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Assignment 4: Presentation

After you have fleshed out your business plan you will have the information you will need for a slide presentation (e.g., PowerPoint). This 12-slide presentation conveys the most important aspects of your business in a short time. More sophisticated investors, such as angel investors and venture capitalists, will typically not look at your written business plan until they have seen your slide presentation.

Presentation (MS PowerPoint)

  • Cite three (3) resources you have used to complete the exercise.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Describe strategic planning techniques used to formulate alternative strategies designed to achieve stated business goals.
  • Create a plan to implement a firm’s strategy and manage the change from current operations.
  • Analyze strategies for exerting the internal leadership needed to drive the implementation of strategic initiatives and improve operating excellence.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in strategic management.
  • Write clearly and concisely about strategic management using proper writing mechanics.

*12 Powerpoint Slides is equivalent to 06 Word Pages when calculating payment in Studypool.

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Running Head: WEEK 03: ASSIGNMENT 1: COMPANY DESCRIPTION / SWOT 1 SmüüVi SmüüVi is a non-alcoholic beverage company that makes drinks that are a semi-thick frozen combination of both smoothies and milkshakes that are made from ingredients that are fresh and received directly from local farmers. They have certain infusions like Super electrolytes (hence the capital S), and a variety of vitamins (hence the capital V). We have other commodities offered which include; take home smoothie ingredients as well as yogurt that is frozen. The whole meaning behind the outlying sub-products of SmüüVi is that beverages that provide available options are more likely to be well received by the eclectic consumer. They can mix in flavors of different varieties to mix into tailored creations that they buy, or just choose one of our favorite pre-made SmüüVi. At its core though, SmüüVi is designed as a healthy shake to be sold in gyms and fitness facilities throughout the Loudoun County, Virginia. SmüüVi will be produced, packaged, distributed and sold in an all-natural recyclable container at only four (4) ounces, per serving, rather than the traditional eight (8) ounce drinks. Studies show that nobody, and we mean nobody ever actually finishes a whole smoothie. So our thought process is to offer an even higher quality smoothie, but at half the volume, and more importantly half the cost. Company’s Mission Statement and Rationale “The SmüüVi mission is to provide the highest quality smoothie derived from the freshest farm ingredients to our exclusive valued customers that seek an alternative to oversized WEEK 03: ASSIGNMENT 1: COMPANY DESCRIPTION AND SWOT ANALYSIS 2 and overpriced smoothies. We pride ourselves on being an ethically responsible company that embraces the concept of reduce, reuse, and recycle in the packaging of our power packed and flavorful smoothie shakes to deliver a quality refreshing and trusted workout drink to our dedicated fitness consumers.” SmüüVi is an original frozen food company encouraging and supporting healthy mixtures of smoothies made from fresh ingredients obtained fresh from the farm. Our company’s mission is to work on improving gym drink choices by making beverages that are flavorsome that include elements that are healthy to include fruits that are fresh, vegetables, juices and milk in various forms. By making the shake-like beverages in smaller packaging, we can ensure to control associated production costs, and maintain greater flexibility in our unique on-demand sales model. Our smoothies are cold stored and are full of nutrients, it is a way for us to ensure that we provide healthy, safe shakes that they are nutritionally well balanced (Robson, 2015). We focus on using ingredients provided by the local farmers to propagate back into the society as well as boost growers that are in the local areas. We view our company as a partner to our community, employees and a product of our environment. Our product is merely a mixture of ingredients that are gotten from the local farmers mixed to make a creation that is beautiful. We currently have no plans of expansion to be a regionally known company. Instead, we envision becoming so successful within the gyms and fitness facilities in Loudoun County that we become a household name. Thereby paving the way to possible growth into neighboring Fairfax County. Our business is a startup and as such, we are very cautious in getting ahead of our production capability versus the foreseen high local demand of our product. We are confident in the inevitable success of the sales of our smoothies, so ideally we prefer a slower, more tempered pace of a roll out of SmüüVi. This affords us an opportunity to grow our critical staff with WEEK 03: ASSIGNMENT 1: COMPANY DESCRIPTION AND SWOT ANALYSIS 3 subject matter experts (SMEs). We presently run at different local farmers’ markets in the Loudoun County region. As far as the rest of our business, our objective is to have normal to tempered development in the chosen county and increase methodically through the eastern seaboard. The major goal of this company will be to develop a franchise opportunity where people buy into our model that we apply in business. Provided that there is not large production or demand of the product as everything