Advanced C++ coding discussion

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The goal of this assignment is to give you practice in function and class templates and applying other concepts covered in the course.

You are to create a generic (class template) hash table. You will use this template to create a "Dictionary" of words. The words will be stored in a (library) class type that you will derive from string. You will use your hash table Dictionary to spell check a document and perform some analysis of the efficiency of your hash table.

Program Steps

  1. Derive a class from string, call Mystring. You will use this class to store words from the Dictionary file. The class should contain necessary constructors, a conversion operator to convert Mystrings to unsigned int, a tolower function to convert the letters in a word to lower case, and a removePunctuation function to strip off non-alphabetic characters from both ends of the word. This class should be tested and then placed in a library.
  2. Create a generic linked list. Do this by creating a Node and List class template. You will use this by instantiating a template class of type Mystring.
  3. Create a hash-table class template, called Myhash. You may use the hash function shown below for your hashing algorithm. To resolve "collisions" in your hash table, use "chaining" implemented with your generic linked list from the previous step. You will instantiate your hash table class template to create a template class of Mystring. The Myhash class template should have size, insert and find member functions and member functions necessary to produce the 3 statistics shown in the output below (percent of buckets used, average bucket size, and largest bucket size). The Myhash insert function should throw a DuplicateError exception when a duplicate Mystring is attempted to be inserted into the Myhash template class object (the dictionary).
  4. Create a DuplicateError class template, derived from the logic_error standard exception. This class template will be instantiated to create a template class of Mystring.
  5. Run the code found in the suggested main function below. Your output should identify duplicate words (type Mystring) that were attempted to insert into the Dictionary, the number of words in the Dictionary, the hash-table bucket statistics (shown in the sample output), and misspelled words (plus total).
// hash function adapted from: Thomas Wang
unsigned hash(unsigned key) {

int c2 = 0x27d4eb2d; // a prime or an odd constant
key = (key ^ 61) ^ (key >> 16);
key = key + (key << 3);
key = key ^ (key >> 4);
key = key * c2;
key = key ^ (key >> 15);
return key % buckets;

Note: if you use this function as a member function, make it a const member function.

Submission Requirements

Submit all of your source files, header files, and your archived Mystring library file in a compressed (zipped) file, contained in one folder. The instructor will unzip your files, compile and execute your program. Also, make sure you identify your compiler and OS in a comment in your main function.

Suggested main function

int main()
Myhash<Mystring,1500> Dictionary(true); // throw if duplicate words
Mystring buffer;

const string DictionaryFileName = "c:/temp/words";
const string DocumentFileName = "c:/temp/roosevelt_first_inaugural.txt";

ifstream fin(DictionaryFileName.c_str());
if (!fin)
cerr << "Can't find " << DictionaryFileName << endl;
while (getline(fin, buffer))
// remove \r if present (this for Mac/Linux)
if (buffer[buffer.size()-1] == '\r')
buffer.resize(buffer.size() - 1);
catch (const DuplicateError<Mystring>& error)
cout << error.what() << endl;

cout << "Number of words in the dictionary = " << Dictionary.size() << endl;
cout << "Percent of hash table buckets used = " << setprecision(2) << fixed << 100 * Dictionary.percentOfBucketsUsed() << '%' << endl;
cout << "Average non-empty bucket size = " << Dictionary.averageNonEmptyBucketSize() << endl;
cout << "Largest bucket size = " << Dictionary.largestBucketSize() << endl;


// Spellcheck
unsigned misspelledWords = 0;;
if (!fin)
cerr << "Can't find " << DocumentFileName << endl;
while (fin >> buffer)
if (!buffer.size())
if (!Dictionary.find(buffer))
cout << "Not found in the dictionary: " << buffer << endl;
cout << "Total mispelled words = " << misspelledWords << endl;

Sample Output

Your output should look "similar" to the following:

Duplicate Mystring: clone
Duplicate Mystring: duplicate
Duplicate Mystring: resting
Duplicate Mystring: triplet
Duplicate Mystring: triplet
Duplicate Mystring: twin
Duplicate Mystring: two
Number of words in the dictionary = 24048
Percent of hash table buckets used = 100.00% <- You might see something different here (like 57.60%)
Average non-empty bucket size = 16.03
Largest bucket size = 43
Not found in the dictionary: consecration
Not found in the dictionary: induction
Not found in the dictionary: presidency
Not found in the dictionary: candor
Not found in the dictionary: impels
Not found in the dictionary: preeminently
Not found in the dictionary: boldly
Not found in the dictionary: conditions
Not found in the dictionary: nameless
Not found in the dictionary: paralyzes
Not found in the dictionary: retreat
Not found in the dictionary: frankness
Not found in the dictionary: vigor
Not found in the dictionary: understanding
Not found in the dictionary: convinced
Not found in the dictionary: rounded
Not found in the dictionary: registered
Not found in the dictionary: asked
Not found in the dictionary: direction
Not found in the dictionary: humbly
Total mispelled words = ??? <--- The number should be between 150 and 200

