Use of Statistical Tools

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During our course we have explored a number of different statistical applications and tools. In this week's forum you are to share how you intend to use one or more of the tools that we have examined in our course. Be specific. Be sure to include a description of the situation, the way in which you will employ the statistical tool you have selected, and provide some commentary about why you think the approach you have selected is appropriate and will prove to be useful. This is your opportunity to consider--and then share--how you will employ the knowledge that you have gained during our course. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please keep in mind that my evaluation of your post will be based on the extent to which you participated and fostered a positive and effective learning environment--for yourself and others.

Your initial post(6 points) must contain comments regarding the rationale for using the specific statistical tool you have chosen and provide insights as to why that particular tool is appropriate.

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Use of Statistical Tools

In the course, I have enjoyed learning about various statistics concepts, applications, and
statistical tools. One of the tools I have enjoyed learning about and which I intend to use is
descriptive statistics. I intend to use descriptive statistics to do a summary of my personal
finances and sp...

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