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1. What was the purpose of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society? A. B. C. D. To eliminate poverty and racial injustice in America To erase the last vestiges of the Great Depression from the American economic landscape. To encourage economic prosperity through trickle down economics. To increase educational standards in the United States. 2. What were Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points? A. A list of reasons why women should not be given the right to vote. B. A list of conditions to which France and Great Britain had to agree before the United States would enter World War I. C. His plan for the rehabilitation of Germany after World War I D. His plan for stimulating the economy and turning the United States into a major economic power. Which of the following American cities was not founded by people fleeing religious persecution? 3. A. B. C. D. Plymouth, Massachusetts Jamestown, Virginia Boston, Massachusetts Providence, Rhode Island 4. Which of the following is an example of providing a connection between history and economics? A. B. C. D. Using maps showing post-World War II migration patterns. Using charts and maps to illustrate the growth of U.S. cities. Discussing the effects of weather on world history. Discussing the role of food shortages and inflation in the Russian Revolution. 5. Which economic crisis led to the creation of the SEC? A. B. C. D. The Panic of 1907 The Post World War I Recession The Great Depression The Recession of 1953 6. What was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact? A. B. C. D. To create and enact a series of laws for the Pilgrims. To create a temporary government for the Pilgrims. To memorialize the Pilgrims' promises to raise their children according to their religious ideals. To memorialize the laws under which the Pilgrims had previously been living 7. What was Manifest Destiny? A. B. C. D. The idea that the United States was intended by God to expand to fill North America. The idea that England was intended by God to expand its empire to fill the world. The idea that England was intended by God to colonize the non-European world. The idea that the United States was intended by God to spread democracy throughout the world. 8 What was the purpose of the Marshall Plan? A. B. To rebuild Europe after World War I and strengthen the United States' Western allies. To rebuild Europe after World War II and prevent the spread of Communism in post-war Europe. To create jobs for U.S. servicemen following World War II. To build hospitals for wounded war veterans following World War I. C. D. 9. Most of the earliest civilizations flourished in or near what sort of geographic feature? A. B. C. D. Mountains Valleys Oceans Rivers
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