Unformatted Attachment Preview

President Hoover, Mr. Chief Justice, my friends: This is a day of national consecration. And I am certain that on this day my fellow Americans expect that on my induction into the Presidency, I will address them with a candor and a decision which the present situation of our people impels. This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today. This great Nation will endure, as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life, a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. And I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days. In such a spirit on my part and on yours we face our common difficulties. They concern, thank God, only material things. Values have shrunk to fantastic levels; taxes have risen; our ability to pay has fallen; government of all kinds is faced by serious curtailment of income; the means of exchange are frozen in the currents of trade; the withered leaves of industrial enterprise lie on every side; farmers find no markets for their produce; and the savings of many years in thousands of families are gone. More important, a host of unemployed citizens face the grim problem of existence, and an equally great number toil with little return. Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment. And yet our distress comes from no failure of substance. We are stricken by no plague of locusts. Compared with the perils which our forefathers conquered, because they believed and were not afraid, we have still much to be thankful for. Nature still offers her bounty and human efforts have multiplied it. Plenty is at our doorstep, but a generous use of it languishes in the very sight of the supply. Primarily, this is because the rulers of the exchange of mankind's goods have failed, through their own stubbornness and their own incompetence, have admitted their failure, and have abdicated. Practices of the unscrupulous money changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion, rejected by the hearts and minds of men. True, they have tried. But their efforts have been cast in the pattern of an outworn tradition. Faced by failure of credit, they have proposed only the lending of more money. Stripped of the lure of profit by which to induce our people to follow their false leadership, they have resorted to exhortations, pleading tearfully for restored confidence. They only know the rules of a generation of self-seekers. They have no vision, and when there is no vision the people perish. Yes, the money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization. We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths. The measure of that restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit. Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. The joy, the moral stimulation of work no longer must be forgotten in the mad chase of evanescent profits. These dark days, my friends, will be worth all they cost us if they teach us that our true destiny is not to be ministered unto but to minister to ourselves, to our fellow men. Recognition of that falsity of material wealth as the standard of success goes hand in hand with the abandonment of the false belief that public office and high political position are to be valued only by the standards of pride of place and personal profit; and there must be an end to a conduct in banking and in business which too often has given to a sacred trust the likeness of callous and selfish wrongdoing. Small wonder that confidence languishes, for it thrives only on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection, and on unselfish performance; without them it cannot live. Restoration calls, however, not for changes in ethics alone. This Nation is asking for action, and action now. Our greatest primary task is to put people to work. This is no unsolvable problem if we face it wisely and courageously. It can be accomplished in part by direct recruiting by the Government itself, treating the task as we would treat the emergency of a war, but at the same time, through this employment, accomplishing great -- greatly needed projects to stimulate and reorganize the use of our great natural resources. Hand in hand with that we must frankly recognize the overbalance of population in our industrial centers and, by engaging on a national scale in a redistribution, endeavor to provide a better use of the land for those best fitted for the land. Yes, the task can be helped by definite efforts to raise the values of agricultural products, and with this the power to purchase the output of our cities. It can be helped by preventing realistically the tragedy of the growing loss through foreclosure of our small homes and our farms. It can be helped by insistence that the Federal, the State, and the local governments act forthwith on the demand that their cost be drastically reduced. It can be helped by the unifying of relief activities which today are often scattered, uneconomical, unequal. It can be helped by national planning for and supervision of all forms of transportation and of communications and other utilities that have a definitely public character. There are many ways in which it can be helped, but it can never be helped by merely talking about it. We must act. We must act quickly. And finally, in our progress towards a resumption of work, we require two safeguards against a return of the evils of the old order. There must be a strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments. There must be an end to speculation with other people's money. And there must be provision for an adequate but sound currency. These, my friends, are the lines of attack. I shall presently urge upon a new Congress in special session detailed measures for their fulfillment, and I shall seek the immediate assistance of the 48 States. Through this program of action we address ourselves to putting our own national house in order and making income balance outgo. Our international trade relations, though vastly important, are in point of time, and necessity, secondary to the establishment of a sound national economy. I favor, as a practical policy, the putting of first things first. I shall spare no effort to restore world trade by international economic readjustment; but the emergency at home cannot wait on that accomplishment. The basic thought that guides these specific means of national recovery is not nationally -- narrowly nationalistic. It is the insistence, as a first consideration, upon the interdependence of the various elements in and parts of the United States of America -- a recognition of the old and permanently important manifestation of the American spirit of the pioneer. It is the way to recovery. It is the immediate way. It is the strongest assurance that recovery will endure. In the field of world policy, I would dedicate this Nation to the policy of the good neighbor: the neighbor who resolutely respects himself and, because he does so, respects the rights of others; the neighbor who respects his obligations and respects the sanctity of his agreements in and with a world of neighbors. If I read the temper of our people correctly, we now realize, as we have never realized before, our interdependence on each other; that we can not merely take, but we must give as well; that if we are to go forward, we must move as a trained and loyal army willing to sacrifice for the good of a common discipline, because without such discipline no progress can be made, no leadership becomes effective. We are, I know, ready and willing to submit our lives and our property to such discipline, because it makes possible a leadership which aims at the larger good. This, I propose to offer, pledging that the larger purposes will bind upon us, bind upon us all as a sacred obligation with a unity of duty hitherto evoked only in times of armed strife. With this pledge taken, I assume unhesitatingly the leadership of this great army of our people dedicated to a disciplined attack upon our common problems. Action in this image, action to this end is feasible under the form of government which we have inherited from our ancestors. Our Constitution is so simple, so practical that it is possible always to meet extraordinary needs by changes in emphasis and arrangement without loss of essential form. That is why our constitutional system has proved itself the most superbly enduring political mechanism the modern world has ever seen. It has met every stress of vast expansion of territory, of foreign wars, of bitter internal strife, of world relations. And it is to be hoped that the normal balance of executive and legislative authority may be wholly equal, wholly adequate to meet the unprecedented task before us. But it may be that an unprecedented demand and need for undelayed action may call for temporary departure from that normal balance of public procedure. I am prepared under my constitutional duty to recommend the measures that a stricken nation in the midst of a stricken world may require. These measures, or such other measures as the Congress may build out of its experience and wisdom, I shall seek, within my constitutional authority, to bring to speedy adoption. But, in the event that the Congress shall fail to take one of these two courses, in the event that the national emergency is still critical, I shall not evade the clear course of duty that will then confront me. I shall ask the Congress for the one remaining instrument to meet the crisis -- broad Executive power to wage a war against the emergency, as great as the power that would be given to me if we were in fact invaded by a foreign foe. For the trust reposed in me, I will return the courage and the devotion that befit the time. I can do no less. We face the arduous days that lie before us in the warm courage of national unity; with the clear consciousness of seeking old and precious moral values; with the clean satisfaction that comes from the stern performance of duty by old and young alike. We aim at the assurance of a rounded, a permanent national life. We do not distrust the -- the future of essential democracy. The people of the United States have not failed. In their need they have registered a mandate that they want direct, vigorous action. They have asked for discipline and direction under leadership. They have made me the present instrument of their wishes. In the spirit of the gift I take it. In this dedication -- In this dedication of a Nation, we humbly ask the blessing of God. May He protect each and every one of us. May He guide me in the days to come. a aback abalone abandon abandonmen abase abash abate abater abbas abbe abbey abbot abbreviate abc abdicate abdicated abdomen abdominal abduct abed Abel Abelian Abelson Aberdeen Abernathy aberrant aberrate abet abetted abeyance abeyant abhorred abhorrent abide Abidjan Abigail abject ablate ablaze able ablution Abner abnormal Abo aboard abode abolish abolition abominable abominate aboriginal aborigine aborning abort abound about above aboveboard aboveground abovementioned abrade Abraham Abram Abramson abrasion abreact abreast abridge abridgment abroad abrogate abrupt abscess abscissa abscissae absence absent absentee absenteeism absentia absentminded absinthe absolute absolution absolve absorb absorbent absorption abstain abstention abstinent abstract abstracter abstruse absurd abuilding abundant abusable abuse abusive abut abutted abutting abysmal abyss Abyssinia AC academe academia academic academician academy Acadia acanthus Acapulco accede accelerate accelerometer accent accentual accentuate accept acceptant acceptor access accessible accession accessory accident accidental accipiter acclaim acclamation acclimate acclimatize accolade accommodate accompaniment accompanist accompany accomplice accomplish accomplished accomplishing accomplishment accord accordant accordion accost account accountant Accra accredit accreditation accretion accrual accrue acculturate accumulate accuracy accurate accusation accuse accustom ace acerbic acetate acetic acetone acetylene ache achieve Achilles aching achromatic acid acidic acidulous Ackerman