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MGSC 1205 Introduction to Quantitative Methods I Winter 2019 Assignment #6 Due: 1 pm, Friday, March 8, 2019 1. Recall from Assignment 5 Q2 the linear programming model to help Garden Mart maximize revenue was: Variables: Let r = number of regular packages made d= number of deluxe packages made. Objective: Maximize $30r+$45d Constraints: 10r+15d≤1800 daffodil supply 20r+25d≤2500 tulip supply 6r+15d≤1500 hyacinths supply r≥50 regular package requirement d ≥ 1 so 2d≥1r ; 2d-1r ≥0 r 2 OR ( r-2d≤0) deluxe to regular ratio r,d≥0 or all variables non-negative a) Graph the feasible region. Label all lines and the axis and the feasible region. b) Find the coordinates of the feasible region, the corresponding profits and identify the optimal solution. c) Use Excel Solver to solve the problem and attach a copy of your spreadsheet model with the answers AND the Answer report. 1 of 1
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