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Apple’s iDevices are wildly popular, starting with the iPod followed by iPhones and iPads. But where’s the flash? Adobe Flash, that is. Adobe’s Flash, the long-standing multimedia platform behind approximately 75 percent of the animated and streaming audio and video on the Internet, is not supported by Apple’s devices. Many purchasers were disappointed after spending hundreds of dollars on sleek iPads only to realize they couldn’t play their favorite Internet game or watch that funny video on their device. And they still can’t, even with the second-generation device, the iPad 3. It seems Apple’s late founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, didn’t like Flash and would not support it on Apple’s devices. Instead, app developers must conform to Apple’s operating system and existing applications on the Web must convert to HTML5 to play on an Apple product. Adobe’s co-founders claim Apple is “undermining the next chapter of the Web” and bloggers exclaim this is not just an “Adobe/Apple problem . . . but an Apple/World problem.”

Requirement: Research the controversy surrounding this issue and debate whether Apple did the right thing for its customers by not including the ubiquitous Adobe Flash software on Apple’s products. 

Your discussion should be at least 3 pages…and describe all players that will benefit from either playback format (this is important). What’s in it for each player? Talk about what you would have done if you were Steve Jobs before his passing…and also discuss what you would do today.

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