Ackley acknowledge acknowledgeable ACM acme acolyte acorn acoustic acquaint acquaintance acquiesce acquiescent acquire acquisition acquit acquittal acquitting acre acreage acrid acrimonious acrimony acrobat acrobatic acronym acropolis across acrylate acrylic ACS act Actaeon actinic actinide actinium actinometer action activate activation activism Acton actress Acts actual actuarial actuate acuity 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basket basketball basophilic bass Bassett bassi bassinet basso basswood bastard baste bastion bat Batavia batch Batchelder bate bateau Bateman bater Bates bath bathe bathos bathrobe bathroom bathtub Bathurst batik baton Bator batt battalion Battelle batten batter battery battle battlefield battlefront battleground batwing bauble baud Baudelaire Bauer Bauhaus Bausch bauxite Bavaria bawd bawdy bawl Baxter bay bayberry Bayda bayed Bayesian Baylor bayonet Bayonne bayou Bayport Bayreuth bazaar be beach beachcomb beachhead beacon bead beadle beady beak beam bean bear bearberry beard Beardsley bearish beast beat beaten beater beatific beatify beatitude beatnik Beatrice beau Beaujolais Beaumont Beauregard beauteous beautify beauty beaux beaver bebop becalm became because Bechtel beck Becker becket Beckman beckon Becky becloud become becoming bed bedazzle bedbug bedevil bedfast Bedford bedim bedimmed bedimming bedlam bedpost bedraggle bedridden bedrock bedroom bedside bedspread bedspring bedstraw bedtime bee Beebe beebread beech Beecham beechwood beef beefsteak beefy beehive been beep beer beet Beethoven beetle befall befallen befell befit befitting befog before beforehand befoul befuddle beg began beget begetting beggar beggary begging begin beginner beginning begonia begotten begrudge beguile begun behalf behave behavioral behead beheld behest behind behold beige being Beirut bel Bela belaboring belate belch Belfast belfry Belgian Belgium Belgrade belie belief beliefs belies believe belittle bell Bella belladonna Bellamy Bellatrix bellboy belle bellflower bellhop bellicose belligerent Bellingham Bellini bellman bellmen bellow bellum bellwether belly bellyache Belmont Beloit belong belove below Belshazzar belt Beltsville belvedere belying BEMA bemadden beman bemoan bemuse Ben bench benchmark bend Bender Bendix beneath Benedict Benedictine benediction benefactor benefice beneficent beneficial beneficiary benefit Benelux benevolent Bengal Bengali benight benign Benjamin Bennett Bennington Benny Benson bent Bentham benthic Bentley Benton Benz Benzedrine benzene Beowulf beplaster bequeath bequest berate Berea bereave bereft Berenices beret berg bergamot Bergen Bergland Berglund Bergman Bergson Bergstrom beribbon beriberi Berkeley berkelium Berkowitz Berkshire Berlin Berlioz Berlitz Berman Bermuda Bern Bernadine Bernard Bernardino Bernardo berne Bernet Bernhard Bernice Bernie Berniece Bernini Bernoulli Bernstein Berra berry berserk Bert berth Bertha Bertie Bertram Bertrand Berwick beryl beryllium beseech beset beside besiege besmirch besotted bespeak bespectacled bespoke Bess Bessel Bessemer Bessie best bestial bestir bestow bestowal bestseller bestselling bestubble bet beta betatron betel Betelgeuse beth bethel Bethesda Bethlehem bethought betide betoken betony betray betrayal betrayer betroth betrothal Betsey Betsy Bette bettor Betty between betwixt bevel beverage Beverly bevy bewail beware bewhisker bewilder bewitch bey beyond bezel bhoy Bhutan bias biaxial bib bibb biblical bibliography bibliophile bicameral bicarbonate bicentennial biceps bichromate bicker biconcave biconnected bicycle bid biddable biddy bide bidiagonal bidirectional bien biennial biennium bifocal bifurcate big Bigelow Biggs bigot bigotry biharmonic bijouterie bike bikini bilateral bilayer bile bilge bilharziasis bilinear bilingual bilk bill billboard billet billfold billiard Billie Billiken Billings billion billionth billow billy Biltmore bimetallic bimetallism Bimini bimodal bimolecular bimonthly bin binary binaural bind bindery bindle bing binge Bingham Binghamton Bini binocular binomial binuclear biography biology Biometrika biometry biopsy biota bipartisan bipartite biplane bipolar biracial birch bird birdbath birdie birdlike birdseed birdwatch birefringent Birgit Birmingham birth birthday birthplace birthright biscuit bisect bishop bishopric Bismarck Bismark bismuth bison bisque Bissau bistable bistate bit bitch bite bitt bitten bitter bittern bitterroot bittersweet bitumen bituminous bitwise bivalve bivariate bivouac biz bizarre Bizet blab black blackball blackberry blackbird blackboard blackbody Blackburn blacken Blackfeet blackjack blackmail Blackman blackout blacksmith Blackstone Blackwell bladder bladdernut blade Blaine Blair Blake blame blameworthy blanc blanch Blanchard Blanche bland blandish blank blanket blare blaspheme blasphemous blasphemy blast blat blatant blather Blatz blaze blazon bleach bleak bleary bleat bled bleed Bleeker blemish blend Blenheim bless blessing blest blew blight blimp blind blindfold blink Blinn blip bliss blister blithe blitz blizzard bloat blob bloc Bloch block blockade blockage blockhouse blocky bloke Blomberg Blomquist blond blonde blood bloodbath bloodhound bloodroot bloodshed bloodshot bloodstain bloodstone bloodstream bloody bloom Bloomfield Bloomington bloop blossom blot blotch blouse blow blowback blowfish blown blowup blubber bludgeon blue blueback blueberry bluebill bluebird bluebonnet bluebook bluebush bluefish bluegill bluegrass bluejacket blueprint bluestocking bluet bluff bluish Blum Blumenthal blunder blunt blur blurb blurry blurt blush bluster blustery blutwurst Blvd Blythe BMW boa boar board boardinghouse boast boat boathouse boatload boatman boatmen boatswain boatyard bob Bobbie bobbin bobble bobby bobcat bobolink Boca bock bocklogged bode bodhisattva bodice bodied Bodleian body bodybuild bodyguard Boeing Boeotian bog bogey bogeymen bogging boggle boggy Bogota bogus bogy Bohemia Bohr boil Bois Boise boisterous bold boldface bole boletus bolivar Bolivia bolo Bologna bolometer Bolshevik Bolshevism Bolshevist Bolshoi bolster bolt Bolton Boltzmann bomb bombard bombast bombastic Bombay bombproof bon bona bonanza Bonaparte Bonaventure bond bondage bondholder bonds bondsman bondsmen bone bonfire bong bongo Boniface bonito Bonn bonnet Bonneville Bonnie bonus bony bonze boo booby boogie book bookbind bookcase bookend bookie bookish bookkeep booklet bookmobile bookplate books bookseller bookshelf bookshelves bookstore boolean boom boomerang boon Boone boor boorish boost boot Bootes booth bootleg bootlegged bootlegger bootlegging bootstrap bootstrapped bootstrapping booty booze bop borate borax Bordeaux bordello Borden border borderland borderline bore Borealis Boreas boredom Borg boric Boris born borne Borneo boron borosilicate borough Borroughs borrow Bosch Bose bosom boson boss Boston Bostonian Boswell botanic botanist botany botch botfly both bothersome Botswana bottle bottleneck bottom bottommost botulin botulism Boucher bouffant bough bought boulder boule boulevard bounce bouncy bound boundary bounty bouquet bourbon bourgeois bourgeoisie bourn boustrophedon bout boutique bovine bow Bowditch Bowdoin bowel Bowen bowfin bowie bowl bowline bowman bowmen bowstring box boxcar boxwood boxy boy boyar Boyce boycott Boyd boyfriend boyhood boyish Boyle Boylston BP brace bracelet bracken bracket brackish bract brad Bradbury Bradford Bradley Bradshaw Brady brae brag Bragg braggart bragging Brahmaputra Brahms Brahmsian braid brain Brainard brainchild brainchildren brainstorm brainwash brainy brake brakeman bramble bran branch brand Brandeis Brandenburg brandish Brandon Brandt brandy brandywine Braniff brant brash Brasilia brass brassiere brassy bratwurst Braun bravado brave bravery bravo bravura brawl bray brazen brazier Brazil Brazilian Brazzaville breach bread breadboard breadfruit breadroot breadth breadwinner break breakage breakaway breakdown breakfast breakpoint breakthrough breakup breakwater bream breast breastplate breastwork breath breathe breathtaking breathy breccia bred breech breeches breed breeze breezy Bremen bremsstrahlung Brenda Brendan Brennan Brenner Brent Brest brethren Breton Brett breve brevet brevity brew brewery Brewster Brian briar bribe bribery Brice brick brickbat bricklay bridal bride bridegroom bridesmaid bridge bridgeable bridgehead Bridgeport Bridget Bridgetown bridgework bridle brief briefcase brig brigade brigadier brigantine Briggs Brigham bright brighten Brighton brilliant Brillouin brim brimstone Brindisi brindle brine bring brink brinkmanship briny Brisbane brisk bristle Britain Britannic Britannica britches British Briton Brittany Britten brittle broach broad broadcast broaden broadloom broadside Broadway brocade broccoli brochure Brock Broglie broil broke broken brokerage Bromfield bromide bromine Bromley bronchi bronchial bronchitis bronchus bronco Bronx bronze bronzy brood broody brook Brooke Brookhaven Brookline Brooklyn brookside broom broomcorn broth brothel brother brotherhood brought brouhaha brow browbeaten brown Browne Brownell Brownian brownie brownish browse Bruce brucellosis Bruckner Bruegel bruise bruit Brumidi brunch brunette Brunhilde Bruno Brunswick brunt brush brushfire brushlike brushwork brushy brusque Brussels brutal brutality brute Bryan Bryant Bryce Bryn bryophyte b's BSTJ BTL BTU bubble Buchanan Bucharest Buchenwald Buchwald buck buckaroo buckboard bucket buckeye buckhorn buckle Buckley Bucknell buckshot buckskin buckthorn buckwheat bucolic bud Budapest Budd Buddha Buddhism Buddhist buddy budge budget budgetary Budweiser Buena Buenos buff buffalo buffet bufflehead buffoon bug bugaboo bugeyed bugging buggy bugle Buick build buildup built builtin Bujumbura bulb bulblet Bulgaria bulge bulk bulkhead bulky bull bulldog bulldoze bullet bulletin bullfinch bullfrog bullhead bullhide bullish bullock bullseye bullwhack bully bullyboy bulrush bulwark bum bumble bumblebee bump bumptious bun bunch Bundestag bundle bungalow bungle bunk bunkmate bunny Bunsen bunt Bunyan buoy buoyant Burch burden burdens burdensome burdock bureau bureaucracy bureaucrat bureaucratic buret burette burg burgeon burgess burgher burglar burglarproof burglary Burgundian Burgundy burial buried Burke burl burlap burlesque burley Burlington burly Burma Burmese burn Burnett Burnham burnish burnout Burnside burnt burp burro Burroughs burrow bursitis burst bursty Burt Burton Burtt Burundi bury bus busboy Busch buses bush bushel bushmaster Bushnell bushwhack bushy business businessman businessmen buss bust bustard bustle busy but butadiene butane butch butchery butene buteo butler butt butte butterball buttercup butterfat Butterfield butterfly buttermilk butternut buttery buttock button buttonhole buttress Buttrick butyl butyrate buxom Buxtehude Buxton buy buyer buzz buzzer buzzing buzzsaw buzzword buzzy by bye Byers bygone bylaw byline bypass bypath byproduct Byrd Byrne byroad Byron Byronic bystander byte byway byword Byzantine Byzantium cab cabal cabana cabaret cabbage cabdriver cabin cabinet cabinetmake cabinetry cable Cabot cacao cachalot cache cackle CACM cacophonist cacophony cacti cactus cadaver cadaverous caddis caddy cadent cadenza cadet Cadillac cadmium cadre Cady Caesar cafe cafeteria caffein caffeine cage cagey Cahill cahoot caiman Cain Caine cairn Cairo cajole cake Cal Calais calamitous calamity calamus calcareous calcify calcine calcite calcium calculable calculate calculi calculus Calcutta Calder caldera Caldwell Caleb calendar calendrical calf calfskin Calgary Calhoun caliber calibrate calibre calico California californium caliper caliph caliphate calisthenic Calkins call calla Callaghan Callahan caller calligraph calligraphy calliope Callisto callous calls callus calm caloric calorie calorimeter Calumet calumniate calumny calve Calvert Calvin Calvinist calypso cam camaraderie camber Cambodia cambric Cambridge Camden came camel camelback camellia camelopard Camelot cameo camera cameraman cameramen Cameron Cameroun Camilla Camille Camino camouflage camp campaign campanile Campbell campfire campground campion campsite campus can Canaan Canada Canadian canal canary Canaveral