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Activity 8: Evaluating Emotional Appeals Instructions: In class we discussed a range of different emotions that can be incorporated into an emotional appeal and tips for doing so effectively. For this activity, you will find an emotional appeal, identify why it is an emotional appeal, and explain whether it is effective (i.e., persuasive). Refer to class notes from Unit 7 (Pathos & Emotional Appeals) as well as the Nabi (2012) reading to help you complete this activity. Find an example of an emotional appeal online. It may be an advertisement, commercial/video, PSA, campaign, newspaper article, etc. Based on the emotional appeal you find, address each of the following: (1) Provide the link for the emotional appeal. (2) In one sentence, describe the purpose of the persuasive appeal. In other words, what was the appeal trying to persuade people to do/think/believe? (3) In one paragraph, describe the persuasive appeal in detail. (E.g., what images did it use? What words did it include?) (4) What emotion did the appeal attempt to arouse? Provide at least three specific elements from the appeal that support your claim. (5) Was this appeal effectively persuasive? In other words, did it persuade you? Explain why/why not (and if it did not persuade you, what could have been added/improved to persuade you). This activity must be submitted to eCampus as either a text submission or an attached file no later than 11:59pm. Unit 7: Pathos & Emotional Appeals 1. Emotional Appeals Pathos. is appealing to the AUD emotions, why it's impi * Attention grabben *vely powerful for persuasion (when wesed Bountes emotionally people act beases IMP on emotions Phetty much any any emotion that you can come up with Range of Emotional Appeals oll cus 3. How to Generate Emotional Appeals + و حومه کار متال دي use emotionally changed Language using vivid examples. be sincehe, passionate and expressive. *EA: it can help with the persuasion process of inseren and dif, emotions have dif effects عاطمي Jeseni 58 4. Fear Appeals Present arisk of 'Vulnerability to risk a. Extended Parallel Process Model A theohy that predicts to feat appeals. ' اطها بالرد على ان النوم ارجا و ماه ها مي الكار الراي ار الا بحاة áhrist-ad lisa ashwashes & defensiv response constructive repsonse hichtself and response low self or response efficacy High E Danger control Fear Cconstructive) efficacy ? Efficacy Feat High Suscephore and severity, Conroll low & Defensive) 2-1 External stimuli Message Ferot Apped Threat Appraisal 2-3 르 Norsregan the Message weil low susceptibility 70 phrase that e tisit a threat to you or not? 1. threat efficacy Whell of severitty 59 5. Guilt Appeals it occurs when an Internalized nohu is violated الما دیدارة الاحيا الحنام ، الواد راكعامل المال a. How to use a guilt appeal in public communication Be subtle / genter كن لطی I lost in use as amiliar/ likable source ؟ e/ خرب وراح انه الوی how to je i provide easy/cleat slution to alienat gwllt وقع المحرر بالذب ivo Anticipated guilt- How the And can avoid guilt in the Future 60 6. Humor Appeals + Taps In happiness and Joy - Attention grabber. * can be distraction (focus on the humah, but not about what is being said) * Effects the persuasion process (may not be immediate) a Sleeper Effect we heneuber and think about the funny things Chab long term effect) 61
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Here you go! kindly find the attached.The link of the selected emotional appeal is on the reference page (the last page). Thank you.


Emotional Appeal
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Emotional Appeal

The selected emotional appeal is for the Coca Cola drinks manufactured by Coca Cola
Corporation. The advertisement is titled “Brotherly Love” (MGeevy, 2016).
Purpose of the Persuasive Appeal
The persuasive appeal was intended to influence people to consume Coca Cola drinks.
Persuasive Appeal in Detail

Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.


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