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Part 3 ONLY

  • Your speaker’s notes should be completed in a Word document. These will be your notes as you present so make sure they are complete and include the following:
    • An introduction
    • An overview of what you’ll be presenting and why. (Why should these high school students care what you have to say?)
    • Your findings on television commercials
    • Your findings on the impact of media on society
    • A conclusion that summarizes and reinforces the reasons that it’s important to use critical thinking when consuming media
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation from your notes. Using screen capture software, record your presentation and submit a link to the recording along with your speaker’s notes. 
    • There are many free versions of screen capture software. Ask your instructor for recommendations if you don’t have a favorite.

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----->(Part 3 ONLY) Critical Thinking case study for Business students You have been recently hired as Public Relations Director by Smart Media Education, a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate youth and parents on a critical approach to consuming modern media. In one month your first big event is to present to a group of the nation’s high school juniors and seniors at the annual Youth Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. Approximately five students from each of the 48 contiguous states will be in the audience. Your objective is two-fold: 1) Demonstrate that media consumption requires a critical thinking approach and 2) Explain the impact of media on society. The assignment: In this assignment you will prepare for your presentation in Washington D.C. Part One: the first part of your presentation objective Identify two television commercials that each uses a different logical fallacy to persuade consumers. You must provide a link to video of the commercial. For each commercial • • • Quickly summarize the commercial. What is happening and what is the commercial specifically convincing the audience to think? Identify the logical fallacy used in the commercial and support your choice with details from the commercial. Present your findings in an essay of two pages minimum. Part Two: the second part of the objective Find some research/statistics about media’s impact on society. There are many areas to consider, so choose an area you believe has a significant impact. (examples: advertising, movies, television, video games, social media, etc.) • • • • Summarize the research. Who prepared and published it? What does it say? Describe the validity of the source. How do you know the source is credible? Explain why you chose this research. Why should your audience care? (See the story in the project introduction.) Present your findings in an essay of two pages minimum. -------->Part Three: the presentation Now it’s time to pull together the preparation you’ve done for your event in Washington D. C. In this section of the assignment you will a speaker’s outline for your presentation and a sample of your presentation itself. 1. Your speaker’s notes should be completed in a Word document. These will be your notes as you present so make sure they are complete and include the following: o An introduction o An overview of what you’ll be presenting and why. (Why should these high school students care what you have to say?) o Your findings on television commercials o Your findings on the impact of media on society o A conclusion that summarizes and reinforces the reasons that it’s important to use critical thinking when consuming media 2. Create a PowerPoint presentation from your notes. Using screen capture software, record your presentation and submit a link to the recording along with your speaker’s notes. o There are many free versions of screen capture software. Ask your instructor for recommendations if you don’t have a favorite. Scoring Rubric: Criteria • • • Points Clarity and Precision Main ideas are identifiable with little excess verbiage and/or few clichés. Submission is organized so that it reflects the 3 part process of your project Assignment reflects strong communication of ideas, including specific details and strong arguments 9 Problem Solving Assignment demonstrates multiple ways to solve problems. Assignment reflects depth, breadth, and exploration of ideas. 6 Creativity and Innovation Assignment attempts creation of a new idea, question, formula or product. Assignment reflects depth, breadth, and exploration of ideas. 6 Definitions, Terms, Concepts and Ideas Assignment reflects evidence of knowledge/application skills, demonstration of course concepts, and analysis of ideas. 6 Grammar, structure and APA Assignment is basically free from grammatical and structural distractions and demonstrates strong communication of ideas through language. Assignment demonstrates ethical use of APA format and citation including cover page, in text citations, and reference page 5 Project Assignment meets the basic instructions including 3 part project that addressees a specific scenario related to professional field, each section is complete, and the final project reflects revision and clear presentation of ideas 8 Total 40 Running Header: Scenario Project Submission Part 1 Scenario Project Submission Critical Thinking. 