Canberra cancel cancellate cancer cancerous Candace candela candelabra candid candidacy candidate Candide candle candlelight candlelit candlestick candy cane Canfield canine Canis canister canker cankerworm canna cannabis cannel cannery cannibal cannister cannon cannonball cannot canny canoe Canoga canon canonic canopy canst cant can't cantaloupe canteen Canterbury canticle cantilever cantle canto canton Cantonese cantor canvas canvasback canvass canyon cap capabilities capacious capacitance capacitate capacitive capacitor capacity cape capella caper Capetown capillary Capistrano capita capital capitol Capitoline capitulate capo caprice capricious Capricorn capstan capstone capsule captain captaincy caption captious captivate captor capture Caputo capybara car Caracas caramel caravan caraway carbide carbine carbohydrate Carboloy carbon carbonaceous carbonate Carbondale Carbone carbonic carbonyl carborundum carboxy carboy carbuncle carburetor carcass carcinogen carcinogenic carcinoma card cardamom cardboard cardiac cardinal cardioid cardiology cardiovascular care careen career carefree caress caret caretaker careworn Carey carfare Cargill cargo cargoes Carib Caribbean caribou caricature Carl Carla Carleton Carlin Carlisle Carlo carload Carlson Carlton Carlyle Carmela Carmen Carmichael carmine carnage carnal carnation carne Carnegie carney carnival carob carol Carolina Caroline Carolingian Carolinian Carolyn carouse carp Carpathia carpenter carpentry carpet carport Carr carrageen Carrara carrel carriage Carrie carrion Carroll carrot Carruthers carry carryover Carson cart carte cartel Cartesian Carthage Carthaginian cartilage cartographer cartographic cartography carton cartoon cartridge cartwheel Caruso carve carven caryatid Casanova casbah cascade cascara case casebook casein casework Casey cash cashew cashier cashmere casino cask casket Caspian Cassandra casserole cassette Cassiopeia Cassius cassock cast castanet caste casteth castigate Castillo casting castle castor Castro casual casualty cat catabolic cataclysm cataclysmic Catalina catalogue catalpa catalysis catalyst catalytic catapult cataract catastrophe catastrophic catatonia catatonic catbird catcall catch catchup catchword catchy catechism categoric category catenate cater caterpillar catfish catharsis cathedra cathedral Catherine Catherwood catheter cathode cathodic catholic Catholicism Cathy cation cationic catkin catlike catnip Catskill catsup cattail cattle cattleman cattlemen CATV Caucasian Caucasus Cauchy caucus caught cauldron cauliflower caulk causal causation cause caustic caution cautionary cautious cavalcade cavalier cavalry cave caveat caveman cavemen Cavendish cavern cavernous caviar cavil cavilling Caviness cavitate cavort caw cayenne Cayley Cayuga CB CBS CCNY CDC cease Cecil Cecilia Cecropia cedar cede cedilla Cedric ceil celandine Celanese Celebes celebrant celebrate celebration celebrity celerity celery celesta Celeste celestial Celia celibacy cell cellar cellophane cellular cellulose Celsius Celtic cement cemetery Cenozoic censor censorial censorious censure census cent centaur centenary centennial centerline centerpiece centigrade centimeter centipede central centrex centric centrifugal centrifugate centrifuge centrist centroid centum century Cepheus CEQ ceramic Cerberus cereal cerebellum cerebral cerebrate ceremonial ceremonious ceremony Ceres cereus cerise cerium CERN certain certainty certificate certified certify certiorari certitude cerulean Cervantes Cesare cesium cessation cession Cessna cetera Cetus Ceylon Cezanne Chablis Chad Chadwick chafe chaff chagrin chain chains chair chairlady chairman chairmen chairperson chairwoman chairwomen chaise chalcedony chalet chalice chalk chalkboard chalkline chalky challenge Chalmers chamber chamberlain chambermaid Chambers chameleon chamfer chamois chamomile champ champagne champion Champlain chance chancel chancellor chancery chancy chandelier chandler Chang change changers changes changeable changeover channel chanson chant chantey Chantilly chantry Chao chaos chaotic chap chaparral chapel chaperon chaperone chaplain chaplaincy Chaplin Chapman chapter char character characteristic charcoal chard charge chargeable chariot charisma charismatic charitable charity Charles Charleston Charley Charlie Charlotte Charlottesville charm Charon chart Charta Chartres chartreuse chartroom Charybdis chase chasm chassis chaste chastise chastity chat chateau chateaux Chatham Chattanooga chattel chatty Chaucer chauffeur Chauncey Chautauqua chaw cheap cheat cheater check checkbook checkerberry checkerboard checklist checkmate checkout checkpoint checksum checksummed checkup cheek cheekbone cheeky cheer cheerlead cheery cheese cheesecake cheesecloth cheesy cheetah chef chelate chemic chemise chemisorb chemisorption chemist chemistry chemotherapy Chen Cheney chenille cherish Cherokee cherry chert cherub cherubim Cheryl Chesapeake Cheshire chess chest Chester Chesterton chestnut chevalier Chevrolet chevron Chevy chew Cheyenne chi Chiang chianti chic Chicago Chicagoan chicanery Chicano chick chickadee chicken chicory chide chief chiefdom chieftain chiffon chigger chignon chilblain child childbear childbirth childhood childish childlike children Chile Chilean chili chill chilly chime chimera chimeric Chimique chimney chimpanzee chin china Chinaman Chinamen Chinatown chinch chinchilla chine Chinese chink Chinook chinquapin chip chipboard chipmunk Chippendale chiropractor chirp chisel Chisholm chit chiton chivalrous chivalry chive chlorate chlordane chloride chlorinate chlorine chloroform chlorophyll chock chocolate Choctaw choice choir choirmaster choke chokeberry cholera cholesterol cholinesterase chomp choose choosy chop Chopin choppy choral chorale chord chordal chordate chore choreograph choreography chorine chortle chorus chose chosen Chou chow chowder Chris Christ christen Christendom Christensen Christenson Christian Christiana Christianson Christie Christina Christine Christlike Christmas Christoffel Christopher Christy chromate chromatic chromatogram chromatograph chromatography chrome chromic chromium chromosome chromosphere chronic chronicle chronograph chronography chronology chrysanthemum Chrysler chub chubby chuck chuckle chuff chug chugging chum chummy chump Chungking chunk chunky church churchgo Churchill Churchillian churchman churchmen churchwoman churchwomen churchyard churn chute chutney CIA cicada Cicero Ciceronian cider cigar cigarette cilia ciliate cinch Cincinnati cinder Cinderella Cindy cinema cinematic Cinerama cinnabar cinnamon cinquefoil circa Circe circle circlet circuit circuitous circuitry circulant circular circulate circulatory circumcircle circumcise circumcision circumference circumferential circumflex circumlocution circumpolar circumscribe circumscription circumspect circumsphere circumstance circumstantial circumvent circumvention circus cistern citadel citation cite citizen citizenry citizens citrate citric Citroen citron citrus city cityscape citywide civet civic civil civilian civility clad claim claimant Claire clairvoyant clam clamber clammy clamorous clamp clamshell clan clandestine clang clank clannish clap clapboard Clapeyron Clara Clare Claremont Clarence Clarendon claret clarify clarinet clarity Clark Clarke clash clasp class classic classification classificatory classify classmate classroom classy clatter clattery Claude Claudia Claudio Claus clause Clausen Clausius claustrophobia claustrophobic claw clay Clayton clean cleanse cleanup clear clearance clearheaded Clearwater cleat cleavage cleave cleft clement Clemson clench clergy clergyman clergymen cleric clerk Cleveland clever cliche click client clientele cliff cliffhang Clifford Clifton climactic climate climatic climatology climax climb clime clinch cling clinging clinic clinician clink Clint Clinton Clio clip clipboard clique Clive cloak cloakroom clobber clock clockwatcher clockwise clockwork clod cloddish clog clogging cloister clomp clone clone clonic close closet closeup closure clot cloth clothbound clothe clotheshorse clothesline clothesman clothesmen clothier Clotho cloture cloud cloudburst cloudy clout clove cloven clown cloy club clubhouse clubroom cluck clue clump clumsy clung cluster clutch clutter Clyde Clytemnestra coach coachman coachmen coachwork coadjutor coagulable coagulate coal coalesce coalescent coalition coarse coarsen coast coastal coastline coat Coates coattail coauthor coax coaxial cobalt Cobb cobble cobblestone Cobol cobra cobweb coca cocaine coccidiosis cochineal cochlea Cochran Cochrane cock cockatoo cockcrow cockeye cockle cocklebur cockleshell cockpit cockroach cocksure cocktail cocky coco cocoa coconut cocoon cod coda Coddington coddle code codebreak codeposit codetermine codeword codfish codicil codify codpiece Cody coed coeditor coeducation coefficient coequal coerce coercible coercion coexist coexistent coextensive cofactor coffee coffeecup coffeepot coffer Coffey coffin Coffman cog cogent cogitate cognac cognate cognition cognizable cognizant Cohen cohere coherent cohesion Cohn cohort cohosh coiffure coil coin coinage coincide coincident coincidental coke col cola colander colatitude Colby cold Cole Coleman Coleridge Colette coleus Colgate colicky coliform coliseum collaborate collage collagen collapse collapsible collar collarbone collard collate collateral colleague collect collectible college collegial collegian collegiate collet collide collie Collier collimate collinear Collins collision collocation colloidal colloquia colloquial colloquium colloquy collude collusion Colombia Colombo colon colonel colonial colonist colonnade colony color Colorado colorate coloratura colorimeter colossal Colosseum colossi colossus colt coltish coltsfoot Columbia columbine Columbus column columnar colza coma Comanche comatose comb combat combatant combatted combination combinator combinatorial combinatoric combine combustible combustion come comes comeback comedian comedy comet cometary cometh comfort comic Cominform comma command commandant commandeer commando commemorate commend commendation commendatory commensurable commensurate comment commentary commentator commerce commercial commingle commiserate commissariat commissary commission commit committable committal committed committee committeeman committeemen committeewoman committeewomen committing commodious commodity commodore common commonality commonplace commonweal commonwealth commotion communal commune communicable communicant communicate communion communique communists community commutate commute compact compacter Compagnie companion companionway company comparative comparator compare comparison compartment compass compassion compassionate compatible compatriot compel compellable compelled compelling compendia compendium compensable compensate compensatory compete competent competition competitive competitor compilation compile complacent complain complainant complaint complaisant compleat complement complementarity complementary complementation complete completion complex complexion compliant complicate complicity compliment complimentary compline comply component comport compose composite composition compositor compost composure compote compound comprehend comprehensible comprehension comprehensive compress compressible compression compressor comprise compromise Compton comptroller compulsion compulsory compunction computation compute comrade con Conakry Conant concatenate concave conceal concede conceit conceive conceived concentrate concentric concept conception conceptive conceptual concern concert concerti concertina concertmaster concerto concession concessionaire conch concierge conciliate conciliatory concise concision conclave conclude conclusion concoct concocter concomitant concord concordant concourse concrete concretion concubine concur concurred concurrent concurring concussion condemn condemnate condemnatory condensate condense condensible condescend condescension condiment condition condolence condominium condone conduce conducive conduct conductance conduit cone coneflower Conestoga coney confabulate confect confectionery confederacy confederate