is made in the store, it’s more of the notion that individuals will be trading or applying for the act of buying successful franchises. Trends in the non-alcoholic beverage industry The reasons behind choosing the smoothie industry are simple, first mostly because they are healthy, the second reason is, they are substituted as a meal or a snack and lastly because they are comfortable, quick to make and portable. Smoothies are mostly manufactured in all places with the right tools and ingredients, and the methodology and Ingredients are endless. With everyone on the go to a job, institutions like schools, and in additional activities, it is not easy to make meals that are balanced (Schumuller, 2013). So, with that said, our model takes into account the reasoning behind our method: 1. Peddled in Gyms and Fitness Facilities – Folks here are obviously health conscious as they are working out trying to better themselves physically. We can exploit this dynamic. 2. Packaging to Price Point – Many athletes, or those who want to become so, feel better drinking health targeted smoothies, but some are turned off by the size and cost. Ours will be specialized at half the cost, and half the size. 3. Quick and Easy – Our plan is to initially offer our product free on display. Just grab and go at no cost. Then, through intense specialized marketing, we plan on exploiting the “word of mouth” on how delicious and convenient our drinks are. Then we will install WEEK 03: ASSIGNMENT 1: COMPANY DESCRIPTION AND SWOT ANALYSIS 4 brightly illuminated vending machines that accept any and all types of payments from Apple Pay, to Credit Cards, to PayPal, and yes, even to BitCoin. Our goal is to vend to any and all types of paying customers, even if it is on credit or I.O.U., we are going to find some way to get your money! All of this is done for the favor of the consumers who aim at getting nourishments that are healthy and that are reliable in the drinks of these consumers. Other drinks that are sugary will rot on the shelves since our smoothies cater for the need and the desires of the targeted gym consumers. Once sugary drinks go away, they will create space on the shelves, and in vending machines, for other drinks that give energy and that have nutritional value. In today’s trends, we see that drinks absolutely need to be nutritionally improved by reducing calories and using ingredients that are simple, organic, nutritional, and healthy. Finally, we know that currently, the U.S. as a whole has the largest market for the smoothie industry on a global scale. In fact, the Asia-Pacific market is the fastest growing. That information, coupled with census data showing a spike in Loudoun County Asian growth for three straight years gives us a clear path to success. So, trends in our targeted local market of Loudoun County will obviously follow suit. Strategic position from the course text We learn from our text that “Strategic Position Is More than Advertising.” We also learn that there are many strategies to take. We are choosing “Customer Perception Factors.” We will take the lead in ensuring that our customers know that we are the best for them, at half the cost of other “so-called” healthy smoothies. The aim of this company is to offer quality products to its customers and be featured among the leading company of this industry of beverages. However, one of its strategic position is meant to attain the company set goals by coming up with a view that stresses on the commodities that are produced using ingredients that are grown in the local WEEK 03: ASSIGNMENT 1: COMPANY DESCRIPTION AND SWOT ANALYSIS 5 areas, choices that are specialized individually and the description of the company and its SWOT analysis. The stable strategic position examines several factors that may affect this company directly or indirectly. For instance, we have the trends of the industry, the company's target group or market, the environment of the product and the strengths of the company. For instance, the company's target is mostly seeing the consumers or the customers being healthy due to the healthy drinks and healthy meals they take that reproduced by our company. Our market is still growing and becoming stronger as a result of our fast, creative and different alternatives to snacks and other products. The consumers that our company targets are trying our new products that emphasize the healthy minimal sized and priced product to stay healthy and avoid the condition of obesity. This obesity is mostly caused by eating or taking products that have high amounts of calories and provide too much product at eight (8) ounces, unlike ours at four (4) ounces per serving. However, our company may experience several challenges like competition. But we plan on mitigating this competition by taking the advice from our texts’ cited Eric Ries, telling us in a “Lean Start-up” strategy to take the market by storm as quickly as possible. That’s our plan. There are few competitors that exist on a larger scale within our targeted sales market. Even though none of our company's competitors produces our style of a smoothie, there are other companies that insert pressure on our company since they are large smoothie companies. This pressure changes the mobility of the building platform, but kind of allows us a pathway to consumer wooing. We are local. They are big corporate business. We are your neighbors. They suck. It’s all about winning the hearts and minds of the local consumer, and we are prepared to do so. WEEK 03: ASSIGNMENT 1: COMPANY DESCRIPTION AND SWOT ANALYSIS 6 Company’s distribution channel