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Answer homework Questions

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Homework #5 Name ________________ Student ID ______________ Date ______________ 1 If the atmospheric pressure is 97.4 kPa, how much is it in mm Hg? In atm? In torr? 6 points 2 A gas has an initial volume of 39 mL at an unknown pressure. If the same sample occupies 514 mL at 720 torr, what was the initial pressure? 3 Calculate the missing variable in each set. V1 = 2.0 L, T1 = 15°C, V2 = ?, T2 = 34°C V1 = ?, T1 = 149°C, V2 = 310 mL, T2 = 54°C V1 = 150 L, T1 = 180 K, V2 = 57 L, T2 = ? 6 points 6 points 4 A bicycle tire is inflated to a pressure of 3.74 atm at 15°C. If the tire is heated to 35°C, what is the pressure in the tire? Assume the tire volume doesn’t change. 6 points 5 How many moles of an ideal gas are there if the volume of the gas is 158 L at 14°C and a pressure of 89 kPa? 6 6 points Calculate the mass in gram of each of the following gases at STP: (a) 1.4 L of SO2 (b) 3.5  105 L of CO2 6 points 7 For a gas sample whose total pressure is 740 torr, what are the partial pressures if the moles of gas present are 1.3 mol of N2, 0.33 mol of O2, and 0.061 mol of Ar? 6 points 8 A sample of gas is made entirely of carbon dioxide and water, and there are 259 moles of CO2 and 513 moles of water. If the total pressure of the sample is 21 atm, what is the partial pressure of each gas? 6 points 9 An experiment is being carried out to test the removal of sulfur dioxide from gases being released by a power plant. The initial sample, which contains only carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, occupies a volume of 35 L at a temperature of 41°C and a pressure of 715 torr. After all of the SO2 has been removed, the sample occupies a volume of 23.5 L at a temperature of 29°C and a pressure of 715 torr. Determine the partial pressures of both CO2 and SO2 in the initial sample. 10 8 points The first step in processing zinc metal from its ore, ZnS, is to react it with O2 according to the reaction 2 ZnS(s) + 3 O2(g) → 2 ZnO(s) + 2 SO2(g) If 620 kg of ZnS is to be reacted, what volume of oxygen at 0.977 atm and 34.0°C is needed (at a minimum) to carry out this reaction? 8 points 11 If boron hydride, B4H10, is treated with pure oxygen, it burns to give B2O3 and H2O: 2 B4H10(s) + 11 O2(g) → 4 B2O3(s) + 10 H2O(g) If a 0.050-g sample of the boron hydride burns completely in O2, what will be the pressure of the gaseous water in a 4.25-L flask at 30.0°C? 12 8 points Consider the following reaction: 6 NiO(s) + 4 ClF3(g) → 6 NiF2(s) + 2 Cl2(g) + 3 O2(g) What mass of NiO will react with a sample of ClF3 gas that has a pressure of 250 torr in a 2.5-L flask at 20°C? 8 points 13 You want to store 165 g of CO2 gas in a 12.5-L tank at room temperature (25°C). Calculate the pressure the gas would have using (a) the ideal gas law and (b) the van der Waals equation. (For CO2, a = 3.59 atm L2/mol2 and b = 0.0427 L/mol.) 14 6 points Nitric acid can be prepared by bubbling dinitrogen pentoxide into water. N2O5(g) + H2O(  ) → 2 H+(aq) + 2 NO3–(aq) (a) How many moles of H+ are obtained when 1.50 L of N2O5 at 25°C and 1.00 atm pressure is bubbled into water? (b) The solution obtained in (a) after reaction is complete has a volume of 437 mL. What is the molarity of the nitric acid obtained? 8 points ...
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