confer conferee conference conferred conferring confess confession confessor confidant confidante confide confidence confident confidential configuration configure confine confirm confirmation confirmatory confiscable confiscate confiscatory conflagration conflict confluent confocal conform conformal conformance conformation confound confrere confront confrontation Confucian Confucianism Confucius confuse confusion confute congeal congener congenial congenital congest congestion conglomerate Congo Congolese congratulate congratulatory congregate congress congressional congressman congressmen congresswoman congresswomen congruent conic conifer coniferous conjectural conjecture conjoin conjoint conjugal conjugate conjunct conjuncture conjure Conklin Conley conn Connally connect Connecticut Conner Connie connivance connive connoisseur Connors connotation connote connubial conquer conqueror conquest conquistador Conrad Conrail consanguine consanguineous conscience conscientious conscionable conscious conscript conscription consecrate consecutive consensus consent consequent consequential conservation conservatism conservator conservatory conserve consider considerate consign consignee consignor consist consistent consolation console consolidate consonant consonantal consort consortium conspicuous conspiracy conspirator conspiratorial conspire Constance constant Constantine Constantinople constellate consternate constipate constituent constitute constitution constitutional constrain constraint constrict construct constructible construe consul consular consulate consult consultant consultation consume consummate consumption contact contagion contagious contain contaminant contaminate contemplate contemporaneous contemporary contempt contemptible contemptuous contend content contention contentious contest contestant context contextual contiguity contiguous continent continental contingent continua continual continuant continuation continue continued continuity continuo continuous continuum contort contour contraband contrabass contraception contract contractual contradict contradictory contradistinction contradistinguish contralateral contralto contraption contrariety contrariwise contrary contrast contravariant contravene contravention contretemps contribute contribution contributor contributory contrite contrition contrivance contrive control controllable controlled controller controlling controversial controversy controvertible contumacy contusion conundrum Convair convalesce convalescent convect convene convenient convent convention converge convergent conversant conversation converse conversion convert convertible convex convey conveyance conveyor convict convince convivial convocation convoke convolute convolution convolve convoy convulse convulsion Conway cony coo cook cookbook Cooke cookery cookie cooky cool coolant Cooley coolheaded Coolidge coon coop cooperate cooperation cooperative coordinate Coors coot cop cope Copeland Copenhagen Copernican Copernicus copious coplanar copolymer copperas Copperfield copperhead coppery copra copter copy copybook copyright copywriter coquette coquina coral coralline corbel Corbett Corcoran cord cordage cordial cordite cordon corduroy core Corey coriander Corinth Corinthian Coriolanus cork corkscrew cormorant corn cornbread cornea Cornelia Cornelius Cornell corner corners cornerstone cornet cornfield cornflower Cornish cornmeal cornstarch cornucopia Cornwall corny corollary corona Coronado coronary coronate coroner coronet coroutine Corp corpora corporal corporate corporeal corps corpse corpsman corpsmen corpulent corpus corpuscular corral corralled correct correlate correspond correspondent corridor corrigenda corrigendum corrigible corroborate corroboree corrode corrodible corrosion corrugate corrupt corruptible corruption corsage corset cortege cortex cortical Cortland corundum coruscate corvette Corvus cos cosec coset Cosgrove cosh cosine cosmetic cosmic cosmology cosmopolitan cosmos cosponsor cost Costello costume cosy cot cotangent cotillion cotman cotoneaster cotta cottage cotton cottonmouth cottonseed cottonwood cottony Cottrell couch cougar cough could couldn't coulomb Coulter council councilman councilmen councilwoman councilwomen counsel counselor count countenance counterfeit countervail countrify country countryman countrymen countryside countrywide county countywide coup coupe couple coupon courage courageous courier course court courteous courtesan courtesy courthouse courtier Courtney courtroom courtyard couscous cousin couturier covalent covariant covary cove coven covenant cover coverage coverall coverlet covert covet covetous cow Cowan coward cowardice cowbell cowbird cowboy cowgirl cowhand cowherd cowhide cowl cowlick cowman cowmen coworker cowpea cowpoke cowpony cowpox cowpunch cowry cowslip cox coxcomb coy coyote coypu cozen cozy CPA crab crabapple crabmeat crack crackle crackpot cradle craft craftsman craftsmen craftspeople craftsperson crafty crag craggy Craig cram Cramer cramp cranberry Crandall crane cranelike Cranford crania cranium crank crankcase crankshaft cranky cranny Cranston crap crash crass crate crater cravat crave craven craw Crawford crawl crawlspace crayfish crayon craze crazy creak creaky cream creamery creamy crease create created creating creative creature creche credent credential credenza credible credit creditor credits credo credulity credulous creed creedal creek creekside creep creepy cremate crematory Creole Creon creosote crepe crept crescendo crescent cress crest crestfallen Crestview Cretaceous Cretan Crete cretin cretinous crevice crew crewcut crewel crewman crewmen crib cricket cried crime Crimea criminal crimp crimson cringe crinkle cripple crippled crises crisis crisp Crispin criss crisscross criteria criterion critic critical critique critter croak crochet crock crockery Crockett crocodile crocodilian crocus croft Croix Cromwell Cromwellian crone crony crook croon crop croquet Crosby cross crossarm crossbar crossbill crossbow crosscut crosshatch crosslink crossover crosspoint crossroad crosstalk crosswalk crossway crosswise crossword crotch crotchety crouch croupier crow crowberry crowd crowfoot Crowley crown CRT crucial crucible crucifix crucifixion crucify crud cruddy crude cruel cruelty Cruickshank cruise crumb crumble crummy crump crumple crunch crupper crusade crush Crusoe crust crusty crutch crux cry cryogenic cryostat crypt cryptanalysis cryptanalyst cryptanalytic cryptanalyze cryptic cryptogram cryptographer cryptography cryptology crystal crystalline crystallite crystallographer crystallography c's cub Cuba cubbyhole cube cubic cuckoo cucumber cud cuddle cuddly cudgel cue cuff cufflink cuisine Culbertson culinary cull culminate culpa culpable culprit cult cultivable cultivate cultural culture Culver culvert Cumberland cumbersome cumin Cummings Cummins cumulate cumulus Cunard cunning Cunningham CUNY cup cupboard Cupid cupidity cupric cuprous cur curate curb curbside curd curdle cure curfew curia curie curio curiosity curious curium curl curlew curlicue Curran currant currency current currents curricula curricular curriculum curry curse cursive cursor cursory curt curtail curtain Curtis curtsey curvaceous curvature curve curvilinear Cushing cushion Cushman cusp Custer custodial custodian custody custom customary customhouse cut cutaneous cutback cute cutesy cutlass cutler cutlet cutoff cutout cutover cutthroat cuttlebone cuttlefish cutworm Cyanamid cyanate cyanic cyanide cybernetics cycad Cyclades cycle cyclic cyclist cyclone cyclopean cyclorama cyclotron Cygnus cylinder cylindric cynic Cynthia cypress Cyprian Cypriot Cyprus Cyril Cyrus cyst cytochemistry cytology cytolysis cytoplasm czar czarina Czech Czechoslovakia Czerniak dab dabble Dacca dachshund dactyl dactylic dad Dadaism Dadaist daddy Dade Daedalus daffodil daffy dagger Dahl dahlia Dahomey Dailey Daimler dainty dairy Dairylea dairyman dairymen dais daisy Dakar Dakota dale Daley Dallas dally Dalton Daly Dalzell dam damage Damascus damask dame damn damnation Damon damp dampen damsel Dan Dana Danbury dance dandelion dandy Dane dang danger dangerous dangle Daniel Danielson Danish dank Danny Dante Danube Danubian Danzig Daphne dapper dapple Dar dare daredevil Darius dark darken darkle Darlene darling darn Darrell dart d'art Dartmouth Darwin Darwinian dash dashboard dastard data database date dateline dater Datsun datum daub Daugherty daughter daunt dauphin dauphine Dave davenport David Davidson Davies Davis Davison davit Davy dawn Dawson day daybed daybreak daydream daylight days daytime Dayton Daytona daze dazzle DC De deacon deaconess deactivate dead deaden deadhead deadline deadlock deadly deadwood deaf deafen deal deallocate dealt dean Deane Deanna dear Dearborn dearie dearth death deathbed deathward debacle debar debase debate debater debauch debauchery Debbie Debby debenture debilitate debility debit debonair Deborah Debra debrief debris debt debtor debug debugged debugger debugging debunk Debussy debut debutante Dec decade decadent decaffeinate decal decant decathlon Decatur decay Decca decease decedent deceit deceive decelerate December decennial decent deception deceptive decertify decibel decide deciduous decile decimal decimate decipher decision decisional decisionmake deck Decker declaim declamation declamatory declaration declarator declaratory declare declassify declination decline declivity decode decolletage decollimate decommission decompile decomposable decompose decomposition decompress decompression decontrol decontrolled decontrolling deconvolution deconvolve decor decorate decorous decorticate decorum decouple decoy decrease decree decreeing decrement decry decrypt decryption dedicate dedicated dedication deduce deducible deduct deductible Dee deed deeds deem deemphasize deep deepen deeply deer Deere deerskin deerstalker deface default defeat defecate defect defend defendant defending defensible defensive defer deferent deferrable deferred deferring defiant deficient deficit define definite definition deflate deflater deflect defocus deforest deforestation deform deformation defraud defray defrock defrost deft defunct defuse defy degas degeneracy degenerate degradation degrade degrease degree degum dehumidify dehydrate deify deign deity deja deject Del Delaney Delano Delaware delay delectable delectate delegable delegate delete deleterious deletion Delhi Delia deliberate delicacy delicate delicatessen delicious delicti delight Delilah delimit delimitation delineament delineate delinquent deliquesce deliquescent delirious delirium deliver deliverance delivered delivery dell Della Delmarva delouse Delphi Delphic delphinium Delphinus delta deltoid delude deluge delusion deluxe delve demagnify demagogue demand demarcate demark demean demented demerit demigod demijohn demiscible demise demit demitted demitting demo democracy democrat democratic demodulate demography demolish demolition demon demoniac demonic demonstrable demonstrate demote demountable Dempsey demultiplex demur demure demurred demurrer demurring demythologize den denature dendrite dendritic Deneb Denebola deniable denial denigrate denizen Denmark Dennis Denny denominate denotation denote denouement denounce dense densitometer dent dental dentistry Denton denture denudation denude denumerable denunciation Denver deny deodorant deoxyribonucleic depart department departure depend dependent depict deplete depletion deplore deploy deport deportation deportee depose deposit depositary deposition depositor depository depot deprave deprecate deprecatory depreciable depreciate depredate depress depressant depressible depression depressor deprivation deprive depth depths deputation depute deputy derail derange derate derby Derbyshire dereference deregulate deregulatory Derek derelict deride derision derivate derive derogate derogatory derrick derriere dervish Des descant Descartes descend descendant descendent descent describe description descriptor desecrate desecrater desegregate desert deserts deserve desicate desiderata desideratum design designate desire desirous desist desk Desmond desolate desolater desorption