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Module 3: Forum Seven

Why are some people critical of the blockbuster mentality? Use a specific film to support your answer.

Responses should be about 200 words, and your original response is worth up to 20 points. Each response to classmates should be at least 50 words in length, and you should make sure to respond to at least two of your classmates' posts. Responses to classmates are worth up to 5 points making forum posts worth up to 25 points total.

Course name : Media and Culture, Department of Media, Journalism & Film

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Students’ replies Student 1: There are a couple of reasons why people are critical of the blockbuster mentality. The main reason that the people that are critical of the blockbuster mentality is because they think that the movies that are coming out now are just made to make money. They think that the creators of the movie just want to make something that the public will like so that they earn a lot of money. Because they are just trying to make a movie that will make sure that they will earn a lot of money, people don't think that they will really spend any time making sure that the film is something that is new. People want to make sure that the new movies that are coming out are made with creativity and this is why people are critical of the blockbuster mentality. Some people don't agree with the blockbuster mentality and they think that the only way the movies are making money is because they are creative, but I digress. One example of a blockbuster movie is Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Some people will see this as a movie that was made just for money. Student 2: The blockbuster mentality is the tendency of Hollywood and the movie industry as a whole to put out big-budget films that are packed with action, media coverage, and merchandising opportunities to target young audiences that will buy into the trend of the franchise. Some films that fall into this mentality are the Star Wars franchise, any of the Marvel superhero movies, or the Harry Potter series. Some have an issue with the blockbuster mentality because it can create such intense hype, fanbases, and money for movies that may not actually be very well done. Some critics believe that these giant franchise films take away from smaller, independent movies that may be more well-made than the big, blockbuster films. The smaller films may not have as big of a budget or as much press from the media upon release, but often times they feature acting and storylines that can be even better than the popular films. However, audiences, particularly young audiences, would not know this with all of the money and attention that blockbuster films can generate. ...
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Intercultural Communication
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Intercultural Communication
Intercultural communication involves verbal and non-verbal communication among
people of different cultural backgrounds in relation to race, ethnic groups or socioeconomic
activities. Non-verbal vs. verbal communication and high context vs. low context cultures
depend on the type of cultural environment that a person is in. A high context communication
involves communication being implicit. The communication, in this case, is not expressed
directly. This type of communication uses a lot of gestures and actions to create a clear
understanding. Examples of cultures that use a high contextual form of communication include
the Africans, Latin American, Asians and some of the cultures in Central Europe. Such
communities believe that individuals should be close to each other for communication to be more
effective (Bai, 2016).
Low contextual communication involves an explicit form. In this case, information is
defined in a direct manner t...

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