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1.Go to UShistory.org’s Website and read the article titled, “A New Civil Rights Movement,” located at http://www.ushistory.org/us/54.asp.

From the e-Activity, investigate two to three (2-3) reasons why the Civil Rights Movement took a decidedly more radical turn after 1965. Specify at least three (3) events that radicalized activists in order to support your response. Lastly, compare and contrast the support for the Movement from white communities in the early 1950s to their activities by 1968, and explain the main reasons why such support—or lack thereof—made a difference in the movement for equality.

PLEASE RESPOND TO CLASSMATE DISCUSSION WHETHER YOU AGREE OR NOT & A DETAILED WHY- Min. 5 FULL Sentences : Looking at the e-Activity and this week’s reading there were many reasons that the Civil Rights Movement took a radical turn. By 1965 most legal forms of discrimination had been abolished. However, changing laws could not force individuals to replace what was in their hearts. There still many situations where blacks were not treated as equals socially. For example, the black unemployment rate was 8.5 percent compared to whites at 4.3 percent in 1965. For the majority of black’s situation remained the same or worse even after many civil rights victories. Many blacks wanted more unity within the black community. Nationalist wanted to remove the support or interference of white supporters and perhaps continue to be segregated. Also, after the assassination of many great African Americans, this pushed for a new turn of behavior. I also think the frustration of unemployment, overcrowding, limited healthcare, crime, and drug addiction just was too much and it pushed many over the edge.

In the 1950s there was more support that included whites by the end of 1968 seems there would have been a drop in support because African Americans wanted to have more unity in their community. They developed groups such as the Black Panthers to help support the communities. There was also more racial violence happening the communities which kept the races even more segregated.

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The Long Road to Freedom
There were several reasons as to why there was a radical turn in the civil rights
movements. The Supreme Court rule on school integration was among the main contributor to
the radical change in the civil rights movement. Following the decision regarding school
integration of 1954, there was a perceived sympathetic nature of the American law concerning
the demands of the African Americans for protection of their civil rights. As a result of the
court’s ruling, there was room for peaceful equality movements to commence. The ruling gave a
reason for the movements to voice their demands where Dr. Martin Luther Jr. was the leader.
The American South, as well as North, experienced a wave of sit-ins, marches, freedom rides
and boycotts therein.
Public opinions polls were another major cause for radicalization in civil right
movements. The polls proved sympathy to a greater exten...

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