overview Our products, the SmüüVi, are distributed in the right channel by being given directly to our targeted consumers. The company’s products are manufactured and directly available to the thirsty customers at the gym via incredible new age vending machines located in every fitness facility throughout Loudoun County. This channel is the best and the recommendable method of delivering products to our consumers. This direct contact will increase the number of consumers since the company can interact with the customers with new technology (interactive vending machines, with live 24/7 fitness pros on screen). The distributed products are the delicious shakes and the patented SmüüVi. The other method that consumers get our products is through online ordering since we have digital walls in gyms where they can access and order all of their products they would like (Businisova, 2017). The management order and all orders that are made through our company website are managed by our facility of the development of products. Finally, our local distribution channels will be targeted to a plethora of local fitness facilities including, but not limited to these gyms in Loudoun County: Golds Gym, Planet Fitness, CrossFit, Lifetime, LA Fitness, OneLife, and many others, with local community centers included like Claude Moore Recreational Center and Ida Lee Fitness Facility in Leesburg, Virginia. Types of risks that our company faces Our business encounters several challenges like the risk of competition, the product, and the regulatory risk. The issue of the products is that they are at risk of being supplied by the locally located farmers. Some of these products are; honey, milk and vegetables since they can be affected by climate change. Other products are at risk and can be affected by climate change WEEK 03: ASSIGNMENT 1: COMPANY DESCRIPTION AND SWOT ANALYSIS 7 (Gyramati, 2015). The greatest threat among the three is the regulatory risk. For instance, if the ingredients used in making these smoothies are infected, they affect the operations of a company. The third risk is the competitive risk which lacks concentration in the city. These stated risks affect the daily operations of this company. A stern strategy should be sought to prevent this company from such exposure to threats that affect the normal activities. So, with these highlighted, here are the specific risks: 1. External supplies: We remain at risk from the perils of locally grown farmers. 2. Regulatory Risks: We remain at risk from the FDA and others who prescribe our “necessary” or “forbidden” ingredients. 3. Natural Risks: We can tell by historical algorithms that production is not always guaranteed. We must mitigate that by having indoor production facilities to protect against the weather elements. Specific S.W.O.T. analysis as follows on the next page: WEEK 03: ASSIGNMENT 1: COMPANY DESCRIPTION AND SWOT ANALYSIS 8 The SWOT analysis for SmüüVi Strengths 1. Local production and sales 2. Product derived locally 3. Specialized ingredients over competitors 4. Differentiated products 5. Local promotion Opportunities 1. Corporate structure – ability to recruit from local SMEs 2. Limited Market – No pressure to produce on a larger scale 3. Name Branding – Attractive and popular logo for millennials 4. Fatboy Diet – Reduced packaging to entice consumers into a reduced package smoothie market 5. Neighboring thirsty counties – counting on word of mouth sales Weakness 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Competition v. global scale Market saturation Production ability Capital funding Marketing Cap Threats 1. Capital limitation – weak in the event of popularity 2. Market Saturation – New and existing smoothie companies offering similar products 3. Distribution – Ability to convince gyms to allow our vending machines in their facilities 4. Reliance on external farmer markets supply 5. Weather – dependent upon successful growth of ingredients The company’s description clearly shows how the operation has been for the past years and what the company goes through in the market despite the challenges that it encounters. For instance, in some years, there is an increase or rise in the amount of smoothie that is purchased or may be consumed. Also, there is an increase in the sales regarding the cold beverages. The sales have improved as a result of improvement in the appetite of most of the customers. If the WEEK 03: ASSIGNMENT 1: COMPANY DESCRIPTION AND SWOT ANALYSIS 9 customers buy more than normal then the number of sales will rise up or will be boosted and if the consumers take less than normal, the number of sales will decrease or reduce. From the analysis, it is clearly shown that the sales of this company for the past few years, has gone up as the consumers are buying more than what they used to initially. This steady increase is as a result of an increase in the appetite of most of the consumers. However, SWOT analysis shows it all or what our company encounters. This analysis depicts the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that our company goes through. For instance, the advantages include: the company focuses on the management staff, the company is at a suitable location, and it has a brand product which is innovative. Moreover, the company uses organic ingredients in making a smoothie; it involves a diverse offering of the menu and a variation in the market target. Some of the weaknesses are, a focus that is narrow, lack of sales that are strong and the point of competition where the products are undifferentiated. Additionally, the company goes other weaknesses