The impacts of divorce to children discussion

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Short Protocol (i.e., Short Paper) An important skill for policy analysts is the ability to communicate analytical frameworks (i.e., economic, statistical, financial) and concepts to policy makers. The short paper will help you develop this skill.

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Topic: Do children from divorced homes have a higher risk of substance abuse and suicide? Abstract: “The influences of parental divorce and alcohol abuse on adult offspring lifetime suicide attempt have not been examined in national data. This study analyzed data from the 2001–2002 NESARC to estimate main and interaction effects of parental divorce and alcohol abuse on lifetime suicide attempt. Adjusted for controls, parental divorce and parental alcohol abuse independently increased odds of lifetime suicide attempt. The effect of parental divorce was not significantly moderated by parental alcohol abuse. Further research is needed to examine whether additional parental and offspring psychiatric and substance use covariates attenuate the association between parental divorce and lifetime suicide attempt. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)” As the abstract states, this is a study on the lifelong risks of substance abuse and suicide attempts in kids from divorced homes. The study goes into more depth at the underlying factors that parent plays in their child’s formative years and if that parent has a substance abuse problem or a history of depression or mental illness, then the child has a higher risk of carrying this on into their adult life. Furthermore, the absence of one or both parents in the child’s life can lead to emotional issues as well. This study uses areas of focus such as samples, measures, offspring lifetime suicide attempts, parental divorce, parental alcohol abuse, parental depression, offspring alcohol abuse, offspring sociodemographic characteristics, offspring depression, and statistical analysis to create a robust research. This is an important topic that needs to be addressed as it deals with not only the substance abuse problem that is plaguing our youth but also the mental illnesses that is driving suicide rates up to historically high numbers. Alonzo, D., Thompson, R., Stohl, M., & Hasin, D. (2014). The influence of parental divorce and alcohol abuse on adult offspring risk of lifetime suicide attempt in the united states. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Vol 84(3), May, 2014. pp. 316-320. Criteria Short Protocol (i.e., Short Paper) An important skill for policy analysts is the ability to communicate analytical frameworks (i.e., economic, statistical, financial) and concepts to policy makers. The short paper will help you develop this skill. The format is 12 font, Times New Roman, double-spaced and should contain only the following five pages: Page 1: Title Page (topic, name, date) Pages 2, 3, and 4: Main paper not to exceed three pages Page 5: References in APA format For this short paper, select a policy area that interests you (crime in urban areas, education for immigrant students, transportation in coastal areas, etc.). Be narrow in the focus area. Now, refer to p. 95 (exhibit 4.3), the Sample Research Protocol. Prepare a similar report for your selected policy area. Make sure you have at least three peerreviewed sources and at least a total of eight sources. ...
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Title of protocol: Discuss the risk of

else divorced have huge negative impacts

substance abuse and suicide for children

and long term effects on the children.

from divorced homes.
Primary Investigator:
Phone Number:
Purpose of the Research: The subject
matter of this research is to identify the role
of policy analysts in communicating the
negative issues that affect children as a
result of divorce of their parents (Yap, &

Meta-Analysis research composed of ninetytwo researchers concluded that children who
are raised by distance parents experience
less care (Feldhaus, & Heintz-Martin, 2015).
This makes them prone to risks like being
exposed to drug abuse and even death. They
also recommended that parents should sort
out their difference to prevent the
occurrence of divorce for the well-being of
the Children.

Jorm, 2015). It will also analyze the action

Participant Population: An estimate of

they take and how they communicate with

fifty students will be selected by the

the policy makers regarding the issue of

department of policy analysis to participate

child abuse due to the divorce of their

in the research (Gaydosh, 2015). Half of the


participants will be those enrolled in policy

Relevant Background to the research: In
accordance to the American Psychological

analysis, and the other half will be from
project and research department.

Association has pointed out that, children

Experimental design and methodology:

raised by parents who are happily married

The research will be conducted in groups of

contribute to a massive advantage to the

five students who will administer

children in term of physical, emotional,

questionnaires to the respondents as a way

social and mental problem (O'Donohue,

of collecting data on the topic under

Benuto, & Bennett, 2016). These analysts

investigation. Some of the participants will

added that those children who are raised by

collect data by use of interviews which will

parents who distanced from the children or

help us gather more information that will
validate our subject under research (Sullins,



2015). The qualitative data will use the

Children may be encouraged to enter into a

content analysis while the use of narrative

marriage because it is straightforward to

analysis method will analyze the interviews.

leave their marriage and their parents did

The quantitative data will be interpreted by

(Fedewa, Black, & Ahn, 2015). A researcher

the use of regression analysis, cohort

Rosalind suggests that it is healthy to go an

analysis, predictive and prescriptive

unhappy marriage that is not contented with


love than living in one. He states that respect

The benefit to participants, Humankind
or general knowledge: The literature
obtained from this research will give light to
people on the impacts of divorce on their
children. This is because every parent
wishes his or her children the best of
everything. Separation, therefore, exposes
children to alcohol, drugs, immoralities,
suicide among other illegal practices

and love are the critical elements of the
wedding and one should not live in a
marriage that does not constitute the two
elements (van de Weijer, Thornberry,
Bijleveld, & Blokland, 2015). A divorce
sometime will teach the children how a good
marriage can be and finally concludes that
not all annulments have long-term negative

(Bernet, Wamboldt, & Narrow, 2016). The

Risks and hazards and precautions to be

role of the policy analysts will bring a more

taken: The main threats in the researcher

significant concern on the care of the

are the issue of time. The time allocated is

children by discouraging divorces by

very minimal, and therefore the students


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