despair desperado desperate despicable despise despite despoil despond despondent despot despotic dessert destabilize destinate destine destiny destitute destroy destruct destruction desuetude desultory desynchronize detach detail detain d'etat detect detent detente detention deter detergent deteriorate determinant determinate determine deterred deterrent deterring detest detestation detonable detonate detour detoxify detract detriment Detroit deuce deus deuterate deuterium deuteron devastate develop development deviant deviate device devil devilish devious devise devisee devoid devolution devolve Devon Devonshire devote devotee devotion devour devout dew dewar dewdrop Dewey Dewitt dewy dexter dexterity dextrous dey Dhabi dharma diabase diabetes diabetic diabolic diachronic diacritical diadem diagnosable diagnose diagnoses diagnosis diagnostic diagnostician diagonal diagram diagrammatic dial dialect dialectic dialogue dialysis diamagnetic diamagnetism diameter diamond Diana Diane diaper diaphanous diaphragm diary diathermy diatom diatomaceous diatomic diatonic diatribe dibble dice dichloride dichotomize dichotomous dichotomy dick dickcissel dickens Dickerson dickey Dickinson Dickson dicotyledon dicta dictate dictatorial diction dictionary dictum did didactic diddle didn't Dido die Diebold died Diego diehard dieldrin dielectric diem diesel diet dietary dietetic diethylstilbestrol dietician Dietrich Dietz differ different differentiable differential differentiate difficult difficulty diffident diffract diffractometer diffuse diffusible diffusion difluoride dig digest digestible digestion digging digit digital digitalis digitate dignify dignitary dignity digram digress digression dihedral dilapidate dilatation dilate dilatory dilemma dilettante diligent dill Dillon dilogarithm diluent dilute dilution dim dime dimension dimethyl diminish diminution dimple din Dinah dine ding dinghy dingo dingy dinnertime dinnerware dinosaur dint diocesan diocese diode Dionysian Dionysus Diophantine diopter diorama dioxide dip diphthong diploma diplomacy diplomat diplomatic dipole Dirac dire direct director directorate directorial directory directrices directrix dirge Dirichlet dirt dirty Dis disambiguate disastrous disburse disc discern discernible disciple disciplinarian disciplinary discipline disciplined disco discoid discomfit discordant discovery discreet discrepant discrete discretion discretionary discriminable discriminant discriminate discriminatory discus discuss discussant discussion disdain disease disembowel disgruntle dish dishes dishevel dishwasher dishwater disjunct disk diskette dismal dismissal Disney Disneyland disparage disparate dispel dispelled dispelling dispensable dispensary dispensate dispense dispersal disperse dispersible dispersion disposable disposal disputant dispute disquietude disquisition disrupt disruption dissemble disseminate dissension dissertation dissident dissipate dissociable dissociate dissonant dissuade distaff distal distant distillate distillery distinct distinguish distort distortion distraught distribution distributor district distrust disturb disturbance disulfide disyllable ditch dither ditto ditty Ditzel diurnal diva divalent divan dive diverge divergent diverse diversify diversion diversionary divert divest divestiture divide divided dividend divination divine divisible division divisional divisor divorce divorcee divulge Dixie Dixieland Dixon dizzy Djakarta DNA Dnieper do Dobbs dobson docile dock docket dockside dockyard doctor doctoral doctorate doctrinaire doctrinal doctrine document documentary documentation DOD Dodd dodecahedra dodecahedral dodecahedron dodge Dodson doe doesn't d'oeuvre doff dog dogbane dogberry dogfish dogging doggone doghouse dogleg dogma dogmatic dogmatism dogtooth dogtrot dogwood Doherty doing Dolan dolce doldrums dole doll dollar dollop dolly dolomite dolomitic Dolores dolphin dolt doltish domain dome Domenico Domesday domestic domesticate domicile dominant dominate domineer Domingo Dominic Dominican Dominick dominion Dominique domino don Donahue Donald Donaldson donate done Doneck donkey Donna Donnelly Donner donnybrook donor Donovan don't doodle Dooley Doolittle doom doomsday door doorbell doorkeep doorkeeper doorknob doorman doormen doorstep doorway dopant dope Doppler Dora Dorado Dorcas Dorchester Doreen Doria Doric Doris dormant dormitory Dorothea Dorothy Dorset dosage dose dosimeter dossier Dostoevsky dot dote double Doubleday doubleheader doublet doubleton doubloon doubt douce Doug dough Dougherty doughnut Douglas Douglass dour douse dove dovekie dovetail Dow dowager dowel dowitcher Dowling down downbeat downcast downdraft Downey downfall downgrade downhill Downing downplay downpour downright downriver Downs downside downslope downspout downstairs downstate downstream downtown downtrend downtrodden downturn downward downwind dowry Doyle doze dozen Dr drab Draco draft draftee draftsman draftsmen draftsperson drafty drag dragging dragnet dragon dragonfly dragonhead dragoon drain drainage drake dram drama dramatic dramatist dramaturgy drank drape drapery drastic draw drawback drawbridge drawl drawn dread dreadnought dream dreamboat dreamlike dreamt dreamy dreary dredge dreg drench dress dressmake dressy drew Drexel Dreyfuss drib dribble dried drier drift drill drink drinking drip dripping drippy Driscoll drive driven driveway drizzle drizzly droll dromedary drone drool droop droopy drop drophead droplet dropout drosophila dross drought drove drown drowse drowsy drub drudge drudgery drug drugging drugstore druid drum drumhead drumlin Drummond drunk drunkard drunken Drury dry dryad Dryden d's du dual dualism Duane dub Dubhe dubious dubitable Dublin ducat duchess duck duckling duct ductile ductwork dud Dudley due duel duet duff duffel Duffy dug Dugan dugout duke dukedom dulcet dull dully dulse Duluth duly Duma dumb dumbbell dummy dump Dumpty dumpy dun Dunbar Duncan dunce dune Dunedin dung dungeon Dunham dunk Dunkirk Dunlap Dunlop Dunn duopolist duopoly dupe duplex duplicable duplicate duplicate duplicity DuPont durable Durango duration Durer duress Durham during Durkee Durkin Durrell Durward Dusenberg Dusenbury dusk dusky Dusseldorf dust dustbin dusty Dutch Dutchman Dutchmen dutiable Dutton duty dwarf dwarves dwell dwelt Dwight dwindle Dwyer dyad dyadic dye dyer dying Dyke Dylan dynamic dynamism dynamite dynamo dynast dynastic dynasty dyne dysentery dyspeptic dysplasia dysprosium dystrophy each Eagan eager eagle ear eardrum earl earmark earn earnest earphone earring earth earthen earthenware earthmen earthmove earthquake earthshaking earthworm earthy earwig ease easel east eastbound eastern easternmost Eastland Eastman eastward Eastwood easy easygoing eat eaten eater Eaton eave eavesdrop eavesdropped eavesdropper eavesdropping ebb Eben ebony ebullient eccentric Eccles ecclesiastic echelon echinoderm echo echoes eclat eclectic eclipse ecliptic eclogue Ecole ecology econometric Econometrica economic economist economy ecosystem ecstasy ecstatic Ecuador ecumenic ecumenist Ed Eddie eddy edelweiss edematous Eden Edgar edge Edgerton edgewise edging edgy edible edict edifice edify Edinburgh Edison edit Edith edition editor editorial Edmonds Edmondson Edmonton Edmund Edna EDT educable educate Edward Edwardian Edwards Edwin Edwina eel eelgrass EEOC e'er eerie eerily efface effaceable effect effectual effectuate effeminate efferent effete efficacious efficacy efficient Effie effloresce efflorescent effluent effluvia effluvium effort efforts effusion eft egalitarian Egan egg egghead eggplant eggshell ego egocentric egotism egotist egregious egress egret Egypt Egyptian eh Ehrlich eider eidetic eigenfunction eigenstate eigenvalue eigenvector eight eighteen eighteenth eightfold eighth eightieth eighty Eileen Einstein Einsteinian einsteinium Eire Eisenhower Eisner either ejaculate eject eke Ekstrom Ektachrome el elaborate Elaine elan elapse elastic elastomer elate Elba elbow elder eldest Eldon Eleanor Eleazar elect electoral electorate Electra electress electret electric electrician electrify electro electrocardiogram electrocardiograph electrode electroencephalogram electroencephalograph electroencephalography electrolysis electrolyte electrolytic electron electronic electrophoresis electrophorus elegant elegiac elegy element elementary Elena elephant elephantine elevate eleven eleventh elfin Elgin Eli elicit elide eligible Elijah eliminate Elinor Eliot Elisabeth Elisha elision elite Elizabeth Elizabethan elk Elkhart ell Ella Ellen Elliott ellipse ellipsis ellipsoid ellipsoidal ellipsometer elliptic Ellis Ellison Ellsworth Ellwood elm Elmer Elmhurst Elmira Elmsford Eloise elongate elope eloquent else Elsevier elsewhere Elsie Elsinore Elton eluate elucidate elude elusive elute elution elves Ely Elysee elysian em emaciate emanate emancipate emancipation Emanuel emasculate embalm embank embarcadero embargo embargoes embark embarrass embassy embattle embattled embed embedded embedder embedding embellish ember embezzle emblazon emblem emblematic embodiment embody embolden emboss embouchure embower embrace embraceable embrittle embroider embroidery embroil embryo embryonic emcee emendable emerald emerge emergency emergent emeritus Emerson emigrant emigrate Emil Emile Emilio Emily eminent emirate emissary emission emissivity emit emittance emitted emitter emitting Emma Emmanuel Emmett emolument Emory emotion emotional empathy emperor emphases emphasis emphatic emphysema emphysematous empire empiric emplace employ employed employee employer employing emporium empower empress empty emulate emulsify emulsion en enable enamel encapsulate encephalitis enchantress enclave encomia encomium encourage encroach encryption encumber encumbrance end endeavor ended endemic endgame Endicott endogamous endogamy endogenous endorse endosperm endothelial endothermic endow endpoint endurance endure endured enduring enemies enemy energetic energy enervate enfant Enfield enforceable Eng engage engaged Engel engine engineer England Engle Englewood English Englishman Englishmen engulf enhance Enid enigma enigmatic enjoinder enlarge enlargeable enliven enmity Enoch enormity enormous Enos enough enquire enquiry Enrico enrollee enrolment ensconce ensemble entendre enter enterprise entertain enthalpy enthrall enthusiasm enthusiast enthusiastic entice entirety entity entomology entourage entranceway entrant entrepreneur entrepreneurial entropy enumerable enumerate enunciable enunciate envelop envelope envious environ envoy envy enzymatic enzyme enzymology Eocene eohippus eosine EPA epaulet ephemeral ephemerides ephemeris Ephesian Ephesus Ephraim epic epicure epicycle epicyclic epidemic epidemiology epidermic epidermis epigenetic epigram epigrammatic epigraph epileptic epilogue epiphyseal epiphysis episcopal Episcopalian episcopate episode episodic epistemology epistle epistolatory epitaph epitaxial epitaxy epithelial epithelium epithet epitome epoch epochal epoxy epsilon Epsom Epstein equable equal equanimity equate equatorial equestrian equidistant equilateral equilibrate equilibria equilibrium equine equinoctial equinox equip equipoise equipotent equipped equipping equitable equitation equity equivalent equivocal equivocate era eradicable eradicate erasable erase Erasmus Erastus erasure Erato Eratosthenes erbium ERDA ere erect erg ergodic Eric Erich Erickson Ericsson Erie Erlenmeyer Ernest Ernestine Ernie Ernst erode erodible Eros erosible erosion erotic erotica err errancy errand errant errantry errata erratic erratum Errol erroneous error ersatz Erskine erudite erudition erupt eruption Ervin Erwin e's escadrille escalate escapade escape escapee escheat eschew escort escritoire escrow escutcheon Eskimo Esmark esophagi esoteric especial espionage esplanade Esposito espousal espouse esprit esquire essay Essen essence essential Essex EST establish estate esteem Estella ester Estes Esther estimable estimate estop estoppal estrange estuarine estuary et eta etc etch eternal eternity Ethan ethane ethanol Ethel ether ethereal ethic ethics Ethiopia ethnic ethnography ethnology ethology ethos ethyl ethylene etiology etiquette Etruscan etude