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Every student is required to complete an individual project. This project includes developing a marketing proposal for a company. This marketing proposal is for a new, or an existing product or service, to be marketed in a new country. We will discuss about this research project in-details in the class. The proposal will apply the lessons learned in this course and seek to demonstrate the profit potential of the new product/service opportunity and the problems that need to be overcome in order to achieve success. Students may select any product/service of his/her choice for this marketing proposal project. Each student needs to finalize his/her topic, and have it approved by the instructor before the second session. A written marketing proposal report and power point presentation are due in the final class. The power point presentation should bring out the main findings of the project. It will cover all the sections of the written report. There is no maximum or minimum page limit for this written report, it should cover all the required sections mentioned below.

  • The selected product/service should not be already introduced in the selected foreign market.
  • Here are the different sections of the research report. Throughout this course student will be working on developing an International Marketing Plan. The plan will consist of the following parts:
    • Part I: Product/Brand and Market Overview
    • Part II: Environmental Analysis
    • Part III: Market Research
    • Part IV: Market Segmentation, Positioning, and Targeting
    • Part V: Marketing Strategies, Objectives, and Goals
    • Part VI: The Marketing Mix (Product, Price)
    • Part VII: The Marketing Mix (Place, Promotion)

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Dean Foods Marketing plan – Outline
Thesis: The dairy sector in Saudi Arabia has remained unexploited entirely for a long time in the
market. The marketing plan will be for Den foods to expand its operations to Saudi Arabia. In
Saudi Arabia, Almarai has remained the market leader with other Companies keeping of the
industry due to the high cost of services.
The paper analyzes Dean Foods Company’s marketing plans as follows:

Product and brand
Environmental analysis




Porter’s Five Force analysis of the Dairy Sector


Market research
Target market
Marketing strategies and objectives
Marketing mix


Dean Foods Marketing plan



Product and brand
The dairy sector in Saudi Arabia has remained unexploited entirely for a long time in the
market. The marketing plan will be for Dean foods to expand its operations to Saudi Arabia. In
Saudi Arabia, Almarai has remained the market leader with other Companies keeping of the
industry due to the high cost of services. The company will focus on production of milk product
such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. Saudi Arabia has a broad and available market for milk
products. The present Company may not be able to satisfy the demand.
The dairy industry in Saudi Arabia started with a few scattered firms transitioning to
sizeable commercial dairy farms. The consumption of milk and related products is on the rise
and come only second to cereals. The growth in the use of dairy products has seen a consistent
increase over time. It is estimated that the industry will grow much faster in the future hence the
need for Dean Foods to take advantage of this trend and establish the business in the region to
meet the current rising needs of consumers. There is an increase in the consumption of milk and
milk products with the product finding its place in the daily food consumption. Health awareness
is creating an increased role in driving the market for dairy products, and Dean Foods has been
established to take advantage of this trend. People are cutting down on their consumption of
high-calorie and fatty food products and are shifting to a healthy dairy product.
Dean Foods seeks to take advantage of this trend to produce, package and sell dairy
products in the market. The company is committed to the highest-quality products with attractive
and appealing packaging to meet the diverse consumer needs in the market. Value addition will
be critical in building the firm’s brand in the market and allowing the company to compete with
the other key players in the market. The company seeks to acquire milk from the best practice


production in the market to meet the quality guidelines of the company. Additionally, value
addition and packaging will be done in strict adherence to hygiene and maintenance of high
quality. The company will also build its brand through the cost differentiation strategy. The
ability of the firm to produce a variety of milk products enables the company to take advantage
of massive economies of scale hence optimal prices for its product. The company will also
bargain with the milk suppliers to obtain their input at the lowest prices possible and the cost
savings transferred to the ultimate consumer. It is critical that Dean Foods selects the most
appropriate suppliers. These include the milk farms that have invested in the latest technology to
ensure the safety and security of milk in the high temperatures typical of Saudi Arabia. It is
critical that milk is produced at the most ambient temperatures with the use of computers to
monitor humidity and temperatures.
Dairy products have less competition in the market since there are a limited number of
companies that provide dairy products; hence the Company will stand a high position to succeed
in the market. The leading companies in the dairy industry in Saudi Arabia include Amarai, Al
Safi Danone, Nada Dairy, Sadfco and Narjan Diary Co. Ltd. among other small scale players in
the market (Asad & Henderson, 2007). Dean Foods seeks to gain market share through a
combination of product and cost differentiation strategies. The company aims to add value to its
products through the production of a variety of milk products as well as assuring the highest
product quality. The company will also enhance brand and market share through cost
differentiation and availability of products to meet consumer needs (Al-Alak & Tarabieh, 2011).
The company also seeks to invest more on the cream and butter sectors of the industry
which has recorded the highest growth rates over the last few years. The production in the


subsector has increased significantly with the consumption being relatively constant. This
provides an opportunity for the company even to consider export of its surplus local production
and hence increased income for the company (Alqaisi et al., 201...

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