the head. Mr. Good then realizes what he has done and quickly submits to his arrest. Mr. Good says that and his friends had come to the party but had run into rival college students. The rivals challenged Mr. Good and his friends to a fight and that was how the incident started.

Officer Friday is not injured during the incident, but does have a slight bruise on his ear.

How you would handle this situation if you were Joe Friday's partner. Describe what felony or gross misdemeanor charges would be most appropriate for Mr. Good and list the appropriate elements from the scenario that support your recommendations. In addition, what other charges could be pursued against other people from this incident?

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