CHEM100 CSUN Chemistry Lab Chemical Nomenclature & Balancing Equations

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1.please dont make it too professional when you do the writing part, im not good at writing

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Chemical Nomenclature And Balancing Equations - 20 Pts 

Name ___________________________


1a.  In Which Column Of The Periodic Table Would The Elements Form 1+ Cations?  ________1  Pt 

  B.  In Which Column Of The Periodic Table Would The Elements Form 2- Anions?  ____________

 1   Pt

2.  Write The Chemical Formula For The Following Compounds:  ½ Pt Each 

A.  Rubidium Nitride ___________ F.  Iron (ii) Chloride _____________

B.  Ammonium Sulfate _________ G. Potassium Phosphate _______________

C.  Nitrogen Dioxide________________ H. Dihydrogen Oxide  ____________

D.  Zinc Ii Bromide ______________ I.  Nickel (ii) Carbonate ______________

E.  Sulfur Hexafluoride _____________

3.  Predict The Formula And Give The Name Of The Binary Ionic Compound Containing The Following:  1 Pt Each

A.  Calcium And Nitrogen ____________________________________

B.  Potassium And Iodine ___________________________________

4.  Give The Chemical Name For Each Of The Following:   ½ Pt Each 

A.  Fe(ch3coo)2 _______________________

B.  Nh4no3 ___________________________

C.  Mgs ______________________________

      D.  Al2o3 ____________________________

5.  Write A Balanced Chemical Equation For Each Of The Following Reactions.    2 Pts Each 

A.  Ammonium Dichromate Decomposes Quite Spectacularly Into Chromium (iii) Oxide, Nitrogen Gas And Water Vapor.  During The Reaction, Orange Sparks And Green Chromium (iii) Oxide Crystals Are Shot Into The Air.  

B.  Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Is Responsible For The Odor Of Rotten Eggs.  It Burns In Air With The Production Of Sulfur Dioxide Gas And Water Vapor.   When Hydrogen Sulfide Burns In Air, Oxygen Gas Is Also One Of The Reactants.  

C.  When Ignited, Gunpowder Which Consists Of Potassium Nitrate, Charcoal (which Is Just Carbon Atoms) And Sulfur Produce Potassium Carbonate, Potassium Sulfate, Nitrogen Gas And Carbon Dioxide Gas.  Reactions That Produce Lots Of Gases As Their Products Tend To Be Good Explosives Such As Nitroglycerin.  Write The Balanced Chemical Equation For The Reaction Of Gunpowder.  

D.  Aerobic Cellular Respiration Is The Process By Which Glucose Molecules (sugar) Are Converted Into A Usable Form Of Energy For Cells.  Glucose (c6h12o6) And Oxygen React To Produce Carbon Dioxide And Water.  Write The Balanced Chemical Equation For Aerobic Cellular Respiration.   

E.   Egyptian Cosmetics Often Used A Solid Compound Called Phosgenite (pb2cl2co3).  It Was Prepared By The Reaction Of The Solid Lead (ii) Oxide, Water, Aqueous Sodium Chloride And The Gas Carbon Dioxide.  The Second Product Of The Reaction Is Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide.  

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