1 LOGICAL FALLACY TO PERSUADE CONSUMERS Introduction It seems as if every day a new piece of technology emerges to make things more accessible every day, to everyday citizen of the world. In a usual day, people may have come across dozens of fallacies however we tend to let the fallacies go over our heads. It is noteworthy to identify what fallacies are and to recognize them. If an argument is logically incorrect, an individual with no understanding of fallacies would merely fall into the trap, but an individual who is ready can shun these daily traps. The understanding of fallacies is not just used for finding them in our everyday life; however, it can be used to reinforce our arguing proficiency. Logical Fallacies are a fault in reasoning that invalidates an argument. Several advertisements have logical fallacies and will be discussed in this paper. Fallacy Advertisements Get rid of Cable Ad – Do not wake up on the roadside Fallacies: greasy Slope, white and black as well as a scare tactic Fallacy Explanation: This advertisement uses three fallacies which are, scare tactic, black plus white, also the most famous, slippery slope. This advertisement is as regards of a man stressed with his cable business, and sequences of events begin and end with the man waking up in a roadside ditch. Then they launch an option to stop these proceedings from happening which is DirecTV. The initial fallacy message is the slippery slope fallacy as the advertisement provides a sequence of events that state that if one does not stop cable, one will wake up in a roadside ditch. The second fallacy is white and black once demonstrate the clarification; they operate as if that is the single solution existing while there are a lot of more technique that one can use to avoid the sequence of events. The last fallacy is a scare tactic since the audiences are 2 LOGICAL FALLACY TO PERSUADE CONSUMERS shown the difficulty of cable TV and are scared that those events might happen to them which give the option of endorsing a solution. Target Audience: Adults struggling with their cable or else opinions of changing Message: The significance is the message is trying to persuade the individual that cable will get them in a deep problem with a slippery slope as well as demonstrate an answer to this difficulty which is DirecTV. How does it convince the audience: It convince the audience by demonstrating the result of sticking with cable and how the cable can get an individual in a roadside ditch? Subsequently, it demonstrates an alternative to putting off this from an occurrence which is DirecTV. The scare tactic fallacy makes persons want to stay away from an occurrence where they are in a roadside ditch which forms the ideal time to present the substitute. Group state: These messages prove that people who have cable will have unlucky procedures in addition to struggling a lot but citizens who make use of DirecTV do not experience these struggle. These cause persons to be scared of having cable and so the fallacy, scare tactic. Advertisement Hominem of Unabomber – Ad hominem Fallacies: Texas Sharp and Shooter Ad Hominem Fallacy clarification: The basis why this is an advertisement Hominem is for the reason that it attacks a definite supporter of global warming to a certain extent than the perception itself. While global warming is an extremely sustained theory, disagreeing global warming reasonably would be almost unachievable which is where Texas sharpshooter turns up. The advertisement disregards all the research and evidence of global warming in addition to it targeting specific 3 LOGICAL FALLACY TO PERSUADE CONSUMERS statistics that support the advertisement’s argument; thus the fallacy, Texas sharpshooter. Texas sharpshooter establishes a criminal that support in global warming as well as at the same time as overlooking all scientific evidence; they try to convince the audience using this information. Target Audience: The indented audiences are a populace that supports in global warming as well as has a feeble judgment concerning global warming Message: The message entails that people like the criminal who is dishonorable going after global warming. As one can observe, as the advertisement says “I standstill believe in global warming, do you?” which demonstrate that lunatics relate to the criminal believe equally to thing that people do. What it is actually difficult to express this “Look the criminal who accepts as true in global warming, are you actually going to be on this murderer’s beliefs as well as a side with him in global warming?” How it convinces the audience: This convinces the audience by presenting them that diabolical common people follow similar idea they do which encourage the audience to change their approach. As the audience does not wish to be on the equal side as notorious criminals similar to Ted Kaczynski, it builds up a disliking for the conviction of global warming. Group Says: This commercial articulate those populaces who consider global warming is in the equal category as notorious criminals whereas populaces who oppose global warming are not. 4 LOGICAL FALLACY TO PERSUADE CONSUMERS References 5 Running head: RESEARCH ON MEDIA’S IMPACT ON SOCIETY 1 Part 2 Scenario Project Submission Research on Media’s Impact on Society Critical Thinking The effect of media is so apparent throughout today's society. On a typical day, many people in the United States spend their evenings in front of a computer or television at home or surfing on the internet. Media has been growing for many