etymology eucalyptus Eucharist Euclid Euclidean Eugene Eugenia eugenic Euler Eulerian eulogy Eumenides Eunice euphemism euphemist euphorbia euphoria euphoric Euphrates Eurasia eureka Euridyce Euripides Europa Europe European europium Eurydice eutectic Euterpe euthanasia Eva evacuate evade evaluable evaluate evanescent evangel evangelic Evans Evanston Evansville evaporate evasion eve Evelyn even evenhanded evensong event eventide eventual eventuate Eveready Everett Everglades evergreen Everhart everlasting every everybody everyday everyman everyone everything everywhere evict evident evidential evil evildoer evince evocable evocation evoke evolution evolutionary evolve evzone ewe Ewing ex exacerbate exact exacter exaggerate exalt exaltation exam examination examine example exasperate exasperater excavate exceed excel excelled excellent excelling excelsior except exception exceptional excerpt excess excessive exchange exchangeable exchequer excisable excise excision excitation excitatory excite exciton exclaim exclamation exclamatory exclude exclusion exclusionary exclusive excommunicate excoriate excrescent excrete excretion excretory excruciate exculpate exculpatory excursion excursus excusable excuse execrable execrate execute execution executive executor executrix exegesis exegete exemplar exemplary exemplify exempt exemption exercisable exercise exert Exeter exhale exhaust exhaustible exhaustion exhibit exhibition exhibitor exhilarate exhort exhortation exhumation exhume exigent exile exist existent existential exit exodus exogamous exogamy exogenous exonerate exorbitant exorcise exorcism exorcist exoskeleton exothermic exotic exotica expand expanse expansible expansion expatiate expect expectant expectation expectorant expectorate expedient expedite expedition expeditious expel expellable expelled expelling expend expenditure expense expensive experience experiential experiment experimentation expert expertise expiable expiate expiration expire explain explanation explanatory expletive explicable explicate explicit explode exploit exploitation exploration exploratory explore explosion exponent exponential exponentiate export exportation expose exposit exposition expositor expository exposure expound express expressible expression expressway expropriate expulsion expunge expurgate exquisite extant extemporaneous extempore extend extendible extensible extension extensive extensor extent extenuate exterior exterminate external extinct extinguish extirpate extol extolled extoller extolling extort extra extracellular extract extracurricular extraditable extralegal extralinguistic extramarital extramural extraneous extraordinary extrapolate extraterrestrial extravagant extravaganza extrema extremal extreme extremis extremum extricable extricate extrinsic extroversion extrovert extrude extrusion exuberant exudation exude exult exultant exultation Exxon eye eyeball eyebright eyebrow eyed eyeglass eyelash eyelet eyelid eyepiece eyesight eyesore eyewitness Ezekiel Ezra FAA Faber Fabian fable fabric fabricate fabulous facade face faced facing faceplate facet facetious facial facile facilitate facsimile fact factious facto factorial factory factual facultative faculty fad fade fadeout faery Fafnir fag Fahey Fahrenheit fail failed failsafe failsoft failure fain faint fair Fairchild Fairfax Fairfield fairgoer Fairport fairway fairy faith faithful faithfully fake falcon falconry fall fallacious fallacy fallen fallible falloff fallout fallow Falmouth falsehood falsify falsity Falstaff falter fame familial familiar familiarly family famine famous fan fanatic fancy fanfare fanfold fang fangled Fanny fanout fantasia fantasist fantastic fantasy fantod far farad Faraday Farber farce farcical fare farewell farfetched Fargo farina Farkas Farley farm farmers farmhouse Farmington farmland farms Farnsworth faro Farrell farsighted farther farthest fascicle fasciculate fascinate fascism fascist fashion fast fasten fastidious fat fatal fate father fathers fathom fatigue Fatima fatten fatty fatuous faucet Faulkner fault faulty faun fauna Faust Faustian Faustus fawn fay Fayette Fayetteville faze FBI FCC FDA Fe fealty fear fearsome feasible feast feat feather featherbed featherbedding featherbrain featherweight feathery feature Feb febrile February fecund fed Fedders federal federate fee feeble feed feedback feel Feeney feet feign feint Feldman feldspar Felice Felicia felicitous felicity feline Felix fell fellow felon felonious felony felt female feminine feminism feminist femur fence fencepost fend fennel Fenton fenugreek Ferber Ferdinand Ferguson Fermat ferment fermentation Fermi fermion fermium fern Fernando fernery ferocious ferocity Ferrer ferret ferric ferris ferrite ferroelectric ferromagnet ferromagnetic ferromagnetism ferrous ferruginous ferrule ferry fertile fervent fescue fest festival festive fetal fetch fete fetid fetish fetter fettle fetus feud feudal feudatory fever feverish few fiance fiancee fiasco fiat fib fiberboard Fiberglas Fibonacci fibrin fibrosis fibrous fiche fickle fiction fictitious fiddle fiddlestick fide fidelity fidget fiducial fiduciary fief fiefdom field Fields fieldstone fieldwork fiend fiendish fierce fiery fiesta fife FIFO fifteen fifteenth fifth fiftieth fifty fig fight figural figurate figure figurine filament filamentary filbert filch file filet filial filibuster filigree Filipino fill filled filler fillet fillip filly film filmdom filmmake filmstrip filmy filter filth filthy filtrate fin final finale finally finance financial financier finch find fine finesse finessed finessing finger fingernail fingerprint fingertip finial finicky finish finished finitary finite fink Finland Finley Finn Finnegan Finnish finny fir fire firearm fireboat firebreak firebug firecracker firefly firehouse firelight fireman firemen fireplace firepower fireproof fireside Firestone firewall firewood firework firm firmware first firsthand fiscal Fischbein Fischer fish fisherman fishermen fishery fishmonger fishpond fishy Fisk Fiske fissile fission fissure fist fisticuff fit Fitch Fitchburg fitting Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick Fitzroy five fivefold fix fixate fixture Fizeau fizzle fjord flabbergast flabby flack flag flagellate flageolet flagging Flagler flagpole flagrant flagstone flail flair flak flake flaky flam flamboyant flame flamingo flammable Flanagan Flanders flange flank flannel flap flare flash flashback flashlight flashy flask flat flatbed flathead flatiron flatland flatten flattery flatulent flatus flatware flatworm flaunt flautist flaw flax flaxen flaxseed flea fleabane fleck fled fledge fledgling flee fleece fleeing fleet Fleming Flemish flesh fleshy fletch Fletcher flew flex flexible flexural flexure flick flier flight flimsy flinch fling flint flintlock flinty flip flipflop flippant flirt flirtation flirtatious flit Flo float floc flocculate flock floe flog flogging flood floodgate floodlight floodlit floor floorboard flop floppy flora floral Florence Florentine florid Florida Floridian florin florist flotation flotilla flounce flounder flour flourish floury flout flow flowchart flowerpot flowery flown Floyd flu flub fluctuate flue fluency fluent fluff fluffy fluid fluke flung flunk fluoresce fluorescein fluorescent fluoridate fluoride fluorine fluorite fluorocarbon fluorspar flurry flush fluster flute flutter fluvial flux fly flycatcher flyer Flynn flyway FM FMC foal foam foamy fob focal foci focus focussed fodder foe fog fogging foggy fogy foible foil foist fold foldout Foley foliage foliate folio folk folklore folksong folksy follicle follicular follow followeth folly Fomalhaut fond fondle fondly font Fontaine Fontainebleau food foodstuff fool foolhardy foolish foolishly foolproof foot footage football footbridge Foote footfall foothill footman footmen footnote footpad footpath footprint footstep footstool footwear footwork fop foppish for forage foray forbade forbear forbearance Forbes forbid forbidden forbidding forbore forborne force forcible ford Fordham fore forebears foregoing foreign forensic forest forestry forever forfeit forfeiture forfend forgave forge forgery forget forgettable forgetting forgive forgiven forgo forgot forgotten fork forked forklift forlorn form formal formaldehyde formant format formate former formic Formica formidable Formosa forms formula formulae formulaic formulate Forrest forsake forsaken forsook forswear Forsythe fort forte Fortescue forth forthcome forthright forthwith fortieth fortify fortiori fortitude fortnight Fortran fortress fortuitous fortunate fortune forty forum forward forwent Foss fossil fossiliferous foster fought foul foulmouth found foundation founded foundling foundry fount fountain fountainhead four fourfold Fourier foursome foursquare fourteen fourteenth fourth fovea fowl fox foxglove Foxhall foxhole foxhound foxtail foxy foyer FPC fraction fractionate fractious fracture fragile fragment fragmentary fragmentation fragrant frail frailty frambesia frame framework Fran franc franca France Frances franchise Francis Franciscan Francisco francium Franco frangipani frank Frankfort Frankfurt frankfurter franklin frankly frantic Franz Fraser fraternal fraternity Frau fraud fraudulent fraught fray frayed Frazier frazzle freak freakish freckle Fred Freddie Freddy Frederic Frederick Fredericks Fredericksburg Fredericton Fredholm Fredrickson free freeboot freed freedmen freedom freehand freehold freeing freeman freemen Freeport freer freest freestone freethink Freetown freeway freewheel freeze freight French Frenchman Frenchmen frenetic frenzy freon frequent fresco frescoes fresh freshen freshman freshmen freshwater Fresnel Fresno fret Freud Freudian Frey Freya friable friar fricative Frick friction frictional Friday fried Friedman Friedrich friend friends frieze frigate Frigga fright frighten frigid Frigidaire frill frilly fringe frisky fritillary fritter Fritz frivolity frivolous frizzle fro frock frog frolic from front frontage frontal frontier frontiersman frontiersmen frost frostbite frostbitten frosty froth frothy frown frowzy froze frozen fructify Fruehauf frugal fruit fruitful fruition frustrate frustrater frustum fry Frye f's FTC Fuchs fudge fuel fugal fugitive fugue Fuji Fujitsu fulcrum fulfill full fullback Fullerton fully fulminate fulsome Fulton fumble fume fumigant fumigate fun function functionary functor fund fundamental fundraise funeral funereal fungal fungi fungible fungicide fungoid fungus funk funnel funny fur furbish furious furl furlong furlough Furman furnace furnish furniture furrier furrow furry further furtherance furthermore furthermost furthest furtive fury furze fuse fuselage fusible fusiform fusillade fusion fuss fussy fusty futile future fuzz fuzzy gab gabardine gabble gabbro Gaberones gable Gabon Gabriel Gabrielle gad gadfly gadget gadgetry gadolinium gadwall Gaelic gaff gaffe gag gage gagging gaggle gagwriter gaiety Gail gaillardia gain Gaines Gainesville gaining gait Gaithersburg gal gala galactic Galapagos Galatea Galatia galaxy Galbreath gale Galen galena Galilee gall Gallagher gallant gallantry gallberry gallery galley gallinule gallium gallivant gallon gallonage gallop Galloway gallows gallstone Gallup gallus Galois Galt galvanic galvanism galvanometer Galveston Galway gam Gambia gambit gamble gambol game gamecock gamesman gamin gamma gamut gander gang Ganges gangland gangling ganglion gangplank gangster gangway gannet Gannett gantlet gantry Ganymede GAO gap gape gar garage garb garbage garble Garcia garden gardenia Gardner Garfield gargantuan gargle Garibaldi garish garland garlic garner garnet Garrett garrison Garrisonian garrulous Garry garter Garth Garvey Gary gas Gascony gaseous gases gash gasify gasket gaslight gasohol gasoline gasp Gaspee gassy Gaston gastrointestinal gastronome gastronomy gate gatekeep Gates gateway gather Gatlinburg gator gauche gaucherie gaudy gauge gaugeable Gauguin Gaul Gaulle gaunt gauntlet gaur gauss Gaussian gauze gave gavel Gavin gavotte gawk gawky gay Gaylord gaze gazelle gazette GE gear gecko gedanken gee geese Gegenschein Geiger Geigy geisha gel gelable gelatin gelatine gelatinous geld gem Gemini gemlike