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What similarities and differences are there between the animal cell, the plant cell, and the green algae cells? Use complete sentences.

Sep 8th, 2015

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    • Centrosomes and lysosomes are found in animal cells, but do not exist within plant cells
    • The lysosomes are the animal cell's "garbage disposal", while in plant cells the same function takes place in vacuoles.
    • Plant cells have a cell wall, chloroplasts and other specialized plastids, and a large central vacuole, which are not found within animal cells.
    • The cell wall is a rigid covering that protects the cell, provides structural support, and gives shape to the cell.
    • The chloroplasts, found in plant cells, contain a green pigment called chlorophyll, which captures the light energy that drives the reactions of plant photosynthesis.
    • The central vacuole plays a key role in regulating a plant cell's concentration of water in changing environmental conditions.


They both have Nucleus
They both have Ribosomes
They both have Mitochondria
They both have Vacuoles (contractile in animal cells)
They both have Golgi apparatus

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I'm always happy to answer your questions.
Sep 8th, 2015

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Sep 8th, 2015
Sep 8th, 2015
Aug 21st, 2017
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