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Figure 3-2 on page 213 talks about serving middle-class consumers in emerging economies. Right after our class, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled "India embraces luxury as China turns cool" This is the link:

Task: Develop a strategy based on Figure 3-2 to help companies serve Indian middle-class consumers. Besides bags and clothing, what about the opportunities for other industries?

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The Means: National Differences, Scale, and Scope Economies 213 Figure 3-2 Category Specific Strategies to Help Companies Serve Middle-Class Consumers in Emerging Economies Middle-class consumers' needs Local Global High Shape or localize Create a platform Middle-class consumers' ability to buy Low Reinvent business model Target niche Source: Extracted from David Court and Laxman Narasimhan, 2010. Capturing the world's emerging middle class. McKinsey Quarterly, Issue 3, pp. 12–17. require a different value proposition versus the business model that exists in advanced markets.? About 40 percent of the average household income in China and India is spent on food and transportation, whereas in the United States, this figure is 25 percent. For companies operating in emerging economies, addressing such needs is not a matter of transferring their existing business models and adjusting them with small tweaks. In- stead, MNEs sometimes need to rethink their business models to solve problems such as
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