Gemma gemstone gender gene genealogy genera general generate generation generations generic generosity generous Genesco genesis genetic Geneva Genevieve genial genie genii genius Genoa genotype genre gent genteel gentian gentile gentility gentle gentleman gentlemen gentry genuine genus geodesic geodesy geodetic Geoffrey geography geology geometric geometrician geometry George Georgetown Georgia Gerald Geraldine geranium Gerard Gerber gerbil Gerhard Gerhardt geriatric germ German germane Germanic germanium Germantown Germany germicidal germicide germinal germinate gerontology Gerry Gershwin Gertrude gerund gerundive gestalt gesticulate gesture get getaway Getty Gettysburg geyser Ghana ghastly Ghent gherkin ghetto ghost ghostlike ghostly ghoul ghoulish Giacomo giant giantess gibberish gibbet gibbon Gibbons gibbous Gibbs gibe giblet Gibraltar Gibson giddap giddy Gideon Gifford gift gig gigabit gigabyte gigacycle gigahertz gigaherz gigantic gigavolt gigawatt gigging giggle Gil gila gilbert Gilbertson Gilchrist gild Gilead Giles gill Gillespie Gillette Gilligan Gilmore gilt gimbal Gimbel gimmick gimmickry gimpy gin Gina ginger gingham gingko ginkgo ginmill Ginn Gino Ginsberg Ginsburg ginseng Giovanni giraffe gird girdle girl girlie girlish girth gist Giuliano Giuseppe give giveaway given giveth glacial glaciate glacier glacis glad gladden gladdy glade gladiator gladiolus Gladstone Gladys glamor glamorous glamour glance gland glandular glare Glasgow glass glassine glassware glassy Glaswegian glaucoma glaucous glaze gleam glean Gleason glee glen Glenda Glendale Glenn glib Glidden glide glimmer glimpse glint glissade glisten glitch glitter gloat glob global globe globular globule globulin glom glomerular gloom gloomy Gloria Gloriana glorify glorious glory gloss glossary glossed glossolalia glossy glottal glottis Gloucester glove glow glue glued gluey gluing glum glut glutamic glutinous glutton glyceride glycerin glycerinate glycerine glycerol glycol glyph GM GMT gnarl gnash gnat gnaw gneiss gnome gnomon gnomonic GNP gnu go Goa goad goal goat goatherd gob gobble gobbledygook goblet god Goddard goddess godfather Godfrey godhead godlike godmother godparent godsend godson Godwin godwit goer goes Goethe Goff goggle Gogh gogo gold Goldberg golden goldeneye goldenrod goldenseal goldfinch goldfish Goldman goldsmith Goldstein Goldstine Goldwater Goleta golf Goliath golly gondola gone gong goniometer Gonzales Gonzalez goober good Goode Goodman Goodrich goodwill Goodwin goody Goodyear goof goofy goose gooseberry GOP gopher Gordian Gordon gore Goren gorge gorgeous gorgon Gorham gorilla Gorky gorse Gorton gory gosh goshawk gosling gospel gossamer gossip got Gotham Gothic gotten Gottfried gouge Gould gourd gourmet gout govern governance governess government governments governor gown GPO grab grace gracefully gracious grackle grad gradate grade gradient gradual graduate Grady Graff graft graham grail grain grainy grammar grammarian grammatic granary grand grandchild grandchildren granddaughter grandeur grandfather grandiloquent grandiose grandma grandmother grandnephew grandniece grandpa grandparent grandson grandstand granite granitic granny granola grant granted grantee grantor granular granulate granule Granville grape grapefruit grapevine graph grapheme graphic graphite grapple grasp grass grassland grassy grata grate grateful grater gratify gratis gratitude gratuitous gratuity grave gravel graven Graves gravestone graveyard gravid gravitate gravy gray graybeard grayish Grayson graywacke graze grease greasy great greatcoat greater greatest greatly grebe Grecian Greece greed greedy Greek green Greenberg Greenblatt Greenbriar Greene greenery Greenfield greengrocer greenhouse greenish Greenland Greensboro greensward greenware Greenwich greenwood Greer greet Greg gregarious Gregg Gregory grenade Grendel Grenoble Gresham Greta Gretchen grew grey greyhound greylag grid griddle gridiron grief grievance grieve grievous griffin Griffith grill grille grilled grillwork grim grimace Grimaldi grime Grimes Grimm grin grind grindstone grip gripe grippe grisly grist gristmill Griswold grit gritty grizzle grizzly groan groat grocer grocery groggy groin grommet groom groove grope grosbeak gross Grosset Grossman Grosvenor grotesque Groton ground groundsel groundskeep groundwork group groups grout grove grovel Grover grow growl grown grownup growth grub grubby grudge gruesome gruff grumble Grumman grunt gryphon g's GSA Guam guanidine guano guarantee guaranteeing guarantor guaranty guard guardhouse Guardia guardian Guatemala gubernatorial Guenther guerdon guernsey guerrilla guess guesswork guest guffaw Guggenheim Guiana guidance guide guidebook guideline guidepost guiding guignol guild guildhall guile Guilford guillemot guillotine guilt guilty guinea guise guitar gules gulf gull Gullah gullet gullible gully gulp gum gumbo gumdrop gummy gumption gumshoe gun Gunderson gunfight gunfire gunflint gunk gunky gunman gunmen gunnery gunny gunplay gunpowder gunshot gunsling Gunther gurgle Gurkha guru Gus gush gusset gust Gustafson Gustav Gustave Gustavus gusto gusty gut Gutenberg Guthrie gutsy guttural guy Guyana guzzle Gwen Gwyn gym gymnasium gymnast gymnastic gymnosperm gyp gypsum gypsy gyrate gyrfalcon gyro gyrocompass gyroscope ha Haag Haas habeas haberdashery Haberman Habib habit habitant habitat habitation habitual habituate hacienda hack hackberry Hackett hackle hackmatack hackney hackneyed hacksaw had Hadamard Haddad haddock Hades Hadley hadn't Hadrian hadron hafnium Hagen Hager haggard haggle Hagstrom Hague Hahn Haifa haiku hail hailstone hailstorm Haines hair haircut hairdo hairpin hairy Haiti Haitian Hal halcyon hale Haley half halfback halfhearted halfway halibut halide Halifax halite hall hallelujah Halley hallmark hallow hallowed Halloween hallucinate hallway halo halocarbon halogen Halsey Halstead halt halvah halve Halverson ham Hamal Hamburg hamburger Hamilton hamlet Hamlin hammerhead hammock Hammond hamper Hampshire Hampton hamster Han Hancock hand handbag handbook handclasp handcuff Handel handgun handhold handicap handicapped handicapper handicapping handicraft handicraftsman handicraftsmen handiwork handkerchief handle handleable handlebar handline handmade handmaiden handout hands handset handshake handsome handspike handstand handwrite handwritten handy handyman handymen Haney Hanford hang hangable hangar hangman hangmen hangout hangover hank Hankel Hanley Hanlon Hanna Hannah Hannibal Hanoi Hanover Hanoverian Hans Hansel Hansen hansom Hanson Hanukkah hap haphazard happen happenstance happy harangue harass Harbin harbinger Harcourt hard hardboard hardboiled harden hardhat Hardin Harding hardscrabble hardship hardtack hardtop hardware hardwood hardworking hardy hare harelip harem hark Harlan Harlem Harley harm Harmon harmonic harmonious harmony harness Harold harp harpsichord Harriet Harriman Harrington Harris Harrisburg Harrison harrow harry harsh harshen hart Hartford Hartley Hartman Harvard harvest harvestman Harvey has hash hashish hasn't hasp hassle hast haste hasten Hastings hasty hat hatch hatchet hatchway hate hater Hatfield hath Hathaway hatred Hatteras Hattie Haugen haughty haul haulage haunch haunt Havana have haven haven't Havilland havoc haw Hawaii Hawaiian hawk Hawkins Hawley hawthorn Hawthorne hay Hayden Haydn Hayes hayfield Haynes Hays haystack Hayward hazard hazardous haze hazel hazelnut hazy he head headache headboard headdress headland headlight headline headmaster headphone headquarters headroom headset headsman headsmen headstand headstone headstrong headwall headwater headway headwind heady heal Healey health healthy Healy heap hear heard hearken hearsay hearse Hearst heart heartbeat heartbreak heartburn hearten heartfelt hearth hearty heat heater heath heathen heathenish Heathkit heave heaven heavenward heavy heavyweight Hebe hebephrenic Hebraic Hebrew Hecate hecatomb heck heckle Heckman hectic hector Hecuba he'd hedge hedgehog hedonism hedonist heed heel heft hefty Hegelian hegemony Heidelberg heigh height heighten Heine Heinrich Heinz heir heiress heirs Heisenberg held Helen Helena Helene Helga helical helicopter heliocentric heliotrope helium helix hell he'll hellbender hellebore Hellenic hellfire hellgrammite hellish hello helm helmet Helmholtz helmsman helmsmen Helmut help helped helpful helpmate Helsinki Helvetica hem hematite Hemingway hemisphere hemispheric hemlock hemoglobin hemolytic hemorrhage hemorrhoid hemosiderin hemp Hempstead hen henbane hence henceforth henchman henchmen Henderson Hendrick Hendricks Hendrickson henequen Henley henpeck Henri Henrietta henry hepatica hepatitis Hepburn heptane her Hera Heraclitus herald herb Herbert Herculean Hercules herd herdsman here hereabout hereafter hereby hereditary heredity Hereford herein hereinabove hereinafter hereinbelow hereof heresy heretic hereto heretofore hereunder hereunto herewith heritable heritage Herkimer Herman hermeneutic Hermes hermetic Hermite hermitian Hermosa hero Herodotus heroes heroic heroin heroine heroism heron herpes herpetology Herr herringbone Herschel herself Hershel Hershey hertz Hertzog hesitant hesitate hesitater Hesperus Hess Hessian Hester heterodyne heterogamous heterogeneity heterogeneous heterosexual heterostructure heterozygous Hetman Hettie Hetty Heublein heuristic Heusen Heuser hew Hewett Hewitt Hewlett hewn hex hexadecimal hexagon hexagonal hexameter hexane hey heyday hi Hiatt hiatus Hiawatha hibachi Hibbard hibernate Hibernia hick Hickey Hickman hickory Hicks hid hidalgo hidden hide hideaway hideous hideout hierarchal hierarchic hierarchy hieratic hieroglyphic Hieronymus hifalutin Higgins high highball highboy highest highfalutin highhanded highland highlight highroad hightail highway highwayman highwaymen hijack hijinks hike hilarious hilarity Hilbert Hildebrand hill hillbilly Hillcrest Hillel hillman hillmen hillock hillside hilltop hilly hilt Hilton hilum him Himalaya himself hind hindmost hindrance hindsight Hindu Hinduism Hines hinge Hinman hint hinterland hip hippo hippodrome hippopotamus hippy hipster Hiram hire hireling Hiroshi Hiroshima Hirsch hirsute his Hispanic hiss histochemistry histogram histology historian historic historiography history histrionic hit Hitachi hitch Hitchcock hither hitherto Hitler hive ho hoagie Hoagland hoagy hoar hoard hoarfrost hoarse hob Hobart Hobbes hobble Hobbs hobby hobbyhorse hobgoblin hobo Hoboken hoc hock hockey hocus hodge hodgepodge Hodges Hodgkin hoe Hoff Hoffman hog hogan hogging hoi Holbrook Holcomb hold holden holdout holdover holds holdup hole holeable holiday Holland holler Hollerith Hollingsworth Hollister hollow Holloway hollowware holly hollyhock Hollywood Holm Holman Holmdel Holmes holmium holocaust Holocene hologram holography Holst Holstein holster holt Holyoke holystone homage home homebound homebuild homecome homeland homemade homemake homeomorph homeomorphic homeopath homeostasis homeown Homeric homesick homestead homeward homework homicidal homicide homily homo homogenate homogeneity homogeneous homologous homologue homology homomorphic homomorphism homonym homosexual homotopy homozygous Honda Honduras hone honest honestly honesty honey honeybee honeycomb honeydew honeymoon honeysuckle Honeywell hong honk Honolulu honoraria honorarium honorary honoree honorific honoring Honshu hooch hood hoodlum hoof hoofmark hook hookup hookworm hooligan hoop hoopla hoosegow Hoosier hoot Hoover hooves hop hope hopefully Hopkins Hopkinsian hopscotch Horace Horatio horde horehound horizon horizontal hormone horn hornbeam hornblende Hornblower hornet horntail horny horology horoscope Horowitz horrendous horrible horrid horrify horror horse horseback horsedom horseflesh horsefly horsehair horseman horsemen horseplay horsepower horseshoe horsetail horsewoman horsewomen horticulture Horton Horus hose hosiery hospice hospitable hospital host hostage hostelry hostess hostile hostler hot hotbed hotbox hotel hotelman hothead hothouse hotrod hotshot Houdaille Houdini hough Houghton hound hour hourglass house houseboat housebreak housebroken housefly household housek...
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