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Short Paper on Aristotle

David Hume said that the “self” is an illusion created by closeness and proximity (much like our erroneous believe in “cause and effect”). A modern example of Hume’s ideas about the “self” might be to look at movie film. At 30 frames a second, the individual pictures come so quickly that it looks like continuous movement instead of thousands of individual pictures. And the changes between each successive picture is so slight that we would hardly notice if we examined successive pictures one frame at a time. Since we have not been watching our “self movie” while sleeping, in the morning the projector is still running, and our minds simply fill in the blanks for the frames we missed, falsely giving us a notion that we are still same “self” from yesterday.

Fortunately, not all philosophers are as radical as Hume in denying that there is a continuous self. But, even those who admit there is a “self” do not agree as to what it is, how it is formed, and whether or not it changes.

In Week 8, we’ll be re-addressing the “essential self” as necessary in order to experience freedom and to make moral decisions that are truly freely made. So, the whether or not a continous “essential self” actally exists is an important philosophical concept.

For this week’s assignment:

  1. Describe your “essential self”—that is, the set of characteristics that defines what makes you a particular person. If you do not believe an essensial self exists, explain why not.
  2. Explain why you think the essential self can or cannot change during a person’s lifetime.
  3. Since the essential self will (supposedly) actively resists anything that is not in our genuine best interest, how could self-sacrifice and martyrdom be regarded evidence of a person who lacked an essential self? Alternately, would voluntarily subjecting oneself to those things be a true indicator of an essential self? Explain your answers.

Please ensure that your essay addresses each component of the assigned questions and that your answer is well-organized, uses excellent, college-level prose, and makes judicious use of textual evidence. Your essay must follow APA formatting and should be 500-750 words long.

If you quote, paraphrase, or summarize from the textbook or any other source, you must include in-text citations and a References page.

Grading Criteria Assignments

Maximum Points

Meets or exceeds established assignment criteria


Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts


Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts


Mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, APA formatting.




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The Essential Self
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The Essential Self

The essential self consists of cultural identity, self-care, spirituality, and gender
identity (Pate, 2018). Considering self-care, I take responsibility for my own wellness
through preventive safety habits and general self-care; this includes activities such as putting
on my seat belt, flossing my teeth, going for dental check-ups and other preventive medical
check-ups, and avoiding any activities that may cause harm like excessive drinking and
smoking. I am also satisfied with my gender and I feel supported in it, in addition, I feel
satisfied with and supported in my culture, I am also comfortable in the presence of people
with cultural backgrounds that differ with mine and those ...

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