Using your textbook, Library, Internet, personal experience, and independent res

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Using your textbook, Library, Internet, personal experience, and independent research

This needs to be done in APA format and it must have notes in the notes section for a Powerpoint presentation.  intext citations and references.  10 SLIDES not including intro and references. 

Using your textbook, Library, Internet, personal experience, and independent resources, research long-term and short-term incentives and motivation programs currently being implemented in the education or training industries. Based on your personal interest or alignment, select two position categories, one from each column in the Positions Categories table that follows:

Director of Human Resources Development

Third Grade Teacher

Senior Manager, Organization Development

High School Physics Teacher



Department Chair

School Counselor

Dean of Student Affairs

School Secretary

Assistant Principal


Manager, Technical Training

Cafeteria Worker


Training Specialist

Supervisor of Maintenance

Instructional Designer

Based on your research of long-term and short-term incentives and motivation programs, develop a motivation and incentive plan that would be appropriate for your selected positions in a specific organization. Make special note of any plan differences you may create within the plan to address the unique needs of the position type, organization, or situation.

Be sure to include examples of:
1. Pay-based incentives, such as incentive pay
2. Team incentives, or motivational programs
3. Management plan for the incentive programs, including such things as plan administration and communication

Prepare a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation that highlights your plan elements. Do not include more than a paragraph of descriptive material, if needed, in the Notes section for each slide. Imagine your audience as executive administration, and you are seeking approval for implementation of your plan in the selected organization. Be sure to note how you are addressing the unique elements of your personal job categories.

Add one or two extra slides for a Reference List.  Include citations, in 10 point type, on the screens of your presentation, where appropriate. Title and reference list slides will not count toward the deliverable length.

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