years with people spending more time on media as time goes on. Almost everyone today has access to media. Media has even become a RESEARCH ON MEDIA’S IMPACT ON SOCIETY 2 source of education in today’s society. It is time to reflect as a society what impact this media is having on society. In this paper, the research will be based on television as one of the main forms of media. In the lives of most Americans, television is constantly present. It commands the attention of many as many people spent several hours on TV daily. Research indicates that in developing young people’s ideas and values, television competes with sources of human interaction like school, friends, family, and church (Kottak, 2016). It influences the beliefs and attitudes of the viewers, and it has an impact on the personality development of children, and hence, generally, television has an impact on society. Numerous studies have been carried out on the impact of television on different groups of people in society. One of these studies is the research “The Impact of Mass-media upon Personality Development of Pupils from Primary School” which was prepared by Valentin Cosmin Blandul and Adela Bradea and published by Elsevier Ltd. The goal of this study was to establish the attitude of primary school pupils towards different forms of media. A sample for the research was collected consisting of 213 students to represent primary school pupils’ population. The sample was obtained from a primary school in Romania. The research took place from November 2014 to December 2014. The form of data collection was through the use of questionnaires. One of the aspects covered in the research was how primary school pupils spend their time when free. From the research, most of the pupils reported spending their free time in front of a computer or a TV. 22% of them reported spending most of their free time in front of a TV, which could affect their personal development (Bradea & Blandul, 2015). Only 14% of the pupils reported to spend their free time playing with their friends, 8 percent reported to prefer to walk, and only 7% prefer reading a book when they are free (Bradea & Blandul, 2015). 81% reported having a television in their sleeping room. The majority of the pupils reported spending RESEARCH ON MEDIA’S IMPACT ON SOCIETY 3 more than two hours daily in front of a television or a computer. The research shows that realworld activities are no longer pupils’ priority today. This source is credible because it is peer-reviewed. Being peer-reviewed means that it was reviewed by experts in the field before it was published in the journal, to ensure that the article has quality. This source was peer-reviewed under the responsibility of the Academic World Research and Education Center, and hence it is a credible source. I chose this research because in today’s society, more and more people including children are spending a lot of time on television and the majority of these people do not stop and think about the impact this media is having on their lives and generally on the society. Even most parents do not think of the impact that the media may have on their children, but instead, they allow their children to spend as much time as they want watching television. Some studies have shown that watching television causes some negative psychological changes regardless of the type of programs watched. Other implications of watching too much TV by pupils is that could affect their attention and development of their personality (Hodkinson, 2016). Parents should control the amounts of time their children spent watching TV for it could have negative impacts on their personality development. Media plays a key role in communicating and shaping culture. People should understand that the information gained from media like television helps shape the behavior, perception, beliefs, and values of people (Hodkinson, 2016). References RESEARCH ON MEDIA’S IMPACT ON SOCIETY Bradea, A., & Blandul, V. C. (2015). The impact of mass-media upon personality development of pupils from the primary school. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 205, 296301. Kottak, C. P. (2016). Prime-time society: An anthropological analysis of television and culture. Routledge. Hodkinson, P. (2016). Media, culture, and society: An introduction. Sage. 4 ...
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Media and Society
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Media and Society

With the rapid technology advancements, there has been an upsurge of media uptake.
Many people can now access many media platforms from the comfort of their homes and
without any hassle. The internet has made this accessibility quite easy, especially through such
avenues as social media and online news platforms. However, media creators have taken
advantage of the vulnerability and ignorance of the masses to utilize a broad range of fallacies in
their content, just so their work may appear more convincing and appeal to a larger audience. As
a result, it has become quite difficult to discern the difference between a work that is awash with
fallacies and one that is not. This can be detrimental to the information process in the society,
and therefore there is need for it to be examined. The impact of media on society cannot...

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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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