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This is a graded project, there are 2 tasks you have to complete. While doing the Unit project, make sure that you clearly show all your work and do your best to explain your answers. You and I will be graded on how well you show your understanding of the concepts as well as correct answers. Give clear, detailed solution and explanation if needed thank you so much!! rubric and assignment is below please follow the rubric.

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Unit 12 Project Rubric Task 1 Identifies at least four pairs of congruent triangles 4 points Uses theorems/postulates from this unit to find congruent segments and/or angles. 4 points Uses theorems/postulates from previous units to prove triangles congruent. 4 points Total 12 points Task 2 Determines type of triangle center in which sprinkler should be placed in order to be equidistant from all three rosebushes. 1 point Accurately calculates position of sprinkler 3 points Accurately calculates radius of circlular region that sprinkler will cover 2 points Accurately finds equation of circular region that sprinkler will cover 2 points Total 8 points
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Task 1.

There are several pairs of congruent triangles.
Namely, OED and OEA, OEC and OEB, BEA and CED, BOA and COD.
OED and OEA have right angles D and A (between a tangent and its radius), common side
OE and equal sides OD and OA. Thus, their second legs ED and EA are equal, too and the
triangles are congruent by th...

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