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As the manager of the CTU Health Care information systems department, you realize the need for seamless integration among all operating systems of the departments within the health care organization (HCO). Discuss the importance electronic health record (EHR) conceptual framework integration and achieving interoperability.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the stakeholders of the different departments that expresses the importance of the interoperability of all computing systems within the health care organization. In this presentation, you should address the ramifications of the lack of integration of the information systems among the departments.

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Interoperability in health
care industry

What does interoperability in health care mean?
▪ Interoperability is the capability of a disparate computer and software systems to
exchange and share data from a range of vital sources including laboratories, clinic,
pharmacies, hospitals and medical practices (Nelson & Staggers, 2016).

▪ Currently, the health care industry is still struggling to fully accept and implement
integrated information systems.

▪ However, it should be noted that information sharing in health care is of great
importance and can mean the difference between losing or saving a life.

Importance of interoperability in health care
▪ Interoperability in healthcare industry, can greatly help to save on time.
▪ It minimizes the time it would have taken for departments and physicians to
converse personally, since the necessary information can be obtained in the system.

▪ Inst...

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