Module 1 Activity: My Feminist Manifesto

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In this first Module Activity, "My Feminist Manifesto," you will be taking a cue from Chimamanda Adiche, the author and activist who brought us "The Danger of a Single Story" and Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions (2017).

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Feminist Manifesto
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Feminist Manifesto

Feminist manifesto can be termed as a statement that refers or depicts how female should
conduct their lives and informs the target gender to carry out their specific things I their lives.
While manifesto can be described as a declaration of convictions. Women should work twice
harder and stronger than man so s to level up with the position that men hold in the society. The
more women worked harder then the more successful they will be and they will command honor
from their male counterparts. Therefore, in this essay it will concentrate on 7 suggestions about
my feminist manifestos. The following are some of my feminist manifestos;
1. Radical revolution against male manifesto
Scum manifesto is a literature which was done by Valerie Solanas in 1967 in which a woman in
the literature was responsible for a demise of Andy Carol. Valerie Solanas shot Andy. In her
tender age, she was molested into sexual abusive her father and further being physically abused
by her grand father which resulting for her to ran away from her home rendering her to be
homeless. After these annoying abuses, she came up with the idea of scum manifesto which the
acronym was perhaps, “Society for Cutting Up Men”. Due to the past activities and her being a
victim which sprung up to untreated paranoid. The fact is that even though its scenarios were
distasteful, her attack on Andy was not due to inbound hatred on men that lead to the attack but
due to exaggerated fear that was being robbed and more so being mocked. Solanas was intending
to use his shock to bring the attention more about feminism and drive the idea of radical
revolution against the government, “monetary systems”, “overthrow the government,” and
“ending the male sex,” and what she was emphasizing was to boost female empowerment. The
manifesto was shedding light on the unreceptive radical and her informing ideas against
The radical revolution manifesto brings up the urge to stop female abuses by their male
counterparts. This manifesto borrowing its ideas from the author Valarie Solanas shows how
male individuals are acting inhuman to female individuals. Through the radical revolution

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