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Hi, please read the description thoroughly. I need you to interpret, evaluate and analyze this stakeholder's website which is about Obesity and weight management. you will find the website's link attached below. Also take a deep look at the attached sample paper so you know what you are gonna do. Please ask if you need any clarification. At the end provide a citation of the website.

Extreme Obesity, And What You Can Do. (2014, April 14). Retrieved from American Heart Association:

  1. Begin with a creative title that reflects your analysis of the stakeholder’s website.
  2. Your introduction should identify the stakeholder organization that addresses the selected topic you’ve been exploring, the stakeholder’s intended audience, desired purpose (e.g., to inform, persuade, entertain, take a specific action, or a combination of purposes), and goals (e.g., interests, mission, and/or message), the 4-6 elements and techniques you will include in your analysis, and your thesis: the one or two sentences that evaluate the stakeholder’s effectiveness in using the website elements and techniques to move its intended audience toward its desired purpose and goal.
  3. Organize the body of your analysis into key elements and techniques. Introduce each key element and technique with a topic sentence that explains and evaluates how well the stakeholder organization uses the element/technique toward its desired purpose and goal. Describe the element/technique, and consider the stakeholder’s possible intention in using this element/technique. Follow each topic sentence with supporting evidence from the website to support your claim. Should you determine a stakeholder’s use of a website element/technique does not effectively move its intended audience toward its desired purpose and goal, suggest the ways in which this stakeholder’s choice might have been more effective. Additionally, integrate appropriate evidence from your 2 sources as it applies.
  4. Be sure to use clear transitions as you introduce key elements and techniques.
  5. Provide source citations according to the required guidelines.
  6. Write a conclusion to your analysis that highlights your main points, including the thesis and major claims from the body paragraphs. You should end your conclusion with realistic forward thinking ideas about how your analysis of the stakeholder’s website might demonstrate any possibilities for future research/action.
  7. Proofread your Part 2 analysis.

SolidarityNow Website Analysis SolidarityNow is a non-profit, grant-making, organization based in Greece that was established in 2013 with the support of the Open Society Foundation (OSF). The goal of the organization is to help those most affected by the economic and humanitarian crisis in Greece. The organization targets a general audience that is interested in participating, through donating and volunteering, to help improve the lives of those who are struggling. The main purpose of SolidarityNow is helping people in need through informing the public about their suffering and helping in improving effected lives to the better. The stakeholder’s peak work is in helping immigrants in Greece integrate in the island of Tilos (Patrikarakos). This accomplishment is what popularized SolidarityNow since immigrants in many countries in Europe are struggling to adapt to the new environment and to integrate properly (Timsit). SolidarityNow has a website that helps in promoting their goals. The most significant elements implemented in the website are the use of pictures, link outs to other organizations, videos and social media outlets, and color psychology. The organization’s website uses many techniques and elements to persuade the audience to support their cause. The most used element and technique is the use of pictures. The website is well organized and is constructed on pictures. At first glance, the website is presented with pictures that contain certain beliefs and values of the organization. The pictures, along with the messages, serve as a tool of persuasion that will have a strong emotional impact on the viewer. Every picture is a URL that takes the audience to a learn more section where further information is presented. The pictures are used effectively where every picture is related to the belief or the value attached to it. For example, a picture of a smiling Muslim women wearing the hijab and holding her newborn child is presented with the message of ‘leaving no one behind’ relating to the discriminated minority of Muslim immigrants in Europe. Another aspect of using pictures is the way they are presented on the website. Instead of posting pictures of people struggling and suffering, the website posts pictures that portray happiness and positivity. Every picture is of an individual or a group of people smiling through the struggle. This technique is used to symbolize hope and positivity. The audience will feel happy and motivated to help spread the positivity among the people who are suffering. Showing the struggle and the pain will only result in the audience feeling sad and depressed. The organization’s choice of using pictures in the website, specifically pictures that portray positivity, is a better choice than using texts or words. Pictures are easier to understand and are stronger in expressing emotions. They break the English language barrier and target a larger audience since they are easier to feel. This use of pictures results in a persuaded audience that will help in participating in the organization’s goals. The use of link outs and other sources is also implemented on the website. The organization’s website targets the trust of the audience and shows its reliability by offering links to other, well known, organizations and some of which share the same goals. The website classified these links on the section of ‘supporters’ with the goal of showing that they are well recognized and supported by global organizations. These organizations include the well-known UNICEF organization that has a goal of supporting children in need from all around the globe, Microsoft which is known for contributing to charity and grant-making organizations, and many other grant-making organizations. This element is a strong factor and was used effectively. It proves the organization’s legitimacy by showing the support of other global organizations, leading the audience to have a better image of the organization itself. With the advancements in technology and communication, an important element that the audience will definitely expect is implementing social media outlets and videos on the website. The organization did a great job in expanding their network and reach through activating 6 social media accounts in different platforms. The main goal from the social media accounts is to popularize the stakeholder. The social media accounts are presented at the bottom of the front page. The platforms include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Each one of these accounts contains videos, pictures or quotes that help in explaining the organization’s goals and beliefs. For example, the YouTube account of the organization contains past accomplishments and future plans of the organization in 2-3 minutes videos. These videos are also posted on the website to make it easier for the audience to access instead of going through the original social media platforms. The organization’s choice in providing social media outlets is a great choice. Social media outlets are a strong tool that can be used to communicate with millennials and the new generation. It will expand their audience and will make it easier for them to read about the latest news of the organization and encourage their engagement (Schmid). A disadvantage in the posted videos on the website is the language. The videos posted are in Greek. This will limit the targeted audience to only people who understand the language. A better choice was to post videos using more than one language or having them in both English and Greek. Colors have a strong effect on emotions and can change how the audience feel about the stakeholder. To persuade the audience using color psychology, the organization used the color blue as the main background, theme, of the website and the symbol. The color blue symbolizes trust and responsibility (Colour Affects). The color blue is used to make the audience feel that the organization is a safe organization that can be trusted. As a result, this will have a positive impact on the donation rates. Along with the color blue, the website had the white color which also symbolizes positive traits such as purity and innocence (Colour Affects). In conclusion, the organization uses many techniques and elements in the website to persuade the audience to support their cause. The website uses pictures as the main factor of the website, links to global organizations to support their cause, videos and social media outlets as a communication tool, and the color psychology of the color blue to symbolize trust. Each element used has a hidden meaning and a purpose behind it. These elements need to be analyzed carefully to determine the real goal and aim of the stakeholder. Reference Page Timsit, A (2017). ‘Things could get very ugly’ following Europe’s refugee crisis. Retrieved in 10/14/2018, from: the Atlantic. Patrikarakos, D (2017). Europe has failed to integrate its refugees – but one tiny Greek island succeeded. Retrieved in 10/14/2018, from: The Guardian. Schmid, V (2018). ‘Why social media is important for business marketing’. Retrieved in 10/28/2018, From: Marketing Insider Group. Colour Affects (2018). Psychological Properties of Colours. Retrieved in 10/14/18. From Colour Affects. SolidarityNow

