CSU Global Application of a Balanced Scorecard and Evaluating Course Concepts

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Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)

Provide an overview of your paper.

Module-by-Module Analysis (3-4 pages)
Share your decision logic and what supported the decisions you made in the Capsim experience, as well as the learnings you gained from it.

Balanced Scorecard (3-4 pages)
Kaplan and Norton created the Balanced Scorecard model to serve as a dashboard for reporting a combination of financial and non-financial metrics for organizations. Executives, managers, and employees alike benefit from an understanding of what is important to the organization, what performance levels are expected, and how they are performing.

Your Capsim competition rounds used a dashboard to report selected performance metrics to your team. This allowed you to know where you were in relation to your goals and what levers of control you might want to adjust to continue making progress.

Read the article, A Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame Profile: U.S. Army (from your Module 8 required readings). Create a Portfolio Project that:

  • Applies an assessment of the five principles of a Strategy-Focused Organization to your Capsim experience.
  • Provides recommendations for further improvement in team performance.

Career Learnings (1-2 pages)
Discuss how you can take your Capsim and course experiences forward into your career.

Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)
Provide a brief closing to your paper.

  • Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length, excluding the title and references pages.
  • Include a minimum of eight references to support your Portfolio Project, including four academic sources.
  • Be sure your paper adheres to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA. The CSU-Global library is a good place to find sources. (You might find it helpful to start with the course’s recommended readings.)

Be sure to check out the CSU-Global Online Research and Writing Lab. Here you can find:

  • Writing considerations and tips
  • Writing resources
  • Sample papers
  • An APA Template for writing assignments

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Running Head: Application of a Balanced Scorecard and Evaluating Course Concepts

Application of a Balanced Scorecard and Evaluating Course Concepts
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Application of a Balanced Scorecard and Evaluating Course Concepts

Capsim has become a global leader in teaching business acumen in any environment and
business technology simulations. The assignment focused on automation for the larger part,
deciding on how to sell our products. According to research, people learn best by doing various
activities. Through engaging in simulations more than one million participants of the Fortune
500 companies and academic institutions have enhanced their business acumen, enhanced their
critical thinking skills and team building. The products of our group included low technology
software called cake. The high technology software was called cedar. The simulations of the
company teach operations, strategy, finance and marketing. The company offers three business
simulations to build and assess the skills of aspiring business folks or those who are still
Individuals can work in teams or individually, in the Capsim business simulations that are
aimed at strengthening their acumen and in making of decisions that could shape their future.
These decisions are crucial in identifying a proper direction aimed at meeting customer demands
and improve the financial results of the company. The participants are immersed in actual to life
competitive environments through their learning experience. The experience can be done online,
face to face or through distance learning. The participants are challenged to be liable for the
growth of the company since they are required to establish a strategy and shape the tactics
needed to support the strategy with time. They are also required to track the demands from
clients, asses the activities of competitors and implement the appropriate tactics in the fast paced
highly competitive business world.


Module by Module Analysis

The most important take away from the Capsim experience is the importance of setting
the right objectives. Even after solving an issue, there is no benefit, therefore we set the end
objectives and ensured that every team member was aware of the objective. There was much
deliberation applied into finalizing the objective. However, our team was aware of some factors
that could hamper effectiveness of the teams. These factors include group think, decisions that
are made on judgment rather than random methodologies (Batko, 2016). Enough care was taken
to ensure that such issues did not affect the setting of objectives. In these cases a methodological
approach is better at saving time and making work easier.
The group operated on assumptions at first like the utilization of the plant and HR roles.
Our thoughts lead to assuming that the HR costs would rise due to high plant utilization. Care
ought to be taken to ensure validity and appropriate measures are taken despite the assumptions
being vali...

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