Do you have enough fencing?

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You want to enclose a square pen measuring 324 yards. You have 200 feet of fencing to use.

Sep 8th, 2015

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The answer is no.

Step 1

The first goal is to find out what the length and width is. You take the square root of of 324 yrds^2= 18 yards.

Thus the L=18 yards and the W=18 yards

Step 2

You use the perimeter formula, since fences fit the outside of the pen.

Perimeter= 2(W)+2(L)

We find that the perimeter is 72 yards.

Step 3

Convert yards to ft.

1 Yard=3 feet.

Thus it is necessary to have 216 ft of fencing to complete the project.

Step 4

We only had 200 ft of fencing, which is not enough since 216 is bigger than 200. We are 16 ft shy.

I have shown all the math in the picture below

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Sep 8th, 2015

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Sep 8th, 2015
Sep 8th, 2015
Sep 23rd, 2017
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