like the in the availability of capital, scare knowledge of procedures of freezing and consolidation of the market of the smoothie products. These are the internal factors that affect the company and has several opportunities and encounters several threats. There are external factors that affect our company. The great opportunities that our company has included; the potential that is accorded by the new market, the chance of growing demand like the internet and segment of the market that is displayed for the growth and development (Langbacka, 2018). Also, the company has a chance of establishing a partnership with health foods stores and setting up a market of weight loss. The establishment of these partnerships makes it easy to run most of the company’s activities and lessen the number of threats that SmüüVi encounters. Some of the threats that the company goes through are most of the major competitor's chip in the market, the climatic change which affects the accessibility WEEK 03: ASSIGNMENT 1: COMPANY DESCRIPTION AND SWOT ANALYSIS 10 of some of the product's ingredients and the presence of similar products from other companies. Other innovative commodities from the major competitors and demand that could lead to the reduction of the slowdown of the economy. References Buzinisová, A. (2017). A Business Plan for Healthy Food Vending Machines at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. Gyarmati, A. (2015). From monologue to dialogue: digital content strategy for corporate marketers. Långbacka, A. (2018). Pros and cons of different market entry modes: A study of Finnish companies entering the South Korean market. Robson, W. (2015). Strategic management and information systems. Pearson Higher Ed. Schmuller, J. (2013). Statistical analysis with excel for dummies. John Wiley & Sons. Running Head: WEEK 06: ASSIGNMENT 2: MARKETING PLAN / BUDGET 1 SmüüVi The Target Market SmüüVi, being a startup company considers focusing its product to a specific group of consumers out there. The company, will, therefore, consider fitness loving Americans who make it part of their routine to visit gym facilities at least on a daily basis and reside in Loudoun County, Virginia. Ideally, the company’s target group is significantly concentrated among people of young to senior adulthood. Individuals falling within such a large age bracket usually are concerned about remaining active and eating healthily. Undoubtedly, smoothies, milkshakes and yogurts are usually favorites among young people. SmüüVi will not exclude this group either, but the focus exclusively remains to be fitness concerned individuals keen to eat and lead healthy lives. Loudoun County is majorly urban inhabited by a multiracial population, the majority of whom are working class. The county's non-alcoholic beverage market, just like at the national level, is mature and primarily dominated by Coca Cola and Pepsi drinks. Other reasonably large companies like Red Bull have also managed to slowly break into the market although with an embrace to differentiation. However, with increased calls of staying fit and eating healthily, and even with the dominant market players being slow at transitioning from more sugared sodas as their primary product to healthy fruit juice, the market non-alcoholic beverage market remains a viable venture destination (Kaavya et al., 2018). Another essential factor to consider is the WEEK 06: ASSIGNMENT 2: MARKETING PLAN / MARKETING BUDGET 2 consumer behavior trends that influence a lot of demand and supply forces of this particular market. The table below shows non-alcoholic beverage consumption rates among consumers in the Commonwealth of Virginia between 2011 and 2017: Type of Carbonated Energy drink Drinks Drinks Coffee Fresh Fruit and Smoothies Milkshake Vegetable Yogurt Juice Year 2011 81% 2% 8% 5.5% 3.5% 2012 78% 1.4% 7.6% 7% 5% 2013 73% 3% 8% 10% 6% 2014 72.6% 2.4% 6% 10% 9% 2015 71.3% 1% 5.7% 10% 10% 2016 66% 3.4% 7% 23% 16% 2017 58% 2% 9% 24% 21% Average % Mondo Times, Virginia From the above table, it is clear that the calls for healthy living are tilting the scales in the non-alcoholic beverage industry of Virginia. A lot of factors might have contributed to the pattern ab ...
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Tutor Answer

School: University of Virginia

Hello, I'm done, I have attached an outline showing the key points addressed in the presentation.


➢ Provision of low price non-alcoholic beverages.
➢ Provision of high quality smoothie.
➢ Provision of healthy mixtures.
➢ Embracing the concepts of reduce costs and wastes, reusing and recycling of materials to save the
environment (Buzinisová, 2017).

➢ Providing a market for products produced by local farmers.

➢ The company exploits the changing market demand for healthy products that do not contain a lot of sugar.
➢ The company’s corporate structure has opened an opportunity for them to recruit from local small and medium
enterprises (Buzinisová, 2017).
➢ Access to other markets through word of mouth which helps the organization to plan for expansion in the future.

➢ Attracting millennials through its attractive and popular logo.
➢ Fatboy Diet – Reduced packaging to entice consumers into a reduced package smoothie market (Buzinisová,
➢ The company is not pressured to meet large market hence can learn the market needs with time as it expands.

➢ The main market target for SmüüVi is the Loudoun County, Virginia...

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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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