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(2) 5-8 slide PowerPoint presentations Assignment details: Case Scenario: Organizational Staffing for Luby Fitness Supply Luby Fitness Supply (LFS) is a small, family-owned business supplying state-of-the-art fitness equipment and supplies to physical therapy practices and small fitness centers throughout a 3state region. The company has decided to add to their product line a special flooring product that reduces stress on joints. The flooring product will be ideal for running tracks and fitness classrooms. With the addition of this new product, LFS will need to create eight new positions within the company that currently employs 50 workers. These new positions include: • Sales Manager (1 position) • Customer Service Rep (1 position) • Regional Sales Rep (1 position/state) • Flooring Installer/Technician (1 position/state) You are an HR employee assisting the Human Resources Director in helping the organization’s leadership team understand the organizational staffing process and key issues that will need to be considered along the way. Perform the following tasks: • Review the case scenario above and the details for this week’s meeting (below): Case Scenario Details: During the weekly meeting with the leadership team, you will help them understand critical recruiting issues to consider in the staffing process for the new positions that will be opening up as a result of the expansion. Your director has asked you to create a PowerPoint presentation for this meeting that focuses on the following: 1. A discussion of which labor market segment will be the best supplier of candidates for each position. 2. How the company can avoid discrimination in the recruitment process and why the organization should consider diversity recruitment. 3. Reasons why the organization should consider internal candidates for some of the positions. 4. Various sources the organization might consider using to reach out to external applicants. Be sure to include at least three different sources and explain why each might be appropriate. Would you use different sources for different positions? Create a 5-8 slide PowerPoint presentation that addresses each of the four points listed above pertaining to the case scenario.
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