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QUESTION 1 Sally Smith is receiving radiation treatment for carcinoma of the left breast. This would be reported with a code from the _____ section. A. Medical/Surgical B. Physical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Audiology C. Radiation Oncology D. Imaging QUESTION 2 Nuclear medicine procedures are reported with a section identifier of _____. A. F B. C C. 0 D. 4 QUESTION 3 The section identifier of 3 reports obstetrics. True False QUESTION 4 Imaging is reported with the section identifier of 9. True False QUESTION 5 It is possible to construct a procedure code from the alphabetic index. True False QUESTION 6 Mental Health procedures are reported with a section identifier of _____. A. 7 B. G C. B D. 5 QUESTION 7 Substance abuse treatment and mental health services are reported from the same section of ICD-10-PCS. True False QUESTION 8 There are always six characters used for a procedure code in ICD-10-PCS. True False QUESTION 9 ICD-10-PCS has a greater number of procedure codes than ICD-9-CM. True False QUESTION 10 To locate a code in ICD-10-PCS, the coder would first reference the Tables. True False QUESTION 11 The second through seventh characters have different meanings from section to section within ICD-10-PCS. True False QUESTION 12 ICD 10 PCS codes contain __________alphanumeric characters. A. 4 B. 10 C. 7 D. 5 QUESTION 13 Administration procedures are identified with a section value of _____. A. 1 B. 0 C. 3 D. 5 QUESTION 14 An appendectomy would be reported in the _____ section of ICD-10-PCS. A. Other Procedures B. Imaging C. Medical/Surgical D. Administration QUESTION 15 The section identifier of 9 reports which of the following? A. chiropractic procedures B. osteopathic services C. measurement and monitoring D. radiation oncology QUESTION 16 When selecting a code for revision of right shoulder joint, the term to reference in the Index is shoulder. True False QUESTION 17 The section identifier for Nuclear Medicine is_____. A. 2 B. A C. 5 D. C QUESTION 18 The letters I and O have been excluded so as not to cause confusion with the numbers 1 and 0. True False QUESTION 19 Procedures are listed alphabetically in the Index. True False QUESTION 20 Measurement and monitoring procedures are reported with a section value of _____. A. 4 B. D C. 1 D. B
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