How do I divide decimals and fractionns

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Sep 1st, 2015

Hi there! Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your question!

Dividing decimals can be very hard at first! But with a little bit of practice things work out! :)

Whenever you have a division involving decimals, one technique to deal with it is to try to get rid of as many decimal points as we can. So when we have:

7| 7.77

One way we can get rid of all decimal points is to multiply both numbers by 100 (because when we do that we get 100*7.77 = 777 which has no decimals!) One way to notice that this is actually an ok thing to do is to think of the following problem: if I had two dollars to divide between two people, each person would get a dollar. Now, if I multiply both numbers by 100, it would mean I have $2*100 = $100 to divide between 2*100 = 200 people. In the end, each person would still get a dollar!

So, if we multiply both numbers by 100 we get:

700 | 777

Now this can be done in the standard way. We start by asking "how many times does 700 fit into 777", which is 1

Then we subtract:

777-700 = 77

Since 700 does not fit into 77, we need to add a zero, and include a decimal point, so our answer so far is 1.

700 | 770  

Now, 700 fits exactly once into 770. Then we subtract:

770 - 700 = 70.

So our answer so far is 1.1

700 | 700 

Now 700 fits exactly into 700, with no remainder!

700 - 700 = 0

So we get our answer to be  1.11


From the image, I can't see the problems very well. It is also very hard to explain this concept in 20 minutes, but I do hope this helps a little bit. I will give a few more examples:

1.1 | 6.82

Multiplying both numbers by 100, we get rid of all decimals:

110 | 682

110 fits 6 times into 682:

682 - 110*6 = 682 -660 = 22.

Since 110 is bigger than 22, we need to add a decimal point 6. and add a zerp

110 |220

Now 110 fits twice in 220: 

220-110*2 = 220 - 220 = 0

So our final anwser is 6.2


2.3 | 7.36

You can use same method, get answer 3.2.


2.9 |12.76 

is 4.4


I can't really see the other problems, but I hope this helps a bit

Please let me know if you need any clarification. Always glad to help!
Sep 1st, 2015

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Sep 1st, 2015
Sep 1st, 2015
Mar 30th, 2017
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