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Running Header: Dealing with extreme Obesity

Dealing with extreme Obesity
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Dealing with extreme Obesity


Dealing with extreme Obesity Analysis
Obesity has emerged to a heal care epidemic globally. Healthcare professionals have
found little convergence between its meaning and concept use. This proves that there is need to
explore assumptions, meanings and uses of this concept. Apart from the medical prospect, the
current emerging problem has acquired urgency socially. It has become a serious lifestyle illness
which has impacted the life processes of the body negatively, causing damages and distortions of
body structures. It has contributed majorly to medical complications and tampered with the
quality of human life, which is to reduce the life expectancy of humans. In addition to the health
problems, if affects the patient socially, mentally and emotionally. With these many effects, this
field has attracted a considerable number of expertise who have tried to identify, appraise, and
synthesize enough evidence towards developing recommendations as well as guidelines for
practice. The good news is that through this website, the health program (American Heart
Association) has provided hope and a solution to weight loss, actually, many people round the
world have successfully lost hundreds of pounds without any surgical measures but with
determination, patience and sacrifice, eating healthy and a lot of exercise. And the fact that the
American Heart Association presented the solution through a website means that the information
reaches patients all over the world this being an international epidemic was smart and efficient
During the analysis of the website, it is evident enough of how simple and clear the
article really is. The writer uses clarity and flows in large font headings, from a brief reason on
why it is important for an obese person to lose weight, to understanding what extreme obesity is,
down to the recommended ways, including the treatment. Considering the fact that the writer
preferred using a website, which is available to anybody who has access to the internet,

Dealing with extreme Obesity


simplicity,and clarity with the flow was a powerful choice. Immediately you access the website,
you find a title offering a solution, “Extreme Obesity, and what you can do”. That is an eye
catcher for anybody who thinks they are overweight, and the fact that the writer promises a
solution is even a better idea. Scrolling down, is one big picture with an apple, a pair of running
shoes and a bottle of water. The apple obviously represents eating healthy, “an apple a day keeps
the doctor away” the shoes represent exercise while the water represents hydration. Basically,
what the picture is saying is that “You need to eat healthy, exercise and be hydrated”, there is no
other clearer way the writer would have represented the information contained in the website.
The picture sums up everything that is crucial for the reader, in case they decided to exit the
website, the message is already passed.
The website uses links out and to achieve it desired objective. The organization’s
website provides more information or clarification to its audience through links outs, this show
the reliability of the website in providing its information to the audience. Links outs is an
effective technique or element that the organization website uses to targets the attention and ...

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