How many phones were sold at the wrong price?

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An error occurred in your bookkeeping department this month. The price of one of the smart phones that you sell is $489. Several customers were charged $565 for the phone instead. You know that the total sales for this month were $213,873 and that 401 phones were sold.

Sep 12th, 2015

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Well, let's write down what we know

We know the price of the smart phone should 489

But several customers were charged 565

Let's say x= is the number of phones that was sold at the right price

y=is the number of phone sold at the wrong price


But we also know that a total of 401 phones were sold, so we take the sum of x and y


The work:

Multiply the second equation by 489, and then subtract the two equations to solve for y




489x+489y= 196089

76y=17784  (divide by 76)


Substitute y=234 into x+y=401



Let's do a check of our work. Substitute x and y into 489x+565y=213873

489(167)+565(234)=213873  CHECK!

Therefore the answer is

234 phones were sold at the wrong price.

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Sep 12th, 2015

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Sep 12th, 2015
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